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What Happened to Westfall?

I had a young, confused Paladin going by the unfortunate name Dêva waiting for me on my loading screen. Yes, that’s Dêva with a funky character “e”. I’m not even sure how you type that onto your screen. I woke up at the graveyard.

Can’t Judge a Paladin by his Libram

So it turns out that I may have offended the one person from our guild that reads this blog. Reasons why I, Cassandri, am deserving of Divine Intervention.

A Little Love for Protection Warriors

In Wrath of the Lich King, when I join a group, I like to be healing Protection Warriors over pretty much every other type of tank. Why? I’ll try to explain.

World of Blood Elf Paladins

They’re everywhere you go. Blood Elf Paladins with spiffy long blonde hair and matching golden spell animations, hammer and judgements raining down while they hack at mobs with a sword. They’re all Ret. And they’re everywhere you turn.

Why Mages love Mp5

I named the topic of this post Why Mages Love Mp5 because I’m looking for some answers. Honestly when an Mp5 item drops I really don’t expect anyone except the Holy Paladins and Restoration Shamans to roll for it.