HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

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Ok we’re PVP noobs. But occasionally we try.

Cataclysm the Casual Way

When Wrath of the Lich King was launched we did things very differently. Even if I had planned things in a similar fashion for Cataclysm I think I would have been thwarted for a number of reasons.

State of Mind

My state of mind while I’m playing World of Warcraft is just not suited to PVP. Call me a care-bear, a pacifist a big fluffy marshmallow and I won’t be offended. I was in the right state of mind for PVP. It took almost a six month absence from the battlegrounds but now I was ready to return.

Naughty or Nice on Mannoroth

Noxn, an Undead Shadow Priest (who also plays a Dwarf Shadow Priest and Blood Elf Death Knight) on Mannoroth, has created two great World PVP videos. In the first video he griefs a guild member as his Alliance Shadow Priest. Unfortunately the guild member has no idea that Lipstikx is Noxn and the guild chat is priceless.

Fun with VuhDo: The Battleground Preparation Game!

With VuhDo, if they’re in my raid and in range, I can see their guild rank. That includes Battlegrounds. Yes, that’s right. This is now my favourite Battleground preparation game. While you’re buffing, I’m scrolling over my frames.

Battleground Independence

I watch as a single Paladin or Druid takes to the road picking off an unsuspecting passerby. I’ve started to call them Lone Rangers. They can operate independently. They can lead an attack. I can only follow.

6 Tips to Suck Less at Alterac Valley

I’m no expert on Alterac Valley. But I think it’s time I shared some of knowledge that I’ve (usually painfully) learnt over the last year or so. These are the things I wish someone else had told me when I first started out in Alterac Valley.

Welcome to the Isle of Conquest

A word of advice. If the Isle of Conquest is your PVP Daily too, don’t bother. I used to think protecting the weak west wall from the Northwest Tower (as best you can, not much is in range, I know) was the best defense but lately the Horde have been throwing up groups of 3 or four to kill the gunners and their cannons too. Now I just don’t know.

An Arathi Basin Bedside Story

This story takes place in Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin and Wintergrasp. And it all started with a 40 minute Wintergrasp Timer.

Bringing Down the Bloodlust
Instance Servers

I’ve always kind of assumed the instances servers are battlegroup-wide. I run lots of instances. Well at least the daily heroic each day. It doesn’t take long to get a group going from LFM. But obviously we’re not doing enough to bring down our instance servers. If that’s the case we need to organise a mass instance-launching assault while we still can. Before Blizzard fix it. And we’re running out of time!

Faction Champions like to PvP (Update)

Last night we killed the Horde Faction Champions in Trial of the Crusader (third boss). I loved it. I L O V E D I T. I loved it so much that not only did I forget to hit record, I completely forgot to take a screen capture.