HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

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Cassandri Gets Gabbing

I’d like you to meet my Worgen, Zivanci. And here’s what I thought of the Worgen starting zone and experience.

Shadow Priest Design: Never Broken

First and foremost I do think that a big reason that developers don’t try and “fix” Shadow Priest game play is simple numbers. People still play Shadow Priests. Many more players choose to play Priests. DPS Priest and Warriors never seem to fall out of favour with the player base. Numbers indicate that there is no problem with Shadow Priesting. So why change it?


You may have heard this fact quoted in serious discussion about World of Warcraft: According to Malcolm Gladwell, 10 000 hours spent doing an activity (before the age of 21) is all that is required to become a “virtuoso”:

Normal, Heroic and Slightly More Heroic

If you follow Lathere and I on Twitter you probably read our despondent tweets a few nights back where we lamented the general sea of impatient and unkind players found via the Dungeon Finder.

Efficiency Ruins Questing

I’m not keen to reread all the quests in my log to try and recall where I am in the Twilight Highlands story. Suddenly the giant yellow exclamation mark on the Hero’s Call Board in the middle of the Stormwind Trade District has appeal.

The Steamvault Revelation, Knowledge Transfer and Level Design

When I returned to The Steamvault at level 85 I came back without a tank. It’s easily solo-able. This is when I realised that something was off. From this point on and towards the now unlocked last gate/boss of the instance all the mobs are facing the wrong way.

Flashback and the Items You Remember

Considering just how important weapons are to your DPS and, even measuring them against the size of your character in terms of pixels, they’re pretty god damn important as far as gear slots go.

So surely I would remember off by heart the “glory days” of my early raiding and my hard sought after weapons? Nope.

Transmogrification: Pants are Optional

I’m in full transmogrification planning mode right now. It’s actually more difficult to get a full set of armor and accessories than I thought it would be.

Vanity and Yet Another Transmogrification Post

I must be the last player to catch the news that Blizzard intend to bring transmogrification to World of Warcraft.

What Happened to Westfall?

I had a young, confused Paladin going by the unfortunate name Dêva waiting for me on my loading screen. Yes, that’s Dêva with a funky character “e”. I’m not even sure how you type that onto your screen. I woke up at the graveyard.