Must Have… Xeppe
(and about DeZire and Vitare)

Disappointed 25 man ICC raid

Turns out I'm not a very good headhunter. Should have rolled a Troll.

Xeppe (author of the excellent blog An Ordinary Priest) and I have a strange history.

I actually found Xeppe’s blog through a link via another link from someone else’s blog. I was amazed to discover that she was not just a fellow Priest, or a fellow Oceanic Priest, or even a fellow Barthilas player – Barthilian?, or even another girl WoW player. No. Xeppe was all those things, but even more interestingly, she was a brand new recruit in my guild’s shady splinter guild: DeZire.

Talk about good gossip!

You see, back around the time my guild was first struggling with the new Icecrown Citadel hard modes two distinct, but major events occurred within our ranks. Firstly, we recruited a third Mage to join our two existing Mages (the existing pair of boys happened to be very good friends and had gamed together for years and I think, perhaps, even knew each other well outside the game). The third Mage, I’m sorry to say, was a piece of work. She was one of those people who help perpetuate the girls-are-trouble-and-don’t-belong-in-serious-raid-teams stereotypes.

In those days we made a fundamental mistake. One that your guild is probably making right now:

We put our pure caster DPS in Group 3. Read More »

Back to TK, SSC and Mount Hyjal

The Enemy (Undead) Base - The Battle for Mount Hyjal

Going where no level 70 could ever go...

I had the good fortune to log in late on Saturday night and find about 15 members of my guild tagged by the location Tempest Keep. I jumped right in expecting the group to quickly kill Kael’thas Sunstrider and disband for the night.

Boy, was I wrong!

Kael’thas is the final boss of Tempest Keep – The Eye (TK), a Tier 5 raid from the Burning Crusade. My guild in BC didn’t fully clear Tempest Keep but we spent a lot of time there – and in Mount Hyjal – instead of fast forwarding straight into the Black Temple for the lootz. Read More »

Where Were You?

Party End of the World - The Shattering - The Park

A gathering to welcome the end of the world

We live in tumultuous times. War, invasion, and famine have swept the world, but the real trial is yet to come: the end of Azeroth itself. How will you cope with the loss and destruction of everything you hold dear? The answer is that you don’t have to. Bring your friends and family to one of our gatherings and learn how you can survive the apocalypse together, with us. Finding Secruity and Comfort in a Doomed World

Even though I’ve got access to the Cataclysm Beta I’ve really only spent a few minutes online before missing my friends and logging off to find them on the live servers instead. But in that very short time I did a quick fly over Stormwind. Read More »

Vampiric Embrace: Burning Crusade
to Cataclysm


Vampiric Embrace might not be visible to you, but it's as defining as Shadowform to us

I often feel that of all our Shadow Priest spells, Vampiric Embrace is the spell that is really only understood by those who have played a Shadow Priest.

Most people know that a Shadow Priest gets back a bit of passive healing while they deal damage. But Vampiric Embrace hasn’t been a hot topic during Wrath of the Lich King. We’ve talked about Dispersion and Mind Sear a lot. And so we should: they were new and interesting.

We’ve always taken Vampiric Embrace for granted. It’s one of our defining abilities, as important as Shadowform to my way of thinking. Read More »

In Disguise

Cassandri in Disguise

Cassandri in disguise as a Female Human

Even though I don’t usually participate in the holiday achievements I decided to go for The Hallowed title this year. I always wanted that title and the Dungeon Finder makes it much, much less painful for Alliance.

In my quest for both a Sinister Squashling and a Hallowed Helm, neither of which would drop for me from the Headless Horseman daily kill, I got into the habit of Trick or Treat-ing Isirami, the A Hero’s Welcome Innkeeper in Dalaran, every hour.

At first I started throwing away the Flimsy Masks in my Treat Bag. Then I started to get into the spirit of the holiday. I’m particular fond of wearing the Flimsy Human Female mask. Yes, even though I play a Female Human. I’m still in disguise!

Well I think it’s funny. If I only had an Orb of the Sin’dorei. Then I could be a Human pretending to be a Blood Elf pretending to be a Human.

To make the most of my mask I’ve dyed my hair blonde (only in World of Warcraft can you go from Black to Blonde in one session at the hairdressers) and have taken to wandering Dalaran out of Shadowform. Wearing the title ‘The Hallowed” of course.

In the lead up to Cataclysm I’ve been rethinking the imagery on our guild website. For this expansion The Lich King and his evil eyes have greeted visitors and guild members when they come to our site. I like it – I think it’s inspiring to see your kill target right there when you log in to discuss strategy or post that you’re going to be away for a night or two. After all, the guild exists to take its members to the darkest dungeons and the evil bosses waiting for us there.

But now that we’ve well and truly killed of The Lich King I think it’s time to put a new goal up there on the banner. Deathwing? Read More »

Trivia Anyone?

Damn patches! Keep breaking my Add Ons...

Since the patch my thoughts about World of Warcraft are in something of a mess. Not unlike my add ons. I can’t get my buffs mod working (Elkano’s Buff Bars) and I can’t get TriviaBot working either. Which is a bit sad.

In her TED Talk (worthy of its own post, I know) Jane McGonigal points out that after Wikipedia, WoWwiki is the second largest Wiki in existence with 80 000 articles. That’s a lot of stuff to know all about Azeroth. How much do you know? Think you’d ace a round of trivia? Read More »

Gear Upgrade Flowchart (Cataclysm Style)

Reforge Flow Chart

There is only one answer: Reforge!

Doing a Good Deed

Sindragosa 10 man

LFM Sindragosa + Lich King only.

Beru’s post, The Anti-Gear Score Experience, was one of the most inspiring things that I have read since I started blogging.

I love the idea of sharing an experience that I love (raiding) with people who might have been left out. I value determination and a good attitude above pretty much everything else when I raid. So I was almost envious of Beru’s crappy-geared but tenacious, quiet, attentive and eager group of players.

About six months ago I brought up the idea of running a “goodwill” raid on behalf of the guild – mostly to see if any other guildies were interested in helping me help someone else. Nobody was interested. Someone kindly explained that the idea was “pathetic” but mostly I got the feeling that others felt it was unnecessary. I put the idea aside. Read More »

Beta Raiding As A Guild

Vitare with their 25 man ICC drakes

The winning screenshot entry

Approximately a month ago, our guild entered the Oceanic Guild Screenshot Beta Contest and in the final week of the draw we were lucky enough to be chosen as a winner!  Only 25 Oceanic guilds were picked in total so this was a really lovely surprise for our guild, and a great way to reward and re-motivate members this close to the end of expansion.

Read More »

A Revelation (and some Key Binds)

Caesandra outside Hellfire Citadel

This story takes place inside Hellfire Citadel...

Tam prompted me to relate a little story, a small moment of glory (oh the glory!) when he blogged “this is probably quite obvious to anyone with a serious alt habit but it’s interesting to see the way transferable knowledge operates in WoW.”

I had a revelation. Yes, a revelation. In Shattered Halls. Read More »