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Taking Control of Trade Chat

Of all the chat channels, [Trade] is the only one that is broadcast to all the major cities. If you’re standing in Dalaran, and decide to put together a 10 man group for Icecrown Citadel, what’s the best way to advertise for additional group members?

Yep. Trade Chat.

Raiding Alliances and Self Promotion

And I don’t mean “LOL lets go kill the Stormwind Auctioneers!”. I mean, when people talk about being part of a “collective” or a raiding group bigger or outside of their guild, how does it function?

Leading more Successful PuGs Raids

About 10 people that I used to raid with have formed a regular Naxxaramas 25 PuG on Barthilas. Please don’t make their mistakes. Here’s how you can make your next PuG more successful – especially if you or a friend is putting it together.