HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

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Pilgrim’s Bounty: Coolest Buff Ever

I had this cast on me by a random player outside Stormwind and I loved it so much I refused to do anything that could make me change forms and lose the buff. Yes you can kill turkeys as a turkey… crazy I know!

World of Warcraft 5 Years In:
Thank God they Fixed…

We, Lath and Cass, suggested this week’s shared topic on Blog Azeroth: Blizzard have changed and improved many things within World of Wacraft between Vanilla, BC and Wrath. Which change made a fundamental difference to your gaming experience? We decided to have a little fun and got our guildies involved. After all, many of them [...]

Why is Hardcore Such a Dirty Word?

The term “hardcore” has become a dirty word. No one wants to be labeled as a hard core player; in fact everyone will do what they can to twist the meaning of casual just to make sure that they seem to fit into this category and no one could ever accuse them of being a hardcore player. Forgive me if I stop to roll my eyes.

Spinning Emblems into Gold

You can convert your Emblems of Conquest into epic gems. You’ll need to exchange your Emblem of Conquest for an Emblem of Valor and then exchange those for Emblems of Heroism. The exchange rate is always 1:1 so if you have 100 Emblems of Conquest to spend, you actually have 100 Emblems of Heroism to spend.

You Play on a PVP Server So Suck It Up

There is an attitude out there in the World of Warcraft player community that goes like this: If you play on a PVP server and get ganked you deserve it.

Frankly I am sick to death of hearing this response, no matter how it’s phrased, and here is why.

Increase Your Sex Appeal
with a Blood Elf Mask

Meet my favourite dysfunctional couple in World of Warcraft. He’s a robe-wearing pirate. She’s… got a crappy plane. But “Silvermoon” Harry wears Blood Elf clothing and collects all kinds of Blood Elf artifacts. And he makes his girlfriend wear a Blood Elf mask. Even though they’re both quite attractive humans.

One for the Horses: A Trifecta

It’s Melbourne Cup day today! I’ve got about 30 minutes then I’m going to go put on a party dress and eat cheese and fruit while I watch the race. So, in the spirit of Melbourne Cup, and horse racing in general, lets talk about World of Warcraft horses. Ok, “mounts”. Whatever. Here are, in my opinion, the three coolest horses in World of Wacraft.

Tag, You’re It! The Healer Cypher

So the healing community of bloggers are calling out one another to fill in this questionnaire which is definitely not a meme. And because Tamarind asked, and I love reading his highly entertaining posts, how could I possibly deny him a response! The full list which is being labeled the Circle of Healers can be found here.

Heavyweight Champion of Dalaran

News Flash: I’ve identified an emerging armor design trend. It’s not just about the giant, spiky, flaming shoulders anymore. It’s not about the helms you can’t actually see out of (ok, that’s still around in next season’s collection). It’s about the belt. Have you seen the belts in Trial of the Crusader and the belts being modeled with the Tier 10 gear?