HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

Dressing Down

Wearing Priest Tier 8 outside Icecrown Citadel

What's the opposite of being in the right time at the right place? This.

There’s a chance, a small chance, that I might be able to sneak my way into a 10 man Ulduar group bent on earning both their Rusted Protodrakes and the title, Herald of the Titans. I’m so excited!

Herald of the Titans is awarded when a group successfully kills Algalon, but only if they’re wearing 10 man gear. Fortunately Blizzard isn’t too picky about what constitutes 10 man gear and just put a restriction on the item level. Getting to Algalon in the first place requires you to complete all the hard modes: Flame Leviathan+4, Heartbreaker, Steelbreaker, Thorim+Sif, Hodir speed kill, Firefighter, Freya+3, General V without vapor and Yogg-1. All those 10 man hard modes award item level 226 gear. The same item level on normal mode 25 man Tier 8 gear.

I was asked: “What Ulduar gear do you still have?”

Perhaps they just want me for my Dispersion. Who knows and who cares, right? There’s a title at stake!

I knew that I still had my Tier 8 set in the bank. I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to armor. But I wasn’t sure what I had kept.

Unfortunately about a month or two ago I went through a mad Disenchanting spree in an attempt to clear out my full bank bags. Any item that I had no sentimental attachment to was turned into an Abyss Crystal. Fortunately I still had my weapon to go with my Tier set. But not much else. My belt from Ulduar still exists, although I put that down to pure luck.

I’m not sure exactly who is in this 10 man group. But I know that my friend in the group has killed Algalon on another character.  I’m sure that’s likely the case with some of the others in the group. I just know we’re up to the challenge, regardless of our gear.

My Herald of the Titans Set So Far

10 items. That still leaves a lot of slots empty including: Offhand, Wand, Neck, Back, Wrists, Feet, Ring.

A Patch 3.3 Shadow Priest in Ulduar

The interesting thing is that I’m not really trying to resurrect my old gear set. I’m not a Patch 3.1 Shadow Priest anymore. Things have changed, Shadow Priests have changed, and itemisation for Shadow Priest gear has certainly changed since then.

In Ulduar, in Patch 3.1, Shadow Priests geared for Spell Power alone. And when we couldn’t get that, we took Critical Strike Rating. Haste had next to no value to us – once we reached about 10% or 11% Haste it was enough to smooth out the hiccups in our rotation. In August of last year I posted:

The gear goals are:

  • About 11% haste
  • 263 hit rating (Heroic Presence) or 289 hit rating (No Heroic Presence)
  • Heaps of Spellpower and Critical Strike

These days it’s all about Haste. We now have modified talents that allow two of our most powerful DoTs to tick more quickly based on our Haste Rating. In my Icecrown Citadel gear I’m sitting at around 1000 Haste Rating.

But I look at the remnants of my Tier 8 gear and my decisions back then are starting to haunt me. First and foremost, why didn’t I at least buy the Shadow Tier 8 legs for my glory box? At the time choosing the healing legs instead of the Shadow legs seemed like such a sensible decision. I did have a 4 piece set (Helm, Shoulders, Gloves and Robe) but was quite happy to scale back to my 2 piece bonus (Helm, Gloves, Robe) when I upgraded to Amice of Inconceivable Horror.

I much prefer Amice of Inconceivable Horror now and then, but I can’t quite decide if my 4 piece bonus (a temporary Haste boost) might be really worthwhile now even if it wasn’t back then. I think it just might. Especially since Algalon is a single target fight where I should be able to sink into a straightforward rotation with lots of time to Mind Blast > Mind Flay > Mind Flay.

I’ll probably regem for Haste instead of Spell Power too. At least that’s easily fixed.

Depending on how my set turns out I know that I can boost Hit or Haste will my buff food on the day.

Lets Go Shopping

So if I assume that I just might get an invitation to this group, I’d like to be prepared. Perhaps having my gear set all ready to go will be the reason that I get an invite.

I have 7 item slots to fill. I’d like to get some Haste gear. I’d like to get another 150 Hit Rating. But if I can’t do that, then I can work towards an extra 110 Hit Rating and bring myself up to Hit Cap with buff food.

The first thing that I did when I figured out what was missing was open up my Tailoring panel. What ilvl 226 BoE items can be sewn? Boots and belts. That might be the way to go to get some appropriate shoes. I could consider replacing my existing belt with Sash of Ancient Power. (I find this dilemma amusing because I had the same dilemma about this time last year. Never did decide if it was worth the gold.)

The next place I can go shopping for level appropriate items is the Emblem Vendors. They offered me these:

  1. Evoker’s Charm (19 Emblems of Conquest, ilvl 226)
  2. Disguise of the Kumiho (25 Emblems of Valor, ilvl 213)
  3. Wraps of the Astral Traveler (60 Emblems of Valor, ilvl 213)

There’s also a belt available through Emblems but I think the crafted options are much better.

I’ll check out the Auction House for BoE items which drop in Ulduar but I don’t expect many to be available since nobody really runs Ulduar anymore. I think when I was running Ulduar I wore Asimov’s Drape which is BoE. But I’m not sure I’d choose to wear a Spirit/Crit cloak now even if I could get my hand on it again.

For my second, and only missing, ring slot I think I might purchase Band of Channeled Magic or more likely I’ll work up to buying Etched Signet of the Kirin Tor. The gold cost of the ring doesn’t concern me too much because I almost bought this ring when I started the grind for The Insane title just to get the free trip to Dalaran every 30 minutes (I haven’t had my hearthstone set to anywhere Northrend for almost a month now).

Still Missing

The tricky slots to fill, I think, will be my Wand and Offhand. Perhaps the new Icecrown Citadel dungeons can offer me something for these.

Here are all the potential Off Hand items from Wowhead. Oh why did I disenchant my Ironmender? Will I be back to buying (again, for the second time) and using Ward of the Violet Citadel? Perhaps I should keep my eye out for the raid weekly and, if I’m really lucky, I might score Ignis’s 10 man Igniter Rod.

Here’s a question. Do offhand items count as “weapons” or “armor”. I think I was told that you could use ilvl 232 weapons for Herald of the Titans – I presume that one of the hard modes dishes out ilvl 232 weapons as a reward – so perhaps I can use a ilvl 232 two handed weapon or a ilvl 232 offhand?

From Wowhead comments (if you trust such a thing):

This achievement is very poorly worded. I got this achievement tonight, using an ilvl 232 weapon and wand. Due to the way 10man hardmode loot works, you can still get this achievement using ilvl 232 weapons, offhands, wands, ranged weapons, sigils, idols, etc etc. You cannot be wearing any armor, or using any trinkets higher than 226.
– Hina9888

Armour (all armor, rings, trinkets, necklaces, cloaks) must not be higher than ilevel 226. It does not matter where you got it from.
Weapons (main hand, off hand and ranged) must not be higher than ilevel 232. It does not matter where you got it from.
– Shadowtion

Here are the ilvl 232 off hands. Now the beautiful Shriveled Heart, from Halls of Reflection, is available. Or I could go for a 232 staff. Like Pit of Saron’s Engraved Gargoyle Femur. That’s one way to solve my concerns about Hit rating.

Here are the ilvl 200-232 wands. Falric in Halls of Reflection drops a 232 wand, Soulsplinter, if I want to play it risky. I think my best bet might be to grab Rod of the Fallen Monarch from Anub’arak in Azjol-Nerub during a daily Heroic.

To 4 piece or not to 4 piece… and to take a risk or play it safe

So I’m left with a few decisions to mull over. I could try and get my hands on a Tier Token and pick up my Shadow set legs. But if I can’t get that, do you think I should try and hold onto my 4 piece set bonus even if it means losing Amice of Inconceivable Horror?

And finally, I should I play it safe and stick to ilvl226 weapons, offhands and a wand? Or should I try and win the ilvl232 staff and wand available from the Icecrown Citadel 5 man heroics? Can I use my very pretty Frostsycthe of Lord Ahune?

Either way, I’ve got a lot of Emblems to grind.

9 Responses to “Dressing Down”

  1. VidyalaNo Gravatar says

    This had me mentally wondering just what I have left at that ilevel – probably not much, I’ve been on a disenchanting spree myself! I hope you get invited to the group and have the opportunity to do it. I’ll look forward to reading about it when you do! That’ll be a great title to have, and I know you’d mentioned wanting to get the drake before as well.
    Vidyala’s last post: Allegiance

  2. RedbeardNo Gravatar says

    I’ve hoarded enough stuff, but the only gear I keep are the ones that really meant something to me, like the first epic I ever got (Blackskull Shield) or the first weapon I got (Sunwell Blade).

    Hey, at least you’ll get a chance to go and get the achieve!
    Redbeard’s last post: Just like Home Alone- but with Zombies-

  3. PathisNo Gravatar says

    I am a chronic hoarder as well, but I don’t think I could come close to putting together a set for that achievement. I am more nostalgic with what I keep rather than functional. Even though it serves no purpose, I can’t bring myself to let go of some of my old level 19 twink gear. Yesterday’s epics are much more likely to hit the dustbin.
    Pathis’s last post: Fight Back Against Real ID on Warcraft Forums

  4. LestuniemNo Gravatar says

    232 weapons / wands are okay, due to that being the ilvl weapons dropping from 25-Ulduar normal modes. This goes to wand, as well, but rest of the grea (including trinkets) needs to be 226 ilvl maximum.
    This as well includes Algalon quest items as well as Algalon’s own loot table in 10-man.
    My own Herald of the Titans -set:

    Lestuniem of Moonglade (EU)

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Holy crap. I just realised that Guiding Star is item level 232 even though it drops in a normal mode fight in Ulduar 25.

  5. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    This is my set ideal:

    I need to farm for: Sinner’s Confession (ring from H ToC 5 man) and Wand of the San’layn (blue drop from H UK). I desperately need the hit from both items.

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