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The Sunday Night Ritual

So its already May and the year is passing by in a flash.  If you had asked me this time last year what I would be doing in WoW I would have answered without a moments hesitation that I would be raiding.  Perhaps not 4 nights a week but definitely 2-3… boy was I wrong!  So my subscription has been for the most part wasted in 2011 but I finally convinced Cass to start playing with me again and we have started a bit of a Sunday night ritual.  After my Sapling goes down to sleep, and we’ve eaten dinner, we hop on WoW and play together from 8pm – 10pm.

I would like to introduced our new littlies:

Deva (Cass) Looking like a proper paladin










And Myself, Avenai.... Looking like a Axe Weilding Mage










During our 2 hours playtime our little paladins are questing and gathering (I’m mining and Cass is skinning so there is no squabbling over resources!) around the old world checking out how different some of the quests are and how some things just haven’t changed at all.  While we haven’t done any dungeons Cass is planning on tanking with her paladin and I will most likely be healing considering Avenai is wearing cloth BOA gear in order to get the extra xp (no, I sadly do not have any justice points available to buy new BOA chest or shoulders!).

So far we’ve completed Westfall, part of Redridge and part of Duskwood.  Sadly because the XP gains are so fast when you add up BOA helms, cloaks, shoulders, chest plus the guild bonuses and rested bonus, we keeping running into grey quests before we get a chance to finish things off!

I think we’ve decided to head over to Stranglethorn Vale next to see if the area, now altered, can redeem itself (anyone who has leveled in STV on a PVP server will understand this sentiment!). I would be interested to know from readers who have gone through all the revamped zones,  which ones are really worth completing  as we’d hate to miss some really epic quest chains!

While we are running around questing we get on vent to chat and generally some guildy will join our channel and give us the gossip on whats happening in the guild.  It seems like Cass and I aren’t the only guildies who have had changes to their game play. Vitare has gone through a complete revamp.  All the officers I played with previously have moved on for one reason or another and a  completely new set of players are now running the show.  One of these I’m proud to say is a recruit I found from Twitter! Goodiemania (also known as @Velidra on Twitter or for his blog) has been suckered into officership hahaha you have my condolences.  I’m trying very hard to get him to do a guest post on here based on the experience of going from raider to officer – its a big change for anyone and think its a great topic for discussion!

Its good to see though that the guild is still going strong and while I don’t feel I really know anyone in game anymore I still have Goodie to keep me apprised!

Aside from my 2 hours of WoW time a week I am (obviously) spending heaps of time with my baby daughter who is growing up so fast!  While I’m itching to link pictures galore on here I’m refraining, but will instead direct you to a baby blog that I am sporadically updating for any readers interested in how that’s going.  Feel free to check it out: My Little Sapling, I promise there are heaps of cute pictures and more squee will be added with time!

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  1. Mage? MAGE!? You offend me. That is clearly a warlock set. I am furious. Nerd-raging.

    Squee and dawwwww.

  2. OhkenNo Gravatar says

    I recently played through Northern Stranglethorn on an alt.

    It’s got the same quests and overall feel, but they’ve streamlined it. For example, the Green Hills of Stranglethorn now requires you to only find a single page, rather than the 10+ it used to be. Also, the Nessingwary quests are shorter than I remembered. For each kind of animal (raptor, tiger, panther), you find 10+5+5+1 of each type rather than 10+10+10+1. Overall, it’s streamlined compared to the original, but it’s not as big a change as in some of the other zones.

    I’m going to try Desolace next, and after that I’m REALLY looking forward to the new Thousand Needles.
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  3. RedbeardNo Gravatar says

    STV, Hordeside, has changed quite a bit. I haven’t quested through there on the Alliance side yet, so I couldn’t tell you what it’s like from that angle, but there’s plenty of foreshadowing on the Horde side for the return of Z’G.

    I’ll be honest in that I don’t have that bad a memory of STV while I was on Stormscale (PvP); that was reserved for Hillsbrad.
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    • LathNo Gravatar says

      As horde, Hillsbrad was pretty bad I agree but when I first went through the leveling process all the Level 60s were waiting for raids to happen at ZG, so instead they camped out at Nesignwary’s Camp and ganked all the poor level 30 somethings that were trying to quest. It was complete carnage!
      Lath’s last post: The Sunday Night Ritual

  4. RhiiNo Gravatar says

    STV also has a big new ZG questline at the end that I considered extremely worth doing. So worth doing, in fact, that I finished it even when it had turned grey. :)

    After finishing that I went off to Dustwallow, which seems more or less the same. Lots of annoying swimming to points near Theramore and then more annoying swimming back to Theramore, only to be told to swim to a slightly different but related point near Theramore which is only accessible by swimming. Ugh.

  5. Johnnie FearsomeNo Gravatar says

    Lath – it appears this blog is in hibernation, which I completely understand (little ones have a way of sucking up time, and parenting is more fun than wow anyway). Just wanted to thank you for the few years you guys wrote this blog – your “Missing my Frozen Shadoweave Set” has been on my favorites list since it appeared. Hope everythings ok down under.

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