HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

Beta Raiding As A Guild

Vitare with their 25 man ICC drakes

The winning screenshot entry

Approximately a month ago, our guild entered the Oceanic Guild Screenshot Beta Contest and in the final week of the draw we were lucky enough to be chosen as a winner!  Only 25 Oceanic guilds were picked in total so this was a really lovely surprise for our guild, and a great way to reward and re-motivate members this close to the end of expansion.

The contest awards 10 beta keys and as a 25 man raiding guild, I certainly didn’t envy the officers having to choose which 9 other players (GM automatically gets 1) would be selected to form a 10 man raid group ready to test the first tier of raiding content released with Cataclysm.  In the end the players were chosen not on what is considered perhaps the best group make up, but on their longevity, attendance, performance, attitude etc.  We’ll find out first hand if Blizzard’s moto of “Bring the Player, Not the Class” still holds true in the next expansion.

Our Beta raid make up will be:

Death Knight

Druid (Me!)

Melee DPS:
Death Knight

Ranged DPS:
Priest (Cass!)

Hybrid (DPS/Heals):

We also have a Fury Warrior and Shadow Priest with Beta Keys from the guild giving us a 12 member roster for testing over the next 8 weeks.  We’ll be raiding on Gilneas (US) PvP Server so if there are any readers on there currently testing out the content make sure you say hello.

Thursday nights are now officially back on the raiding roster and I can’t wait to keep you all posted on what it’s like raiding as resto!

15 Responses to “Beta Raiding As A Guild”

  1. RedbeardNo Gravatar says

    Congrats you two!! Best of luck raiding!!
    Redbeard’s last post: Hot- hotmuy caliente

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      Thanks Redbeard! I’m extra excited to the get the opportunity to do this first tier of raids now seeing I’ll be going casual again in the new year seeing I’ll have my new bub to look after :)

  2. XeppeNo Gravatar says

    Congratulations! and I’m so looking forward to reading about this. It will be fantastic to have you guys in the Vanguard, telling us about how the new raid feels and plays. (I’m secretly afraid that the mechanics will be so super-hard that normal mortals won’t be able to navigate them.)
    Xeppe’s last post: Is it me

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      I’m sure it wont be that bad Xeppe :) I was really worried doing the dungeons in Beta after all the talk of CC and Wrath players not being able to cope. We managed the entire run without a single bit of CC in our greens and blues, bad lag and no clue where we were going! I’m sure the raiding will be like that too, a little bit to get used to but once your in the swing of it you’ll adapt and cope fine!

  3. JenNo Gravatar says

    Ohhh this is so cool! I’m a bit stressed out about how resto will look in the expansion, so I hope you can tell us it’s amazing! :D
    Jen’s last post: Meet Binky

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      I think it is going to be very different, but so far I’ve still enjoyed the feeling of being a resto druid. It will be great to see how it goes first hand in a 10 man raid!

  4. BeruthielNo Gravatar says

    Very Cool! Grats guys :)
    Beruthiel’s last post: Getting Raid Ready for 401 – Beru’s Addon List!

  5. Jayson! - IllisisNo Gravatar says


    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      It’s going to be weird Illisis considering most likely I’ll be the healer assigned to tanks (or at least a tank) in the 10 mans – so used to that being your thing :P

  6. ShadedmedicNo Gravatar says

    I must have been out of my mind to put Illisis and Sam forward as recipients !

    This was certainly a nice surprise for us indeed, our job was made a little easier by the fact that a couple of us already had beta keys.

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      I think we’re all going to be driven mad by those 2 of vent…. so how much are global mutes selling for these days :P

  7. ManbearcatNo Gravatar says

    Don’t forget that I’ll be on beta to help out too!

  8. CitadelNo Gravatar says

    So proud of you guys :D


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