HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

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Normal, Heroic and Slightly More Heroic

If you follow Lathere and I on Twitter you probably read our despondent tweets a few nights back where we lamented the general sea of impatient and unkind players found via the Dungeon Finder.

The Steamvault Revelation, Knowledge Transfer and Level Design

When I returned to The Steamvault at level 85 I came back without a tank. It’s easily solo-able. This is when I realised that something was off. From this point on and towards the now unlocked last gate/boss of the instance all the mobs are facing the wrong way.

Halls of Origination and Healing in Cataclysm

I finally got my Cataclysm Beta working again and after downloading an extra 2GBs of content. I queued up and within a couple of minutes (before I had a chance to chicken out and Leave Queue) I found myself standing in Halls of Origination (Level 84-85).

Getting Our Balance

Give it another few months and I think the waiting time in queue for all three roles: Tank, Healer and Damage Dealer will be near evenly matched.

OMG Wailing Caverns

Wailing Caverns is designed to be a low level Horde instance (15-25). In the big picture view it’s the second instance that Horde players visit, after hacking and slashing their way through Ragefire Chasm. Wailing Caverns is technically tucked under some rocks in The Barrens but thanks to the Dungeon Finder it’s just one button away. Map and directions included.

Things to Do in Queue

So, are you in a queue right now as you read this?

Revisiting Blackrock Depths: Prison
(Extended into a Key Run)

Once you’ve completed Blackrock Depths: Prison a few times it’s probably a good idea to start thinking about forging your very own Shadowforge Key. Someone in your party must have a key in order to complete a Blackrock Depths: Upper City run. And once you reach about level 54 or 55 you can expect that most of your groups for Blackrock Depths will intend to do Upper City, not the Prison run.

Revisiting Blackrock Depths: Prison

When the Dungeon Finder was released Blackrock Depths was one of those ridiculously long dungeons that became split up into more manageable pieces. Unfortunately, someone decided that the best way to chunk down an instance that spans 12 character levels (48 – 60) and includes 20 bosses was to split the zone into two parts: Prison, covering 1 boss, and Upper City, presumably covering the other 19 bosses. Makes no sense to me either. But we’ll work with what we’re given.

Revisiting Sunken Temple

Sunken Temple is evil. I’m convinced the designers enjoyed creating a maze that sends you off in spiraling staircases every which way. Only Sunken Temple would present you with a dilemma the moment you zone it – 4 doorways: which do you take?

Dealing with Jerks & Dungeon Finder

I was reading Tamarind’s post about the absolute assholes that you come across in PuGs and the change to the Dungeon Deserter debuff – soon to be a 30 minute penalty instead of 15 minutes. While I totally agreed with Tamarind’s zero-tolerance stance in dealing with these dickheads, I actually disagreed with his conclusion – that the victims in nasty parties will be punished more than the abuser.