HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest


So this will be a pretty quick post – seeing my 9 week old cutie is still only cat napping and at the moment is sitting next to me in her baby bouncer wide awake refusing to get even remotely sleepy.

Now that Caitlin is getting a bit older I’m finding that I have a spare hour generally at some stage in the afternoon where I can log into WoW.  When I first realized this I was really quite excited I’ve missed having some “me” time and I’ve really missed my guild and friends online.  This excitement unfortunately didn’t last very long when I realised that:

  1. I have no idea how to play a resto druid anymore
  2. None of my online friends appear to play in the middle of the day
  3. My entire guild seems to have turned over since Cataclysm came out and I feel like a complete stranger


I was lucky enough that I leveled to 85 and had the chance to run a few normal dungeons before I went into labor.  This wasn’t enough however to ingrain in me the new way of healing pre baby break.  Since I leveled Lath I played her in order to raid as a healer.  Shes always been raid ready and spent all of Wrath running the latest content on heroic level.  To now find myself coming back into the game at the end of the first tier of raiding content in leveling blues and greens, no spec (they must have all reset since boxing day) and no clue what I’m doing… its all been very daunting.

How Am I Getting Back Into The Swing of Druiding

I’ve decided I’m not logging back in until I’ve had a chance to do some research.

I’m not too worried about relearning specs and spells as I’m sure that reading through theses blogger guides will get me off the ground.

I do need a game plan on how to get the best possible gear I can through quests, rep and normal dungeons as heroics through the LFD tool may be a bit longer than I’ve got time for. Just thinking about aiming for gear at that level hurts me a little bit, I’m so used to aiming at the top of end of gear rewards its really quite a big adjustment moving back down the spectrum aimed at casual play.

Or Not….

In the end trying to read guides off my iPhone while breastfeeding was getting a little too much.  I’m shelving Lath for the time being and have decided to level my priest from 80 – 85.  Questing is something I can do for 5 mins or 1 hour so I don’t have to worry about neglecting Caitlin should see wake or need a feed etc.

Guild Stuff

The priest leveling idea is also helping me with my main dilemma – the part that has probably kept me not interested in WoW the most over the last 9 weeks.  My guild.  I’ve been in Vitare for just under 2 years and have had a blast with a splash of drama added into the mix.  The problem is that I’m no longer a raider which is what the guild revolves around, and I’m no longer really free to play at night time (hoping this will eventually change!) and I’m feeling pretty much like an outsider.  So many new raiders have joined and so many of the players I journeyed through Wrath with have left, that I almost feel like I’m in a new guild.

Part of me is wondering whether I would be better off moving away from an Oceanic server and joining a US timezone server where my daytime play is evening time for most players.  If I want to get back into raiding it would also give me more opportunity to find a family friendly guild that has short raid times but still maintains quality and progression – this just doesn’t seem to exist on the Oceanic servers.

Suggestions/Ideas Are Welcome!

For those mothers who breastfeed and managed to play shortly after birth how did you manage it?  I know some people have said breastfeed at the computer…. I just don’t think I have a set up that will work with that not to mention that Caitlin is a squirmer, I think she would bump her head a million times if I even tried.

Do you think its worth considering a move or should I wait it out for when night time feeds are less frequent and her sleep patterns more regular?

Lath (Still here albeit in a much less regular capacity!)


PS – This post ended up taking me 4 days to write /sigh.

PPS – Cass still has no study from the floods!

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  1. KeevaNo Gravatar says

    Blargh, cute explosion! /covet!

    You could try feeding her in a sling so that you’re more hands-free – though you’d still probably have to deal with the head bumping issue.
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    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      I agree she is a little ball of cuteness! When doing all my baby shopping when pregnant I decided to buy a baby bjorne thingy instead of a swing thinking it would be more supportive. I wasn’t thinking at the time about the practicalities of breastfeeding on the move which is a bit of a shame. And considering it was just under $300 I need to get my moneys worth!

  2. VelidraNo Gravatar says

    There has been a huge amount of turn over since wrath. Its somewhat bewildering to see all the new names, even for me.

    Thankfully at least dark and I are still around?

    and yes, cute baby is cute.

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      Its good to know there are still a few familiar faces :) I was actually on for a little bit the other day and Caco was asking me when I would be back, made me feel special :P

  3. KeemaraNo Gravatar says

    My youngest grew up being breastfeed at the computer – he is now a crack pvper and farmer!! Be careful what you start :P

    My first suggestion would be to get one of those corner pillows. I found that I could lean my arm/baby’s head on on arm of it, and have the babe lie on the other side. I used a sling quite a lot in the early days too. I also found that kind of pushing the keyboard back a bit, and resting the edge of the pillow on the edge of the desk helped with the squirming, there was that bit of extra confidence that they wouldn’t slide down my legs under the desk.

    Consider carefully changing realms/guilds. This time will honestly pass by so quickly, before you know it you’ll have your days full of chasing a babe around, and your nights free. I know it feels like forever atm, but it just whizzes by.

    Congratulations on your little one, she is just beautiful!!

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      I think I’m still too new at breastfeeding to give that a whirl! I’m currently finding it hard to keep my concentration together on the tv while breastfeeding…. I keep having to rewind So You Think You Can Dance because before I know it I’ve missed half the routine /sigh. It is getting easier with time I think I’m just still a bit too enamored with her :)

      I hadn’t thought about the fact that her night time sleeping will settle into a routine over the coming months and I probably will start having a good few hours at night – will hold off moving any toons I think!

  4. EccentricaNo Gravatar says

    I found that the best activity to partner with breastfeeding was simply watching a movie or TV. Sometime they feed for a very short time, and then they will want to be on the breast until you are certain that every drop of moisture has been taken from your body. As well, you will find that your letdown is easier when you are relaxed and comfortable.

    Your baby’s schedule will develop a more stable pattern, but it will involve variances as she goes through growth spurts. She knows what’s best for herself. When she is hungry she will want to eat, when she is tired she will want to sleep. For at least the first year, I resisted the advice to ‘train’ my babies, and let nature do it’s thing.

    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little girl. Treasure every moment. They pass all too quickly and there really is nothing like the first time.

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      I have found that my fav position so far is lying down and feeding her so I can watch TV in bed and be nice and relaxed. Letdown definitely hasn’t been a problem for me – I have a forceful one and the poor little thing chokes and makes me feel bad :(

      I also threw away within a week all the “routine” books that I had read pre her arrival. She wasn’t eating to their schedules and I wasn’t going to deny her food when she was crying out for it. Without trying the 2 of us are getting into the rhythm of things and I have no doubt that she’ll come up with her own routine when shes good and ready.

  5. If you’re ‘lost’ in WoW for the time being, then it seems reasonable to say that nothing is going to change for the worse in terms of WoW if you’re away from it for a bit. I’d suggest switching to single-player games for a bit, until you are more able to play. Pause buttons are pretty awesome.

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      This has crossed my mind – I even reinstalled Starcraft 2 during the week as I never did quite finish the campaigns.

  6. AwrytNo Gravatar says

    Granted, when I had my kids we were not yet playing WoW, but my husband and I have always been gamers. When we played Diablo we would put our son in a bouncy seat up on the desk so that he could see both of us. When he needed to be fed I could pause and push back from the computer for that time. When he outgrew the bouncy seat, he moved to a Johnny-jump-up in the doorway and then into a saucer on the floor beside us. Now we have two kids (almost 10 and 8-1/2) and they both play WoW as well as other things. We have a great set up so we can all play together. Involving your kids in your hobbies makes it much easier in the long run. :)

    As long as she can snooze where you can see/hear her and she can see your face while she is awake, she will probably be happy sitting with you while you play for a little while. Flying mounts make it easy to get out of harms way quickly when you need to AFK.

    If you do decide to move servers, my guild is a family-friendly, casual-raiding guild with several people who are on at all kinds of hours. :)

    Good luck! She’s a cutie!

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      I have been putting her in the bouncy seat next to be for short periods over the last couple of days and as long as I’ve got her in an alert period where she is having great fun with the toys this has worked out quite well :)

      I think I’m going to stick out my current guild for the time being, as another commenter mentioned in a little while she’ll be sleeping through from 7:30ish and then I’ll have heaps of time to play at night again and probably not so much time during the day!

  7. RhiiNo Gravatar says

    Wow, I don’t think she could be any cuter if you gave her cute-vitamins. :)

    It was nice seeing you this evening on your alt.

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      It was good to be on during the day and have lots of nice and friendly people to talk to! Hopefully I’ll be able to make some more appearances over the coming weeks during her afternoon nap :)

  8. Lîthium on the Black DragonFlight serverNo Gravatar says

    Keep Lifebloom on the tank, cast Regrowth when Omen of Clarity procs, spot heal the DPS with Rejuv then quickly follow with a Swiftmend, refresh Lifebloom on the tank with Nourish, cast Healing Touch when tank takes heavy damage, cast Wild Growth whenever it’s off cooldown, and cast innervate when you hit half mana.

    Pop the Tree when heavy party damage occurs and keep Lifebloom on everybody, spot heal with Regrowth when Omen of Clarity procs (which will be all the time)

    Hope that helped a little bit

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      Well that doesn’t really seem that different to what it was like in Wrath (I was never a rejuv spammer!) save for actually using healing touch and only casting regrowth with omen procs!

  9. RedbeardNo Gravatar says

    Caitlin is so cute!

    If you want a goal to shoot for while you’re waiting for the munchkin to stretch out sleeping times, you can always work towards Loremaster. When one of my Horde guild’s officers had her first kid, she discovered time issues much like you did. She and I ended up in a friendly competition to see who could get Loremaster first; it was something she could do a few quests at a time, and it kept her connected with those of us who played in the morning/afternoon.

    One thing you could do is set up an alt in a NA guild so you’ll have something to play with on the side. Knowing the WoW blogging community, you’ll have no lack of people who will volunteer their server. Also, don’t worry about the raiding thing; 4.1 won’t have new raids in it, and so you won’t be that behind at all.

    Good to hear that Cass is still alive and well!
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    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      I was originally going to go for Loremaster, then when Cata came out they reset it all which means requesting in all the zones again – it just seemed like too much effort!

      I have created a toon with the Effers on Azuremyst and that has been good fun during the day to chat to those guys :)

  10. AppleNo Gravatar says

    It was really awesome seeing you on Azuremyst last night! :) Hope to see you around more often, too.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have much in the way of advice for you, but I have to admit to being pretty bummed you don’t live HERE, because I would kill to take pictures of Caitlin. She’s just so CUTE! And BIG, cripes, she’s grown a fair bit, hasn’t she?
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    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      I know I can’t believe how tall she’s gotten… I have no idea where she gets it from but am pretty sure she’ll go back to normal over the next couple of growth spurts somehow. I wish you were nearby so you could take pics of her too – my iphone photos just don’t do her justice!

      It was good seeing you guys on Azuremyst too – I hope I can make some regular stop ins over the coming weeks :)

  11. logtarNo Gravatar says

    Cute baby :) Half of our guild has kids and most are married couples. We even have one couple with triplets!

    We are not a hardcore progression guild, but we are a family friendly guild that raids about 3 days a week for two hours at a time. Currently our first group is about 50% with this tier on regular and we are starting a second 10 man. Our heavy play time is 6:00 PM – 12:00 PM CST US. Most raids start at 8.

    Our server is very low pop, but that makes things a lot more relaxed in a lot a senses. Make an alt, get a feel for the people and let me know :) you never know. for more info!

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      Its good to know that there are guilds out there that cater for people with kiddies. I think I’m going to wait a while longer and see how things go after she starts sleeping through for longer stretches in the evenings, as someone mentioned day time play will get a lot harder then.

      If I change my mind on that I’ll definitely check you guild out :)

  12. BestlàNo Gravatar says

    Congratulations on your little bundle and sorry about your study.
    Raiding with a little one attached is not ideal (been there done that)…however they grow and change before you know it you will be at it again. Leveling might not be a bad idea right now. There is some gear that you get from rare spawns instead of doing dungeons (Tarvus the vile, drops some nice leather spirit boots).

    I agree that finding a guild that has adults with young kids makes it easier…they understand baby agro better then anyone and will be more patient if they have to wait 5 min…or if you can’t show up to a scheduled event because your little one is sick and you are unable to play. Make a toon in the realms during your play time and see what you find guild wise, You never know you might make a friend or 2.
    Windrunner…Bestlà (Run Like Hell)

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      Thank you :)

      Yep I’m now leveling up my priest to 85 if I get free time in the evening and I have a toon on Azuremyst with the Effers (blogger guild) to level up during the day when shes napping. This has worked well over the last couple of days!

  13. BeruthielNo Gravatar says

    If you just want time to pop about and play a bit with no pressue of having to group/instance, why not maybe try a new toon from scratch to see the new zones? A goblin or a worgen perhaps! This way you have lots of content that can last a fair bit of time on a very limited and sporadic schedule. If you want to join a more casual guild with different playtimes, you can easily create the character on a different server.

    I don’t have a ton of advice on playing while feeding or anything of the such, but I know that a lot of women who breastfeed swear by a Boppy ( so that might be something to check out!

    I will also reiterate what everyone else has already said, and say that is one adorable little girl! :)

    And glad to see you back! Even if it is in short spurts!

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      Yep – I’m doing a Worgen Druid on Azuremyst as we speak! Even thought i got to see the area on the beta its nice to do it without bugs :)

  14. ZyNo Gravatar says

    Best wishes for Cassi!

    I had to wait until the little one was a bit older to play in any kind of group setting, by six (maybe it was eight, it’s all still blurry!) months I could raid and breastfeed like a champ. We used a Moby Wrap, very secure and supportive for whatever position worked at the time.

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      The Moby Wrap looks so awesome! They didn’t have anything like that in the stores when I went looking and I instead got a Baby Bjorne which is good but doesn’t let you breastfeed :(

  15. RezznulNo Gravatar says

    OK, I’m late to the party here… but (8 month old squirming in my lap as we speak).

    First off (and most importantly), Caitlin is adorable.

    To echo Zy, the Moby Wrap is very nice, we liked it a ton.

    Now, I’m a Dad, so I can’t answer the breast feeding while on the comp question, but he does sit with me quite a bit while I’m messing about.

    My favorite memory was healing a H Halls of Reflection while feeding him a bottle (he started to fuss after we were will underway). I had him cradled in my lap, had only one hand to heal and move, and we had a blast.

    Best of all, I didn’t wipe us. I didn’t mention to my guildies my configuration until after they were done. =D

    Like Beru said, exploring a new area is always nice. You more control about delays and having to AFK. Plus, after awhile, they’ll want to pound on the keyboard, and they can heal for you. ;)
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