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Where Lath Became One of Those Players….

Throne of the Four Winds (Picture by MMO Champion)

I hopped onto WoW last Friday night expecting to do some BC raids in preparation of the next patch and transmogrification.  Instead I found myself heading back into the raiding game thanks to an old raiding buddy, Dopz, who was determined to help me get some gear and up my average item level (post Friday it was sitting at 330 which I believe is one step above abysmal). Unfortunately we didn’t have any tanks online who were willing to help so we had to PUG them + 1 extra DPS.  And that’s how I found myself sitting in front of some genie dudes in Throne of the Four Winds ready to heal some big baddy bosses in my extra fail gear.

What I discovered pretty quickly was that gear or no, healing is like riding a bicycle – it doesn’t matter what the blizzard developers change once you’ve done it long enough it’s all muscle memory.  After healing for what feels like forever, I was back to my old ways in no time.  Even after 9 months I could still remember all my click casts in Vuhdo (well except for dispelling but that’s another story!) and it became clear to me that I still love raiding and drove home how much I miss it.

We started the first boss which is 3 (I only ever saw 2 but I’ve been assured there were 3) little genie/efrit things and we wiped.  This was sad, but the good news was that I wasn’t the cause hooray! We subsequently came back (after I accidentally flew to The Vortex Pinnacle) wiped again, and I was probably part of the cause this time.  We had changed platforms and I was now on the dude that does steady AOE damage.  This was much harder for me to keep up purely because my gear was well below optimal and I ran out of mana!  Our raid was not going smoothly so far and I could feel impatience from the PUGs – we were at our limit of issues before we lost someone.  And typically that’s when the baby woke up and needed a feed.

Roughly the same time Caitlin woke up, Angelya from Revive & Rejuvenate’s little Sproutling woke as well.  I think the two of them had planned it in advance it was that well timed! I felt terrible but I had to AFK – babies and their tummies come first.  My partner knowing how much I had been enjoying myself, wipes and all played as me just to keep things going and while Caitlin had a marathon 30+ minute feed I discovered on Twitter that they did kill the boss and the 2nd one without us nursing mums. I even got a nifty new belt – Gale Rouser Belt of the Wavecrest and a Spiritcaller Cloak which I think the guild “donated” to me or was a gift from Goodiemania?  I’m not quite sure it was getting late by that stage and I’d just been in a dark room for the last 30 odd minutes so was half asleep myself but either way I was grateful for it!

As we got ready to do a heroic dungeon, we were all set and Caitlin woke again this time needing a nappy change and full bedtime routine to calm her down again.  And that was the end of my night.  I felt really bad – I had managed to pick up loot without actually doing anything other than make people wait around for me.  I had become that player.  Every guild/PUG has one and in my past life as a heroic level raider I couldn’t stand them.  In fact players like these were exactly why I joined a raiding guild in the first place – who wants to PUG a raid just to stand around waiting for that tank to get the phone, or that healer to brb?

Now I don’t have one of those dream babies that go to bed at 7pm and wake up again at 7am in the morning.  I don’t have a bub that is remotely like that and most of the time I and quite ok with it – I know it won’t last forever.  Occasionally though it would be nice to know that I could definitely play for a 3 hour period straight without having to worry about getting up to give her a feed.  I know there are a lot of WoW players with babies that managed to keep up raiding while looking after their young ones and I am in awe, unfortunately I am just not one of them.  So I’m not quite sure where that leaves me.  I got a taste for raiding and its going to be hard to go back to farming old school raids/dungeons now, but I can’t commit to any type of raiding schedule without being the player that makes everyone sigh in frustration.

I guess its back to leveling and solo play for Lath again.

Caitlin has also been participating in some baby boss fights as part of Nymphy’s Cutest Little Babies in the World of Warcraft series.  Anyone wanting a few moments of pure squee should check out their adventures here:

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And because I’m a proud mum and its been about 8 months since I posted a photo – here is my little girl @ 9 months.

Caitlin rocking the 80s vibe (photo taken by Instagram)


14 Responses to “Where Lath Became One of Those Players….”

  1. AppleNo Gravatar says


    …er, oh, yes. >_> The post was good. I’m sorry, I think I just got brain-wiped by the adorable. She’s such a CHARACTER! Every picture, a new adorkable face! Heartbreaker in the making she is.

    Seriously, though, I hope she starts sleeping regularly soon so you can get back to at least the occasional raid. <3 I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to realise "Right, I really DO love raiding!" and not really be able to do anything about it.

    (…okay, I can imagine A LITTLE, but it's a whole different situation, and I could change mine if I REALLY wanted to, whereas you can't.)

    …there still need to be more pictures of the sprog, though.

  2. RedbeardNo Gravatar says

    Lath, she’s way too cute!

    Oh, and the difference in that you’re not “that” player because you came in with the expectation that you’d have to disappear from time to time. The others did too. It’s just a matter of priorities.
    Redbeard’s last post: Note to Self…

  3. AngelyaNo Gravatar says

    I totally think they were conspiring!

    I’d love to be able to devote time to raiding properly again but I really doubt it’s going to happen any time soon… things are just too unpredictable with Sprout and I don’t want to feel guilty about neglecting him, then feel guilty about keeping a raid waiting – so I’ll just sit out instead :-/ At least if we do things together and with understanding guildies then the guilt is a lot less!
    Angelya’s last post: Get the Look: Additional Resources

    • LathNo Gravatar says

      Definitely conspiring the cheeky monkeys :) Agree – if we do stuff together it doesn’t matter so much, though its a pity our guild age demographic appears to have dropped to 18-23 – would have been much easier previously when heaps of players had families or were close to starting and would really understand!
      Lath’s last post: Where Lath Became One of Those Players….

  4. Beautiful child!

  5. AndyxxNo Gravatar says

    What an adorable bubby! I also couldn’t play after I had my son it was too difficult, it’s amazing how your priorities change when you start a family!

    • LathNo Gravatar says

      Its good to know I’m not alone – I feel there are lots of posts & bloggers who outline how you can have it all, makes me feel a bit inadequate sometimes that I don’t seem to manage it. Maybe if I wasn’t breastfeeding and my partner could help with the feeding it would be easier – I’m not sure!
      Lath’s last post: Where Lath Became One of Those Players….

  6. ChloeNo Gravatar says

    OMG cutest baby ever!!!!! :)
    Chloe’s last post: Gizmodo Girl and her Validity

  7. ArticleNo Gravatar says

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  8. KahootNo Gravatar says

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