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Taking Time off from Naxx

I’d need to put up with a lot more awful Naxx runs if I want to improve Xata’s gear further. And I need a break before revisiting Naxxramas.

Do I Stay or Go?

I recently joined a guild who regularly run 10 man Naxxramas and Ulduar. The guild is trying to expand to 25 mans and a hunter on my friends list invited me to the guild. I have a dilemma.

Why Mages love Mp5

I named the topic of this post Why Mages Love Mp5 because I’m looking for some answers. Honestly when an Mp5 item drops I really don’t expect anyone except the Holy Paladins and Restoration Shamans to roll for it.

Leading more Successful PuGs Raids

About 10 people that I used to raid with have formed a regular Naxxaramas 25 PuG on Barthilas. Please don’t make their mistakes. Here’s how you can make your next PuG more successful – especially if you or a friend is putting it together.