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My Favourite Things

Ledgermain Lodge and Higher Learning

One of my favourite things...

I think this has been the longest we’ve gone since first starting our blog over a year ago without posting. I’m still raiding and getting back into the groove but it’s hard to post when I feel that my last post on guild apathy is pretty much still front and centre of my thoughts. (Yes, even all these weeks later)

I read Pugging Pally’s A Few of my Favorite Things post and thought I would also participate in the weekly Blog Azeroth shared topic. This week’s topic was suggested by Relevart at Relevart’s Druid Reliquary and I think it’s very timely considering most people seem to be well and truly unwinding from Wrath and looking towards the new expansion.

Relevart asked the question: What was your favourite ______ in Wrath of the Lich King?

He purposefully left it to us bloggers to fill in the blank and like Vidalya I decided to look at a few of the more meaningful “moments” this expansion brought me!

Favourite Achievement

Higher Learning
Read the volumes of “The Schools of Arcane Magic” found in Dalaran listed below.
Completed: 02/08/2010

So many people got this quite quickly in the expansion. I on the other hand did this in a roundabout old fashioned way by just whimsically wandering up to potential spawn points and sitting around chatting in /gchat hoping it would magically appear before I needed to fly off to the latest raid instance/dungeon etc.

I’m pretty sure I got my first book within a week or so of the expansion launching however I only got the very last one in August this year. That pesky book evaded me for a very long time! I sat for many a session at the bookshelf in the top of the stairs of Violet Citadel patiently waiting. And the night I finally got that last book and the achievement gave me a great satisfaction, not to mention a wonderful new pet!

I’m sure many readers would probably be a bit surprised at my choice: what about getting your ICC drake? or one of the many group related achievements that you have spent so much time doing? While those achievements have been incredibly rewarding the Higher Learning achievement was something simple, and completely frivolous, that I did without feeling external pressure to get done. And I didn’t need to approach it methodically to conquer it.

It was sheer fun – grounding me – because Higher Learning was an important reminder to me that WoW is just a game and having fun is what games are all about.

Favourite Raid Instance


I simply loved this instance. I loved Druid Tier 8, I liked the lore and I still think going into Yoggy’s brain room to heal all our melee was great fun. Ulduar saw Cass and I move up to a more serious guild and experience progression raiding for the first time. We were both so apprehensive about doing this as we saw ourselves as casual raiders but we simply loved it and this is partly why I will always look at Ulduar with fond memories.

I’m still sad that I have never gotten Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player) as I found out I was pregnant and quit playing a week or 2 before my guild finally went back and finished this off. If I could only accomplish one more thing this expansion it would be to finish this. I enjoyed raiding so much in Ulduar that this achievement would have so much more meaning to me than killing Heroic Lich King ever would.

Cass and I are currently running Ulduar 10 again and trying for Herald of the Titans and I love wandering around Dalaran and Ironforge in my Tier 8 sparkles again. It’s been wonderful fun reliving these fights and Algalon in 219/226 gear is tough work to heal! Sadly we didn’t get this on our first hour of attempts but I feel positive that we will conquer this over the next couple of weeks.

If there are any readers out there that missed this raid because the gear is no longer valuable, I would strongly suggest a jaunt through before the expansion ends just to experience the fights, lore and beautiful game design.

Favourite Accomplishment

A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity
Meet the criteria for A Tribute to Insanity without any raid member having used an item only obtainable from 25-player Coliseum, or any more powerful item.
Completed: 09/10/2009

It’s the first and probably only time I will take part in server first achievement and after going back and reading my post about it, I can still remember how exhilarating it was getting it. I also realized that I am still wearing today the cloak I wore from that run… yes sad as this sounds, I am yet to see Deathbringer Saurfang drop a cloak since I started running ICC back last December.

Ironically we went back into TOGC 10 a week or 2 ago and tried to get A Tribute to Insanity only to wipe on Anub’arak. In 264/277 gear we couldn’t do what we had done 12 months ago in 10 man gear!

It still feels incredibly epic that I am one of only a handful of people on Barthilas with the Argent Defender title. I wear it proudly.

5 Responses to “My Favourite Things”

  1. RedbeardNo Gravatar says

    I keep thinking I want to start the Higher Learning achievement, but I always get sidetracked. I’m really impressed with that one, Lath.

    BTW, how are you doing?
    Redbeard’s last post: A Cure for the Common Ganker

    • LathNo Gravatar says

      I think a lot of people specifically get on straight after a server restart and get as many books as they possibly can. It’s meant to be much faster that way :P

      I’m doing pretty good, STILL throwing up but not every day anymore hooray! Little girl is very wriggly and I’m pretty lucky and not getting any other pregnancy problems , so just embracing the next few weeks before trimester 3 kicks in :) My skin, nails and hair are looking fabulous that’s been the biggest plus of pregnancy I’ve decided :P
      Lath’s last post: My Favourite Things

      • RedbeardNo Gravatar says

        Well, congrats on doing, um, somewhat better.

        Yeah, I remember my wif’e's hair growing out incredibly fast. She’s never really had fast growing hair, so when it happened during her pregnancies we just sort of ran with it. Looking back on pics of her back then, I’m still surprised how long her hair had grown.

        As for the tummy thing, that last month especially is quite a surprise. You think, “I can’t get any bigger than this,” and then bam! you’re visibly larger.
        Redbeard’s last post: Woo! Happy Birthday to PC

  2. VidyalaNo Gravatar says

    I liked your favourite things, Lath! That’s a great title, too. It’s definitely something to be proud of! Like Redbeard, I’m glad to hear how you’re doing (of course any more you want to share is always welcome). :D
    Vidyala’s last post: Vows

    • LathNo Gravatar says

      The only sad thing about the title is it’s so similar to The Argent Champion I think a lot of people get them mixed up :( It’s OK though, I know what it means :P

      The baby stuff is going pretty well, i feel my tummy is getting huge! Which is scary because well there is still 16 weeks to go! Still getting used to having a baby boogying around in there – its very distracting during raids and work meetings :P
      Lath’s last post: My Favourite Things

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