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Things to Do in Queue

Dungeon Finder Queue Timer

Queue times are fun times!

One of the things that brings me back to my Mage time and time again is the prospect of revisiting the Burning Crusade dungeons. The Dungeon Finder has other ideas: it wants me to queue for a Random Wrath Dungeon. I don’t want to do that. So my wait times in queue have been really, really long.

Last Saturday evening I waited over three hours in a queue for The Botanica. I’ve started to get a bit creative about using that time.

There’s really only one rule: don’t, whatever you do, join a party with a friend (or sell a Mage port, or take a Mage port) or log out or otherwise quit the game. You can enter combat (and still accept a dungeon invitation, I believe). You can die (but you won’t be auto-teleported to your dungeon whilst in spirit form).

1. Gather herbs or mine

Let’s start with a productive use of your time. I’m pretty confident that it’s impossible to reach 450 Herbalism and 450 Mining just by gathering nodes found in dungeons. So while I’m in queue I tend to gather herbs. To that end, I tend to have my hearthstone or live in an Inn near a convenient source of herbs. When I was short on Mountain Silversage I lived out in Silithus and trekked around Silithus and Un’goro in search of that particular herb.

This only really works if you need to collect a herb that grows around creatures in your level range, or lower. As much as I’d like to start gathering Adder’s Tongue there’s just no way I’d survive out in Shalozar Basin at level 70.

So gathering while you’re in queue is a good way to catch up on your gathering profession.

Alternatively, once you’ve caught up and your most desirable herbs at out of your level reach, you could go and herb the most profitable herb available to you. For example, I could go back and herb Mountain Silversage and probably sell it, buy Adder’s Tongue and make a tidy profit.

2. Play the Auction House

In hindsight there’s really no reason why I couldn’t have made Caesandra one of my working bank alts. Or, for that matter, perhaps I should gift my Level 1 Warlock a few Bind on Account items, speed level to level 15, and then return to Ironforge and spend my time browsing the Auction House in queue. I could even wear my banker’s suit right until I’m inside the instance and just swap them over using Equipment Manager.

You’d probably need to be a bit careful about how you manage your inventory. I like to know that every item found in my bank alt’s possession is to be listed on the Auction House. With all the junk, and potentially useful-at-some-later-stage, items you pick up in dungeons things might get a bit confusing.

3. Level your Professions (even the weird ones)

I only have 1 gathering profession so time in queue is also often spent sorting out Alchemy, and less frequently, First Aid. I should go a step further and also pick up Fishing and Cooking. Actually, Fishing would be an ideal method to while away the time – especially if you park your character in Dalaran.

You can fish all the way from level 1 to level 450 without leaving the city!

4. Travel and Collect Flight Paths

One of the most obvious disadvantages of leveling through dungeons and not by questing is that you won’t pick up Flight Paths as you travel the world. However, collecting level-appropriate Flight Paths is an excellent way to spend time in queue. It’s even better if you can combine that with a gathering skill.

The lengthy run from Stormwind to Menethil Harbour is well known to all Alliance players and something I would consider to be a necessary evil in the 20-30 level bracket range. How about the run from Darkshire to Booty Bay? A deadly, also necessary, chore (and that was before they put in that new flight path in the north west corner of Stranglethorn Vale).

Now I look at the gathering of Flight Paths as a trivia game: what flight paths exist in zones of my level? what’s the most efficient way to reach them by foot? what’s the safest way to reach them by foot?

It’s a bit tricky to predict how important, or irrelevant, Flight Paths will be in Cataclysm. On one hand we’re returning to Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor but on the other hand we’ll be able to use flying mounts. Hmmm… it’s a mystery.

5. Try and Sneak into Dalaran

I must admit that once I reached level 68 I was a bit impatient to get to Dalaran and make it my home. Surely once I’d reached Northrend I could run up and use that stupid triangle transportation device in Crystalsong Forest? As it turns out… no (see fail picture above).

WowWiki is full of interesting suggestions on how to get to Dalaran. I think, if you’re playing the game as intended, you quest in the lower half of Northrend until you reach about level 74 and then a bunch of NPCs (depending on where you are) offer you a flight to Dalaran. If you’re impatient and don’t want to wait until level 74 you’re going to need to try something else.

Since I was already several hours into my Botanica queue at the time I thought I would attempt the Death In Crystalsong Forest Method. The idea being: once you release your spirit in Crystalsong Forest you can fly up to the city on your spirit form griffin. Log out, and then log back in, and you should be in Dalaran, alive.

Unfortunately I missed a critical step: once you’re in Dalaran as a ghost you have to run down to the doors of Violet Hold and talk to the Spirit Guide and resurrect with Resurrection Sickness. I’m not sure why you have to log out at all actually.

I didn’t talk to the Spirit Guide. But I did log out. So I returned to Caesandra still dead, in Dalaran, and now back to the end of the Dungeon Finder queue. I jumped out a sewer pipe (still ignorant of the Resurrection Sickness step) in order to get back to my body.

6. Write Tickets to Blizzard

You could go argue on the World of Warcraft forums, but since the whole Real ID thing was announced, I’m boycotting the official forums. Actually in general I try not to waste my time and I don’t believe any useful feedback could survive the trolling on the official forums so I tend to keep my complains as posts on this here blog. Or as “Report a Problem” tickets.

Fortunately, you can write tickets and talk to GMs while you’re in queue! Unfortunately you can only write one ticket at a time.

My long waits for Botanica, coupled with my terrible, terrible match-ups with players who give up at the first hint of trouble, were the cause of several tickets to Blizzard. I haven’t really gotten much out of the GMs who were tasked with replying to me except:

If other players choose to leave it’s their right to do so.

Of course it’s their right. More of the time it’s a healer or tank that quits (mid-1st-boss pull and leave party is a common occurrence) and the entire party disbands. Which means you can’t requeue under the promise that “you are at the front of the queue”. Instead a tank/healer drops the group, 3 others follow and suddenly you’re at the back of yet another hour+ queue. I think I deserve some time of priority when I queue the next time. Surely when you have a perfect record – well except for that one time in BRD – for staying in parties until they fall apart or you’re left alone you shouldn’t have to wait yet another hour for the next group.

And then:

The Dungeon Finder wait times are a result of the number of players available to do those instances.

And this is where I take real exception. It’s not that only 5 people in three hours are willing to run The Botanica. I don’t believe that. The problem is that the Dungeon Finder makes it very easy to choose, in fact it’s the default option, the Random Dungeon. This would be fine except that this option is entirely replaced (at level 68 as far as I can tell) by Random Wrath of the Lich King Dungeon. At level 68 you cannot choose Random Burning Crusade Dungeon.

Why are players in the level 68-72 player range not given both choices? Instead we end up overdosing on Utgarde Keep and half of the Burning Crusade dungeon content isn’t experienced at all.

Eventually you’re grouped with a bunch of level 68 players trying to clear Magister’s Terrace (not easy) as part of their Outlands Dungeonmaster achievement. It’s not just DPS waiting a long time in these queues either. Tanks and Healers often have to wait 30 minutes to an hour. There’s just not enough players because they’re cut off once Utgarde Keep is unlocked.

7. Watch TV (Online)

The trick to watching TV while you wait for your queue is to boost the sound volume in World of Warcraft high enough that you will hear the Call-to-Arms/Alert sound effect when your queue pops up over the sound of your TV show. Then you need to make sure that, about once every 10 minutes, you tab back into World of Warcraft and jump around so that you don’t automatically log out from inactivity.

8. Catch up on Your Reading

Of course there are a whole bunch of other things you can do online to occupy your time. I like to catch up on the blogs that I read (all listed on our blogroll of course!). And check my email.

So, are you in a queue right now as you read this?

You’re not? Well, why not?!

16 Responses to “Things to Do in Queue”

  1. SlackerpegNo Gravatar says

    If you want to get to dalaran, all you had to do was ask a Mage…

    Another thing to do whilst in the queue is grind Burning Crusade Netherwing rep for the Netherdrake :)

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Ahhh but that would mean dropping group. Actually I just found out that I can BoA gift myself Northrend Flying and learn Flying at level 68.

      So I flew up to Dalaran today :D
      Cassandri’s last post: Things to Do in Queue

  2. JenNo Gravatar says

    I’ve got good news of a sort. My priest is level 72 and has 450 herbalism. It’s very much possible to farm herbs in high level zones if you’re low level :) I did have one very big advantage: shadowmeld. I think Invisibility should work for you, right? I just got on my mount and went a-herbing, avoiding nodes that were between mobs. I’d try to land, and if I got aggro I’d just lift up again without dismounting. Of course, it meant I couldn’t herb all the nodes I found, but I managed to get a good 90% (on a PvP server even). If a mob got too close to a former safe spot and aggroed, I’d just try to run in a clear area and shadowmeld. I mostly did Borean Tundra and Wintergrasp, plus a bit of Sholazar and Zul’Drak (more mobs in there than in WG, easier to aggro).
    Jen’s last post: My take on the RealID Blizzard fail

  3. AppleNo Gravatar says

    The reason you log out when going to another graveyard is to reset your graveyard link – if you don’t log out, no matter how far you go or which Spirit Guide you talk to, you will rez in the graveyard you originally spawned in. (Believe me, I know this from scream-inducing experience…) When you log out, it clears out the information about which graveyard you were attached to, and you can rez anywhere.
    Apple’s last post: Focus vs OMGSHINY

    • AvaryseNo Gravatar says


      I learned this the ‘hard way’ while trying to take a level 1 banker from Stormwind to Booty Bay for the first time. I ran so very far to get to the next Spirit Healer, and then… bam, all the way back in Elwynn Forest. Whoops.

      Edited to add: I tend to craft while I am on my mage in queue. My banker buys up cheap mageweave and I love to make clothes for the RP masses!

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Thanks, Apple. That’s good to know.
      Cassandri’s last post: Things to Do in Queue

  4. I knit. I can do it while waiting for a queue to pop, and I’m still in front of my computer. Plus it keeps my frustration levels low and I end up with knitted stuff at the end of the day.
    Melfina the Blue’s last post: GQuitting should be more dramatic

  5. RedbeardNo Gravatar says

    The lengthy run from Stormwind to Menethil Harbour is well known to all Alliance players and something I would consider to be a necessary evil in the 20-30 level bracket range.

    The Horde has similar runs going from Gromgol in Stranglethorn to Stonard in Swamp of Sorrows, and from Hammerfall in Arathi to Kargath in the Badlands. The Stonard run is particularly dangerous in PvP due to the proximity to Karazan along the way, and relative lowbies could find themselves on the receiving end of ganking from L70+ Alliance people going to that raid instance.
    Redbeard’s last post: For Great Justice

  6. AneaNo Gravatar says

    Usually, on my lower level alts, I quest as I wait for queues to come up. Sometimes though, I’m just not in the mood for that.

    I’m a big fan of fishing while in queue – it’s one of the professions that’s very easy to ignore if you’re leveling quickly, since you want more experience – more more more NOW NOW NOW and if you slow down to fish, you’re wasting perfectly good time on fishing when you could be leveling, right? Well… if you’re “in the process of” doing something useful (like a dungeon, which grants lots of experience) then taking a break and fishing doesn’t make me feel AS guilty. Plus, you can use the fish to level your cooking. Bonus.

    If I’m feeling SUPER lazy? I’ll queue up then sit back and watch some TV and wait until I hear the noise and the little window pops up >.>
    Anea’s last post: When gold and bags used to be enough

  7. GarethNo Gravatar says

    I tend to do achievements. Things that are relatively simple to solo like the Exploration achievements, fishing, cooking, etc etc.
    Gareth’s last post: Some goblinish wisdom of my own

  8. NdiayneNo Gravatar says

    You can queue for Random BC dungeons and heroics into the 70s, but at 68 Wrath becomes the default, just like Random BC becomes default at level 58 (but Classics are still available).

    You cannot (unfortunately!) queue for both BC and Wrath at the same time using the RDF. It’s a bit frustrating, actually, since I’d love to be able to do something like Dire Maul at level, but can -never- find RDF groups for it.
    Ndiayne’s last post: Solace

  9. zahraahNo Gravatar says

    I think I would have paid a tank rather than wait that long – if these are the sorts of queues dps are facing now a days be nicer to your tanks.. they might queue more :)
    zahraah’s last post: I need your Hit Buff

  10. YuriyNo Gravatar says

    Dual screen setup with internet tv and/or movies FTW.
    Yuriy’s last post: Stomp Grip Sport Bike Traction Pad

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