HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

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Efficiency Ruins Questing

I’m not keen to reread all the quests in my log to try and recall where I am in the Twilight Highlands story. Suddenly the giant yellow exclamation mark on the Hero’s Call Board in the middle of the Stormwind Trade District has appeal.

Where Lath Became One of Those Players….

I hopped onto WoW last Friday night expecting to do some BC raids in preparation of the next patch and transmogrification.  Instead I found myself heading back into the raiding game thanks to an old raiding buddy, Dopz, who was determined to help me get some gear and up my average item level (post Friday [...]

The Steamvault Revelation, Knowledge Transfer and Level Design

When I returned to The Steamvault at level 85 I came back without a tank. It’s easily solo-able. This is when I realised that something was off. From this point on and towards the now unlocked last gate/boss of the instance all the mobs are facing the wrong way.

Flashback and the Items You Remember

Considering just how important weapons are to your DPS and, even measuring them against the size of your character in terms of pixels, they’re pretty god damn important as far as gear slots go.

So surely I would remember off by heart the “glory days” of my early raiding and my hard sought after weapons? Nope.

Transmogrification: Pants are Optional

I’m in full transmogrification planning mode right now. It’s actually more difficult to get a full set of armor and accessories than I thought it would be.

Vanity and Yet Another Transmogrification Post

I must be the last player to catch the news that Blizzard intend to bring transmogrification to World of Warcraft.