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Where Were You?

Party End of the World - The Shattering - The Park

A gathering to welcome the end of the world

We live in tumultuous times. War, invasion, and famine have swept the world, but the real trial is yet to come: the end of Azeroth itself. How will you cope with the loss and destruction of everything you hold dear? The answer is that you don’t have to. Bring your friends and family to one of our gatherings and learn how you can survive the apocalypse together, with us. Finding Secruity and Comfort in a Doomed World

Even though I’ve got access to the Cataclysm Beta I’ve really only spent a few minutes online before missing my friends and logging off to find them on the live servers instead. But in that very short time I did a quick fly over Stormwind.

And the most noticeable change? The Park district is/has been destroyed.

So just hours before tonight’s extended maintenance AKA The Shattering kicked in someone decided to throw a party in The Park. A party to welcome the Shattering. A party to greet the End of the World.

(Sorry. I think those Doomsayers may have persuaded me to their way of thinking.)

We carved out a spot in The Park and held back the Furious Wind and Water Elementals that tried to gatecrash. There were feasts. There were romantic picnic baskets and umbrellas. I think a few battle standards went up. Mojo and Perky and a variety of other pets played in the grass.

We ignored the (perpetually) rainy skies of Stormwind. We /danced.

Where did you spend your last night on Azeroth B.C. (Before Cataclysm)?


So why, exactly, are we getting attacked by all these elementals? Who is Cho’gall? Is this about Deathwing? From what I can gather here is the gist of the story:

The Twilight Cultists – presumably the same dudes that stir shit up in Silithus – who may or may not be in league with Deathwing, are now answering to their new boss: this evil, corrupted Warlock Ogre going by the name of Cho’gall.

See we all thought Cho’gall was dead and buried – just like C’Thun, which explains why nobody bothers with Silithus and either of the Ahn’Qiraj raids anymore (lets forget for a second that we’re just motivated by GearScore and item level loot rewards). But like Anub’arak, Kelethas Sunstrider and well heaps of baddies he’s alive and kicking once again.

Cho’gall is a Warlock. And if that’s not enough reason to hate/fear him, he’s one of the first “turned” Ogres into Warlocks and I think he’s pretty high up in the Burning Legion chain of command. Or he was. Frankly every single Ogre I’ve met in World of Warcraft makes me laugh – they’re so silly! – so right now it’s pretty hard to think of Cho’gall as a threat.

Anyway the Twilight Cultists are good at summoning elementals. Thus, Stormwind and Ironforge are frequently besieged by their “minions”: angry elementals.

Now I have absolutely no idea how any of that explains four new “bosses” showing up in existing dungeons. If it makes sense to you please fill me in.

8 Responses to “Where Were You?”

  1. “nobody bothers with Silithus and either of the Ahn’Qiraj raids anymore”
    I ran AQ 20 and 40 just yesterday. And BWL and MC.

    And ZG. I gave it a goodbye. Now, I don’t know where my character is. Dalaran bank? Light’s Hope Chapel? Who knows.

  2. LifedeathsoulNo Gravatar says

    Well, the lore basically goes like this, You beat back the elementals, and decide to take the fight to their homes. You go through the portals they came in, and your faction leader will help you beat back the guys who summoned the elementals. From what has been seen: Theredas is sick of getting faceplanted and decided to help cho’gall, the dark irons are in league with the fire elementals, the hydromancer was pissed you killed her sister and decided to send a huge monster at you. The Herald of Al’akir is in silithus summoning more elementals there.

  3. GendaNo Gravatar says

    At the end of the beta 6 years ago, my wife and I took our characters to Silverpine forest, down into the tomb in the Sepulcher, and lie down and said goodbye to the world.

    Last night, we decided to honor that memory and took our two main Horde characters down there again and lie down to wait for the end of this Azeroth. Not quite the same as last time as we know we’ll see these characters again but still was kind of cool and helped me to remember what it was that was happening six years ago before this thing got so huge.
    Genda’s last post: Vanguard Crafters is Closed

  4. AppleNo Gravatar says

    I, uh, spent my last night in old world on a high from my ragtag little 10-man going through the ENTIRETY of Ulduar hard modes in three nights. 9 of the 10 of us got our Drakes and our Starcaller titles. I am still running on that high. :D MY RAID, they were so amazing. /proud bb!RL
    Apple’s last post: Starcaller Apple

    • KyoheiNo Gravatar says

      what browser are you using on it? Because it might be a molbie browse and that’s why it keeps going to the molbie website.I think it should have came with 2.1 or 2.2 I mean you can still get 2.2 on there but you just have to wait in till the hack is done but it should have a came with a newer OSI kind of like the size one of many things I hate about the iPad is that it’s to big I do wish this was closer to a size on a netbook like 7inc Great video sorry for the long comment:)

  5. RedbeardNo Gravatar says

    I found my lowbie Human Pally still hanging around Auberdine. He has since relocated to “safe” Stormwind.

    Does running Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley count as “doing much of anything”?

    I’d already gone to Camp Taurajo to say goodbye. Same with Cairne.
    Redbeard’s last post: Wistfulness

  6. Fluffy WumpkiNo Gravatar says

    Most of my toons went home to Stormwind at the start of the event, to help with defense. My main logged giving his final report to Magni after the successful campaign to Northrend :)

  7. rtewjxfpNo Gravatar says

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