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One for the Horses: A Trifecta

It’s Melbourne Cup day today! I’ve got about 30 minutes then I’m going to go put on a party dress and eat cheese and fruit while I watch the race. So, in the spirit of Melbourne Cup, and horse racing in general, lets talk about World of Warcraft horses. Ok, “mounts”. Whatever. Here are, in my opinion, the three coolest horses in World of Wacraft.

Who Put The Headless Horseman in Horde Territory? And Why Holiday Achievements are a Waste of Time

All that time spent earning the lesser achievements, swapping characters every hour to trick or treat innkeepers, logging in every day, getting ganked on the way to Scarlet Monastery could have been better spent doing… well almost any other in game activity. I would have enjoyed my time much more and ended up with the same result.