HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

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Cassandri Gets Gabbing

I’d like you to meet my Worgen, Zivanci. And here’s what I thought of the Worgen starting zone and experience.


You may have heard this fact quoted in serious discussion about World of Warcraft: According to Malcolm Gladwell, 10 000 hours spent doing an activity (before the age of 21) is all that is required to become a “virtuoso”:

Efficiency Ruins Questing

I’m not keen to reread all the quests in my log to try and recall where I am in the Twilight Highlands story. Suddenly the giant yellow exclamation mark on the Hero’s Call Board in the middle of the Stormwind Trade District has appeal.

Transmogrification: Pants are Optional

I’m in full transmogrification planning mode right now. It’s actually more difficult to get a full set of armor and accessories than I thought it would be.

Vanity and Yet Another Transmogrification Post

I must be the last player to catch the news that Blizzard intend to bring transmogrification to World of Warcraft.

Getting Out of the Habit was Easier than Getting Back In

How time as flown by since I last (a) logged into World of Warcraft and (b) logged onto Hots and Dots.

My Adorable Real Life Sproutling

So the Hots & Dots blog has been very quiet of late!  For those of you who have been following us over the last few months, you would most likely know that I have been getting more and more heavily pregnant and my playtime slowed down this year considerably. On top of this, Cass posted [...]

Keeping My Head Above Water

My home town, Brisbane, Australia is flooded. World of Warcraft takes a back seat.

Weak as a Kitten
and Questing in Mount Hyjal

I wanted to savor the new parts to the story as I leveled from 80 to 85. And I also really like to run dungeons – almost as a mental brake from reading questing – which probably explains how I can be level 83 and only now just completing the first questing zone: Mount Hyjal.

Cataclysm the Casual Way

When Wrath of the Lich King was launched we did things very differently. Even if I had planned things in a similar fashion for Cataclysm I think I would have been thwarted for a number of reasons.