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Lath’s All Time Favourite Raid Bosses

I’ve killed Yoggy now and even after many many wipes I still think that he is my favourite boss fight. Cass on the other hand experienced the Yogg portals for the first time on our 10 man run and absolutely can’t stand it. This made me start thinking about what other boss fights have I really enjoyed since I started raiding in BC. Below is a count down of my top 5 fights:

Death to the Immortal Guardians (and Yogg and Sara)

Sunday night. We blunder through phases 1 & 2 and with a little change in positioning somehow get Yogg-Saron down on our third attempt.

Lath Loves the Big Freaky Brain!

Ok I really really really like the Yogg Saron fight.  It is so cool it has toppled raid boss Leotheras the Blind off his long held number 1 position of Lath’s  favourite boss fight. Well we can’t actually kill Yoggy yet…. we are still struggling with phase 3, but thats ok I know we’ll get [...]