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Where Are All The Warlocks?

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What's this? I can't remember the last time I saw one...

If you are a regular reader you may have noticed that my achievements have recently been updated and show that I have been raiding again.

I lasted on casual for a total of 14 weeks, and now that I can stay awake past 9pm and have more energy (sadly 18 weeks and still throwing up daily, what is the go with that?) I decided to try finishing out the expansion.

This may also have something to do with the fact that my other half is completely enmeshed into Starcraft II leaving me twiddling my thumbs in the evenings.

One thing hasn’t changed in Vitare since I left (and came back). We still can’t find a single Warlock to join our guild.

I thought considering linked to my Applying to Raiding Guilds post this morning, that this could be the perfect time for a shameless recruitment message because there is something I am seriously missing since being back on the raiding scene this last week, and that’s summoning stones.  To quote the Australian tourism industry’s completely fail Lara Bingle campaignWarlocks, where the bloody hell are you?

One of our raiders last night theorised that they had decided to reverse engineer their ritual of summoning to instead banish them to a better place away from pestering raiders whispering for summons.

So if you are an Oceanic player, or someone that is looking for a GMT +10 Timezoned guild that please have a look at Vitare!

<Vitare> is an Alliance raiding guild on Barthilas (Oceanic PVP):

Australian Daylight Savings Time (ADST)/Server Time (+10GMT)
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
7.00pm – 10.30pm

And we’re looking for Warlocks that:

  • Have a stable internet connection and don’t disconnect
  • Can attend each of the four raid nights on time
  • Do wicked (like really good 10k + with ICC Buff) DPS
  • React quickly (to fire or whatever the bad stuff may be)
  • Have Icecrown Gear (Preferably with a majority of ilvl 264 pieces) and is keen to do wipe work on hard modes

Experience with the Icecrown Citadel hard modes isn’t essential. We often recruit raiders who come from very successful 25 man raiding guilds when they want to bring the challenge back into their raiding. Experience and skill at playing your class is essential.

Vitare’s 25 Man Progression:
11/12 ICC HM, 4/5 ToGC, 5/5 ToC, Ruby Sanctum NM

Vitare’s 10 Man Progression:
11/12 ICC HM, 5/5 ToGC, Ruby Sanctum NM. A Tribute to Insanity, A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity (Server 1st)

PS: We’re also looking for a Holy Paladin and Holy/Discipline Priest for any Oceanic healers out there interested in finding a new home as well.

15 Responses to “Where Are All The Warlocks?”

  1. VokNo Gravatar says

    You know, we’ve got five different 10 man groups and there is one Warlock between them all.


  2. GarethNo Gravatar says

    Funny thing is running through LFD with my Priest a while back I once had an instance with THREE warlocks as the DPS. Imagine having to keep three Health Tapping fiends going through a Maraudon instance :S

    One thing that I find lacking DPS-wise running through LFD (and even in our own guilds meager attempts at raiding) is a lack of Mages. I would have thought the classic pew-pew pain causing DPS role would be chocka with people but it seems I am mistaken.
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    • RedbeardNo Gravatar says

      Gareth, I feel your pain. I once had to deal with two warlocks in Deadmines, and by the time they both dropped after a full party wipe, I was ready to throttle them. That wipe, incidentally, was caused partly by the healer (me) having not enough mana to heal their life tapping + the tank at the same time.

      I’m sure it’s a nightmare scenario to quite a few, but the other day I was in Gnomer and the party consisted of one Hunter and four Paladins. It actually wasn’t that bad.
      Redbeard’s last post: For Great Justice

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      I can’t remember what website I saw it on but at the beginning of the year I stumbled across a site that showed a break up of classes at level 80. On my server Barthilas, Mages and Warlocks were the lowest at 18% and 19% respectively. I think Hybrids have become so popular this expansion now that you can DPS competitively against the pures that’s what I’m putting it down to in anycase!

      Oh and healing 3 life tapping junkies would be miserable you poor thing!

      • CassandriNo Gravatar says

        It doesnt help than when I’m trying to level my baby Mage I’m at the whims of healer disconnects. While I’m waiting I inevitably say to the remaining tank and Ret Pally in the group “you know, if I could I would heal you so we could keep going”.

        Not only does this not get the reaction I would hope for – the Paladin offering to heal for one or two pulls – I usually get the following from the tank “yeah right. I’ve heard that before”.

        I find this particularly annoying. All my other goddamn characters are hybrids and I’ve done my share of healing. Yet the pure DPS classes are given no respect *and* long queues.

      • RedbeardNo Gravatar says


        A Ret Pally could heal, but the higher up in level you go the harder it is to heal in an instance without respeccing and having the right gear. My low level (~15-30) Pallys can swing a healing run as Ret, but once you get past the low 30s the Talents in the Holy Tree become more and more vital. Right now, with Quint at L80 Ret Spec I can barely handle more than a full trash pull at a time, and a boss falls under the “emergencies only” scenario.
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  3. RedbeardNo Gravatar says

    Sorry to hear about the morning sickness still going on, Lath. The new mom in our guild is back to raiding as well, but she’s still working on Loremaster when she can.

    As for recruiting a Lock, you’ve got yourself a tall order there before you. My guess is that most of the Locks that fit your description probably are already in a raiding guild, and aren’t looking to move. You might want to consider recruiting someone from North/Latin America or Europe who works on the second/third shift, and is willing to raid during our daytime.
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    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      Yes I’ve been quite unlucky with the morning sickness though my obstetrician assures me that it will most definitely be over by week 20 so only 2 weeks to go! It is much more bearable now that I’ve at least got some energy back which is something at least :)

      I’m hoping that we can find a couple of warlocks who are looking for stable guilds for Cataclysm, I’m sure there have to be some out there who are planning ahead :) We may not be doing server firsts, but Barthilas is something like the 6th most progressed WoW server overall and our guild has a good reputation so hopefully with enough advertising we can find some keepers. Otherwise I may just have to hurry up and finish leveling Pixii and swap mains :P Then this site will have to be renamed to Dots & Dots!

  4. CalsongNo Gravatar says

    You know, in our guild we have 5 warlocks and rarely a mage to be seen. Weird how it works out, eh?
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    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      We’ve gone through phases where we’ve had locks and no mages I actually have begun to suspect that the Mage/Warlock rivalry isn’t just a bit of joking and you guys are killing each other off when the rest of us raiders aren’t looking! Cass thinks all the warlocks are just scared because we have 2 kick ass shadow priests that they have to compete with :)

  5. Scathbais -- U.S. Madoran HordeNo Gravatar says

    As a raiding lock, I laughed at the ritual of summoning comment, because it’s actually true. We get tired of hearing (especially in PuG raids) without the courtesy of a please: “Lock throw down a TV.” ” Lock we need crackstones.” “Going back to Dal to gem/enchant my new gear. Lock summon her back when she’s done” “Lock soul stone so and so.”

    But seriously, my 25-man has 3 locks. demo, destro and me (i alternate between affliction and demo depending on the amount of movement in a given fight) and I know of 2 other guilds that desperately need a lock, so its a question of luck sometimes.

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      Yes I can imagine it gets quite annoying when your Pugging. My baby lock is only at level 59 (I think can’t quite remember) and I find it so rude when I just get – “Lock, summon so and so” or “Lock, I need a healthstone”. Though it is just as bad being a Mage and getting, “Mage, Food” or just an open trade window with no comments at all!

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  7. CitadelNo Gravatar says

    Awesome, you’re playing again! WoW is a better place when it has both the Hots & Dots girls :)

    Morning sickness sounds awful though, hope it gets better :(

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