HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

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Where Lath Became One of Those Players….

I hopped onto WoW last Friday night expecting to do some BC raids in preparation of the next patch and transmogrification.  Instead I found myself heading back into the raiding game thanks to an old raiding buddy, Dopz, who was determined to help me get some gear and up my average item level (post Friday [...]

The Sunday Night Ritual

So its already May and the year is passing by in a flash.  If you had asked me this time last year what I would be doing in WoW I would have answered without a moments hesitation that I would be raiding.  Perhaps not 4 nights a week but definitely 2-3… boy was I wrong!  [...]


So this will be a pretty quick post – seeing my 9 week old cutie is still only cat napping and at the moment is sitting next to me in her baby bouncer wide awake refusing to get even remotely sleepy. Now that Caitlin is getting a bit older I’m finding that I have a [...]

My Adorable Real Life Sproutling

So the Hots & Dots blog has been very quiet of late!  For those of you who have been following us over the last few months, you would most likely know that I have been getting more and more heavily pregnant and my playtime slowed down this year considerably. On top of this, Cass posted [...]

Cataclysm the Casual Way

When Wrath of the Lich King was launched we did things very differently. Even if I had planned things in a similar fashion for Cataclysm I think I would have been thwarted for a number of reasons.

The Lure of the Vanity Pet

So I had pretty much decided to completely close the doors on WoW. But I discovered the Moonkin Hatchling had been released in the Blizzard store. I wanted it… I wanted it bad.

Beta Raiding As A Guild

Approximately a month ago, our guild entered the Oceanic Guild Screenshot Beta Contest and in the final week of the draw we were lucky enough to be chosen as a winner!  Only 25 Oceanic guilds were picked in total so this was a really lovely surprise for our guild, and a great way to reward [...]

Halls of Origination and Healing in Cataclysm

I finally got my Cataclysm Beta working again and after downloading an extra 2GBs of content. I queued up and within a couple of minutes (before I had a chance to chicken out and Leave Queue) I found myself standing in Halls of Origination (Level 84-85).

My Favourite Things

What was your favourite ______ in Wrath of the Lich King? Lathere remembers her favourite achievement, raid instance and accomplishment.

End of Expansion Guild Apathy

Nothing refreshes a group of raiders like new content to experience, strategies to debate and loot to theory craft. Unfortunately this time there isn’t anything until the expansion and its becoming increasingly tough getting people to show up for our Heroic Lich King attempts.