HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

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Post 3.2 Disillusionment

This isn’t about hardcore vs casual. It isn’t about elitism or exclusiveness. It’s about challenge and reward and, even more importantly, timing. This is a rant, reader beware.

Lath’s All Time Favourite Raid Bosses

I’ve killed Yoggy now and even after many many wipes I still think that he is my favourite boss fight. Cass on the other hand experienced the Yogg portals for the first time on our 10 man run and absolutely can’t stand it. This made me start thinking about what other boss fights have I really enjoyed since I started raiding in BC. Below is a count down of my top 5 fights:

Taking Time off from Naxx

I’d need to put up with a lot more awful Naxx runs if I want to improve Xata’s gear further. And I need a break before revisiting Naxxramas.

The One that Got Away

Everyone has one. The one item that never dropped for you. The one item you could never get. Everywhere you looked you saw other players with worse gear than you but with the item you deserved.