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Trivia Anyone?

Damn patches! Keep breaking my Add Ons...

Since the patch my thoughts about World of Warcraft are in something of a mess. Not unlike my add ons. I can’t get my buffs mod working (Elkano’s Buff Bars) and I can’t get TriviaBot working either. Which is a bit sad.

In her TED Talk (worthy of its own post, I know) Jane McGonigal points out that after Wikipedia, WoWwiki is the second largest Wiki in existence with 80 000 articles. That’s a lot of stuff to know all about Azeroth. How much do you know? Think you’d ace a round of trivia?

TriviaBot (Then)

If you want to test your knowledge you can download and run TriviaBot in game. Well, you can run it once it’s been updated perhaps.

Unfortunately the problem with TriviaBot is that, although it’s a great addon, the developers aren’t exactly great question writers. The latest version comes with three question sets (I think). Earlier versions of the addon had other question sets, but they seem to be lost with each major change to the Addon code. A true shame.

I’ve had a bit of a rocky relationship with TriviaBot. I loved it when I first played it during the Burning Crusade. At the time there seemed to be two question sets: (a) a pop culture question set from back in the 80s – think Michael Jackson and Beverly Hills Cop and (b) a ton of questions about Blackrock Mountain and Naxxramas boss mechanics!

TriviaBot was fun, but it was pretty rare that anyone in our guild could answer those questions. What we really wanted was questions about the content we were currently playing: the Burning Crusade! So I wrote my own custom question set for our guild. I only got to about 400 questions before I couldn’t keep it a secret and ran it over guild chat.

Unfortunately we disbanded the guild and TriviaBot’s question code format was updated and I couldn’t run my question set any longer. Shame. I wonder what happened to that file.

TriviaBot (Now)

The guilds that I was part of during the start of Wrath of the Lich King really disliked TriviaBot. I mean, really, really disliked it. At some point I just threw the folder out of my Addons folder.

Then only a month or two ago I happened to log onto my bank alt in Stormwind one afternoon and found myself in the middle of a TriviaBot game going on over /say outside the Auction House.

And these seemed to be new questions!

At first I only answered when I was in range of the player (now AFK) who was running the game. Then I gave up on my auctions to participate full time. The questions went something like this:

  1. What dungeon does ST refer to?
  2. What dungeon in Kalimdor does DM refer to?
  3. What dungeon does VoA refer to?

Yep, a simple question set that tests your knowledge of every single dungeon, raid and zone acronym in the game. Having played both the expansions and having recently leveled alts through the class dungeons I found this question set incredibly easy. I played it all the way through – intending to keep going until I saw the questions begin to repeat themselves.

Unfortunately not everyone was happy with my winning streak. A few players started accusing me of cheating and the guy coming in second place whispered me and called me some pretty nasty names. I figured it was time to bow out. And log out.

To be fair, I won every single question except the AQ ones. I can’t spell Ahn Qirij. Gates, temple, whatever. I was also really surprised to see how much my competitors struggled to identify the Burning Crusade dungeons.

The Einstein Factor

There’s a quiz show on the Australian ABC channel called “The Einstein Factor” that gets … well… nerds in to be tested on their field of expertise. The great thing about this show is that all these super smart people never asked to be quizzed on their work (even if they’re a rocket scientist), they alway want to be quizzed on their hobby. I’ve seen contestants quizzed on Metalica, Get Smart, Stars (as in, stars in the sky) and Pixar films.

People get really passionate about their hobbies.

If I were to go on the Einstein Factor, I think I’d have to nominate my field of expertise as “World of Warcraft”. Actually it’s a surprised that I’d never seen World of Warcraft come up as a topic before on the show. Aren’t Blizzard up to 12 million subscribers or something?

So I googled it. Sure enough, there is an early episode of The Einstein Factor on YouTube in which a contestant, James Woodman, reveals that his topic of interest is World of Wacraft: Lore. Unfortunately it doesn’t take long to realise that the producers and question writers on the show don’t really understand the difference between the topic “World of Warcraft: The Online Game” and “World of Warcraft: Lore” and go on to quiz him on the former, not the latter.

Not to worry, as a viewer the question set “World of Wacraft: The Online Game” is much more my cup of tea!

Here is the question set that James was asked. I think it’s actually quite tricky. This is for a fixed-time speed round so any question that takes too long to read, or too long to think through, or too long to answer is a doozy (eg question 8!).

  1. The first World of Wacraft online computer game was released in America and Australia in November of what year?
  2. Released in 2007 the first official expansion of World of Warcraft is subtitled what?
  3. The American computer game company that developed World of Wacraft is called what?
  4. In the game players can choose from how a range of how many character classes?
  5. Two of the game’s lead designers were Tom Chilton and Jeff who?
  6. What are the two opposing major factions in the game?
  7. The game’s action occurs chiefly on which planet that is home to kingdoms like Northrend and (cut off)
  8. Who are the four playable races that are the major partners fighting on the same side as the humans?
  9. Acquired by player characters are various items that are colour coded in terms of quality such as white for common, green for uncommon and what colour for rare?
  10. While the mounts of choice for humans are horses what creatures do trolls prefer to ride?
  11. In the arena what is the second highest rank combatants can achieve after Gladiator?
  12. Which of the hybrid character classes is first alphabetically?
  13. In 2005 a virtual plague called Corrupted Blood caused havoc after infecting characters that had fought which dungeon boss?
  14. One major in game event involved a quest to rescue which kidnapped reindeer named after a lead designer?
  15. Bonus Question (no time limit)
    In an April Fool’s Day prank, Blizzard introduced the tinfoil hat as a new type of armour for players. True or False?

How would you have gone? The alphabetical one was tricky, there’s no way I could have answered that quickly.

You can watch the clip here (skip to 3m 30s) and try it for yourself:

ps. By the way, the current version of TriviaBot also has a much harder “lore” set of questions which I thoroughly recommend. They’re almost a little too difficult for me but if you’ve got some smarties in your guild you’ll have more fun with it I think.

Are there any other question sets or trivia games for World of Warcraft out there?

10 Responses to “Trivia Anyone?”

  1. KurnNo Gravatar says

    I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed that I got every question right except the one about Jeff Kaplan and the one about the classes (I didn’t realize this was BC-era!).

    I even added “the Soulflayer” to my answer about Hakkar.

    Either I need a Canadian equivalent show or I need to not spend so much time online. ;)
    Kurn’s last post: Apotheosis Opens Recruitment!

    • RedbeardNo Gravatar says

      Sure beats Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Millionaire by a long shot.
      Redbeard’s last post: My Kingdom for a Tank

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      It’s funny how much more difficult the questions seem when they’re spoken on the show compared to reading them off a page. I think I would have gotten all the answers eventually, but certainly not as quickly as necessary.

  2. RedbeardNo Gravatar says

    Okay, now you’ve got my competitive juices going, Cassandri. PvP? Ha! This is the real cutthroat competition.

    I think I’m going to have to track you down for some TriviaBot action once it gets fixed.
    Redbeard’s last post: My Kingdom for a Tank

  3. MoonraNo Gravatar says

    I recall playing this during breaks in raids… I love the mini games when there’s nothing else to do and you just have to wait for something (raidstart, voa start etc)
    Moonra’s last post: Its Over Ninethousand!

  4. PoneriaNo Gravatar says

    I couldn’t get 5, 11 (don’t do Arena), and 13 (wasn’t playing yet so didn’t care). Though I was expecting more lore-type stuff, not mechanics-ish.

    This makes the old Pop Quizzer (Academic Team) in me want to come back again.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Yeah I don’t think they really understood what he meant when he asked to be quizzed on “lore”.

  5. XeppeNo Gravatar says

    There’s a new EBB that works! We are all saved. See the questions that would REALLY flunk me badly would be – ‘What debuff does this obscure icon indicate?’

    No idea. Tell me in English please Elkano.
    Xeppe’s last post: New Horizons

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