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OMG Wailing Caverns

Naralex in Wailing Caverns

A successful WC run ends here: where Naralex's Disciple either (a) turns Naralex into a Murloc or (b) draws a Murloc out of Naralex's dreams. Never really got that one.*

Wailing Caverns is designed to be a low level Horde instance (15-25). In the big picture view it’s the second instance that Horde players visit, after hacking and slashing their way through Ragefire Chasm. Wailing Caverns is technically tucked under some rocks in The Barrens but thanks to the Dungeon Finder it’s just one button away.

Because it’s a Horde instance I’d only run it a couple times at level 80 on various characters in order to earn the achievement. And each time I’d gotten hopelessly lost.

Now, at level 17, my baby new Warlock – pitifully decked out in common white and grey items with no resources over on Argent Dawn – has had her first Wailing Caverns (WC) experience. Surely this time, with four others and a nominated Dungeon Guide, I’d be okay and wouldn’t get lost?

Not a chance.

The Map

Wailing Caverns Map. Bosses and paths marked.

Wailing Caverns Map. Bosses and paths marked.

To download the image go to:

The bosses are:

  1. Lady Anaconda
    She can be found in any one of the three locations marked. Once you’ve killed her you can jump down into the river – don’t keep clearing the upper floor.
  2. Kresh Optional.
    Kresh is a turtle that patrols along the river in this central cavern. He’s neutral, but attackable and drops rare items.
  3. Lord Cobrahn
  4. Lord Pythas
  5. Skum Optional.
    He’s optional but he’s like right there on the way. Might as well kill him and break up the long trip to Lord Serpentis!
  6. Lord Serpentis
    Once you’ve killed Lord Serpentis, or the last Lord, you’ll see that the Tauren Disciple of Naralex who was hanging out back at the start of the instance will yell out to you. This means that you’ve unlocked the event to complete the instance – good work!
  7. Verdan the Everliving
  8. Matanus the Devourer Escort/Event
    You need to talk to the Disciple of Naralex at the very start of the instance and he’ll escort you to the final event and summon Matanus (a giant murloc). The best way to do that, in my opinion, is to get everyone in your group to use the Dungeon Finder icon and Teleport Out of the Instance. And then Teleport to the Instance. This should bring your group back to the start and the Disciple of Naralex. If you’re not using the Dungeon Finder, you can jump down the hole in the group behind Verdan and track your way west through the river back to the start.

The Run

Slowly, yet painfully, we cleared the main cavern upper floor. This is the easy bit and netted us 1 boss kill and our first blue item. At this point things seemed shakey. Nobody knew where to go. Not our Dungeon Guide, either.

I had a vague recollection that we had to follow the river … so my group followed me as I headed east. Almost half an hour later we were still slowing making our way through the winding path without sight of a boss. I noticed a few things:

1. The Druids in Wailing Caverns like to heal themselves. And nobody in our group seemed to be armed with a silence or interupt at such low levels. Actually, we did have a Rogue, and I think that Rogue had some form of stun (Gouge maybe?) so maybe there was something we could have done about it. Mostly we just ignored it and wore them down again.

2. Nobody really has AoE before level 20. I’ve discovered that there’s nothing more frustrating than coming across a group of 5-8 non-elite vipers hissing at your ankles when you can’t really wipe them out with one spell. For me it was a case of dot, tab, dot, tab etc. Actually our Warrior tank’s Thunderclap seemed the best ability at hand: two or three of those would get them.

I was also witness to my first loot drama. An uncommon piece of Mail dropped which the Warrior tank Needed on. The Rogue took issue with this and started a fight with the Mage in the group because they ought to be using Plate. After a few seconds we were able to unravel the actual accusation: that tanks should only roll Need on Plate armor.

Considering that I haven’t actually played either a Warrior or a Hunter I tried to sound knowledgeable “I don’t think Warriors can wear Plate armor until level 40″ and “I think it’s the same for Hunters and Shamans and Mail armor”.

This seemed to settle to argument. It was also a handy reminder that not everyone knows everything at low levels. In fact, it’s quite a refreshing change from the know-it-all Barthilas/Bloodlust mentality that I’ve become accustomed to!

Unfortunately we wiped before we could reach the second “Lord” boss… defeated by trash and the effort to retrace our steps to our bodies. We gave up. I was relieved – I’m pretty confident that we were going around in circles.

I swapped over to my level 80 Rogue, did a bit of research and headed over to the Barrens to work on this guide. Now that I have a map I’m looking forward to my second Wailing Caverns run. And next time I’ll be taking the lead!

* BTW I thought it was both cool and amusing that a level 20 Elite had his own die hard followers already. What is he? The leader of a leveling guild?

30 Responses to “OMG Wailing Caverns”

  1. PindleskinNo Gravatar says

    Shame that you missed out on a really fun instance. I used to love going there as a lowbie, and was very proud of the fact that my low-level hunter could solo the entrance (back when it was elites) and still gain XP. As for Warriors, they’re the same as hunters and shammies as you stated. The top tier armor only unlocks at level 40. Think of the poor warrior that may only roll on plate… he’d never get any gear to tank with :p
    Pindleskin’s last post: A Look Back pt 1

  2. AppleNo Gravatar says

    You only had to kill Verdan? :O Every time I’ve been in there, I haven’t gotten my satchel until we killed Matanus… Maybe it changes if you’re a slightly higher level?
    Apple’s last post: Making new friends

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Oh I assumed that Verdan was the last boss and would award a satchel based on WoWwiki’s “Last Boss” data. My run didn’t get anywhere so I’m not actually too sure what does gift the Satchel.

      Wow maybe it is Matanus – even though most guides consider him to be optional.
      Cassandri’s last post: OMG Wailing Caverns

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Have fixed the guide so that Matanus isn’t marked as optional. Thanks for the comments – I wouldn’t have known!

  3. LathNo Gravatar says

    Now perhaps things have changed, but once upon a time when i leveled my warrior you couldn’t actually wear plate until level 40. In fact I highly doubt that the dungeon finder too would allow a plate wearer to Need on mail etc if it wasn’t actually what they could wear….
    Lath’s last post: OMG Wailing Caverns

  4. IcenineNo Gravatar says

    Thanks for another awesome guide.

    I think people get confused about whether they can wear plate or mail now because they can buy that heirloom gear early and it just scales. (So the hunter could wear a mail heirloom from the start, for example.) The game seems to let you roll on anything you can eventually learn to wear, I assume so that you can roll on plate or mail at level 38 and then wear it when you’re trained.

    I believe that players can roll on any gear they can wear. That means a warrior can roll on cloth. (Watch for that in groups.)

    One thing that would be nice in your guides would be a list of quests that you can do for each instance. When you’re all done with these you could create a Raider101 type site with all your runs listed and get some ad revenue. You deserve it. (Just a thought.)

    My pro tip is this. At the end of early runs, if you don’t have the flight path in the area that you’re in, go get killed and res in the GY. You can then make a run for the nearest flight path. So for example, if you’re alliance, you can get to Rachet from here, get the fligth path, and then get catch a boat to Booty Bay and get the flight path there.)

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Thanks for a great comment Ice – I’ll certainly look at adding in quick links to quests in the guides.

      I must use that tip about dying to get close fight paths!

  5. RedbeardNo Gravatar says

    Oh. My.

    I’m sorry, Cassandri. I’ve so been there in Wailing Caverns. Although my Wailing Caverns blog entry was more about the idiot Lock we had, I’ve been in pugs in there where nobody knew how to get to the end.

    I was just in Uldaman yesterday and our first set of pulls had our group end up going in a circle. Just about the point I actually paid attention to where we were going rather than the mana bars and the Lock who constantly seemed to pick up threat, we came back to our starting position.

    And you’re right: Pallys and Warriors can’t wear plate until L40, which is why you don’t see plate drops until you get into an instance that’s designed for L40: the latter two Scarlet Monastery wings, Razorfen Downs, and Uldaman. Same thing goes for Hunters and Shamans with mail.

    Oh, and that L20 elite? Well, I guess that AOE ability that L20′s get is enough to make people fawn over you. ;-)
    Redbeard’s last post: Through the Looking Glass

  6. WowopaNo Gravatar says

    I just ran this last night via LFD, took 1.5 hours to complete… good, persistent group. You HAVE to kill Matanus to get the Achievement and Satchel of Helpful Goods (which means you have to kill the 4 mini-bosses before you talk to the Disciple of Naralex. Agreed that you might as well kill Skum on the way, he drops a nice dagger for the dagger crowd. If you are Alliance, it is worth the trip to hoof it over to the top of the entrance to WC to find a small cave with neutral NPC’s that give some quests for some good XP and rewards. Bonus if you’re skinner/LW! ;-)

  7. JaediaNo Gravatar says

    I’ve played WoW for about 4 years or so, most of that time, I’ve been Horde, and I’m a pretty big altaholic. So.. I’ve done Wailing Caverns quite a bit over the years, enough to be terribly bored of it, but it still remains the instance I get the most lost in. *eep*
    Jaedia’s last post: The Art Of Gold Making- Setting Up Shop

  8. JeziNo Gravatar says

    I can honestly say… I have never not gotten lost in WC..
    and yes I play horde…
    even with a map…
    Jezi’s last post: Dancing Jezi

  9. CitadelNo Gravatar says

    There’s a lot to like about WC imo. I love the giant murloc at the end, I love the serpent lords and their cheesy names, I even like the lush, tropical bits of the instance & its underground river.

    That said, to get to those little islands of coolness you have to trudge for hours through the very worst a WoW dungeon has to offer; repetitive fights, boring ‘cave’ graphics, pack upon pack of trash mobs and absolutely no idea where you’re going. Because most of the place looks basically the same, its very easy to get lost. And as much as I love me a giant murloc, he’s not worth the pain the instance puts me through every time.

  10. DougNo Gravatar says

    The LFD loot bag drops when Mutanus is killed, so he’s not optional. Also, Mutanis is required for the Wailing Caverns achievement.

  11. JaelinNo Gravatar says

    Great guide!! This helped a bunch considering I got nominated as the DG last night. Found out why quickly …. I was the only one who had ever been in there before. Great run through …. lost the two experienced players halfway through which left myself (taking break from resto druid and tanking paladin this run) and two trial accounters (mage and warlock) …. but picked up a good shaman and priest to make it up. Even better, everybody wanted to clear the whole thing for XP (that’s a rarety it seems). Everything went smooth till the priest needed on the blue mail armor at the end (which would’ve been a dramatic improvement to my Pally’s gear) and took off as soon as the roll was completed! Overall though, great run. I’m getting to where I love these caverns … length of the run is great for XP.

    Side point here, one of the trial accounters made mention of the great injustice in the game here (which I hadn’t really ever noticed though, btw :) ). He/she asked the question “ewww, do druid players get to change into snake form as well?” :) Lol …. we, as druids, get cheated when some low level, second rate druid NPC can take snake form but we can’t!??!?!? Where’s the justice?? I want to be able to poison somebody as I bite them!!! :) Lol!!

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