HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

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World of Warcraft 5 Years In:
Thank God they Fixed…

We, Lath and Cass, suggested this week’s shared topic on Blog Azeroth: Blizzard have changed and improved many things within World of Wacraft between Vanilla, BC and Wrath. Which change made a fundamental difference to your gaming experience? We decided to have a little fun and got our guildies involved. After all, many of them [...]

Shield Wall FTW:
Surviving Heroic Twin Val’kyr

This is how we defeated Twin Val’kyr on 25 man Trial of the Grand Crusader. We didn’t have amazing DPS. We didn’t stack the raid with Arcane Mages (although, that might be a viable strategy all on its own – I’m looking forward to that YouTube video). We didn’t need fantastic latency.