HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

A Belated 1 Year Blogiversay Post

5 Hours Learning Curve.... 4 Hours Play Time!

Hots & Dots had its 1 Year Blogiversay on the 5th June 2010 so this post is a tad overdue, but I only managed to snaffle the above photo from Kiki’s Facebook yesterday. Cass and I celebrated this auspicious date in what I thought was a very appropriate manner; the 2 of us plus 4 other guildies met up in our hometown Brisbane and played the official World of Warcraft board game!

Now if you thought that playing WoW would help with playing the board game, think again. All the moves were from Vanilla WoW so some were now completely defunct (eg Starshards for Priests) and the rule book was massive. Even though we had Brute, one of the best people I’ve ever met at taking in written instructions/strategies and relaying this information in a simplified manner for people such as myself, it still took us a couple hours to really get the hang of what we were doing. Add into this an hour for actually setting up the board (lets not talk about the water glass fiasco), a cookie bake off and much chatting you can probably imagine how long it took us to finish a game!

After completing the set up, Brute mulled over the instructions, while the rest of us decided in the interest of fairness we would have a completely blind character pick and typically only one of us got a class that we actually had ever played at max level for.

For The Alliance

Lath, Healer Extraordinaire: Gnome Rogue, Melee DPS

Cass, Caster DPS, Master of DoTs: Dwarf Paladin, Tank/Melee DPS Hybrid

Brute, Tanking Bad Ass: Night Elf Priest, Healer/Caster DPS Hybrid

For The Horde

Cacophany, WotLK Mighty Warrior Tank: Troll Mage, Caster DPS

Nysander, Queen of the Bubbles: Tauren Druid, Caster DPS/Healer Hybrid

Kikikins, Circle of Healing Princess: Undead Warlock, Caster DPS

Now considering Cacophany had played a Mage in his Molten Core days and Nysander has a level 80 Restoration Druid at least they seemed to have some small line up with their chosen characters unlike us Alliance folk who were completely out of sync with our personal choices!

Let The Games Begin!

So unfortunately our Alliance team did not get off to the best start. This may have had something to do with a certain Gnome Rogue (me) not really understanding the combat system and choosing not to train Level 1 Stealth. Once I pestered the group to go back to town to learn my stealth ability and sell items, things got much better, because then my dice rolls actually did damage.

As we went around the board completing quests and picking up loot we got the hang of the game. Brute and Cass were determined to beat the Horde, regardless of whether we had the best gear or were at max level. Therefore team Alliance engaged the end boss before poor little me even got to hit max level – Level 5. With a level 5 tank, level 5 healer and level 4 dps we were ready to battle Nefarion. The battle was drawn out and close but in the end we won. The entire fight took about 15 minutes.

The Cookie Off

Cass, Nysander and Kikikins decided to have a cookie bake off and we nibbled on delicious ginger nut, chocolate chip and wagon wheel cookies throughout the day. Who was the winner? Well I don’t think we actually made a final decision on that one. I guess for me being completely queasy with morning sickness at the time, the ginger nuts were the default winner. Unfortunately I couldn’t sample the beautiful looking choc chip or wagon wheels because chocolate and me have been a real no no for the last 10 weeks!

Back to the Blog

Over the year Hots & Dots received 495,281 Page Views and 236,895 Visits. A very special thank you to Mike Schramm who gave us a massive hand only a couple of months after our launch by linking to one of our posts on For a blog that was getting only 10 – 20 visits a day previously, coming into work and seeing a massive 13,459 hits shoot through overnight on Google Analytics was pretty exciting and overwhelming.

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More diligent trees – shadow priests where are you all hiding?

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Thank You

To all the readers, commenters and fellow bloggers who have welcomed us into the community, thank you the last year has been a blast. We hope that the next 12 months will bring us as much lively input, debate and commentary as the last year has.

Lath & Cass xoxoxox

19 Responses to “A Belated 1 Year Blogiversay Post”

  1. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    Ahhh the board game. You’d think that a group of people who have about 20 years combined experience playing the video game would have an advantage over your average person.

    I doubt it!

    I was Brandon Lightspear (or something manly like that). Because this is WoW classic, and I happened to pull the Alliance only Paladin class, it forced the players on my side of the table to play Alliance too.

    The Priest/Paladin/Rogue trio seemed weak in comparison to the Mage/Warlock/Druid. They got to run around the board one-shotting enemy groups. We just relied on our Rogue to do all the work, and fluffed around healing and shielding trying to survive while Lath finished them off.

    The most awesome thing about the game was that it gave me/us an insight into the design intention of WoW classic: the hybrids really *were* hybrids. I think we had a little chuckle over the Druid’s ability to use Bear/Moonkin spells at the same time.

    Meanwhile, I now have a level 1 Paladin (a boy… just like Brandon) so I can reserve the name One Red Eight.

    You see, I stumbled across a combination of abilities and talents that hinged on me rolling (or rerolling) until I had one single red dice with an 8 facing up. From there I could spin a sequence of events and flip nearly all my unused dice into valuable protection/shielding/damage points.

    I think Brute, Lath and I spent the entire last hour of the day staring at the final outcome of my rolls with amazement. Hax.

  2. AngelyaNo Gravatar says

    Happy (late) blogaversary :)

    Er, the board game sounds like fun… maybe… :-/
    Angelya’s last post: Stormcrow

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      Thanks Angelya – the board game was surprisingly fun though that may have had more to do with the company than the actually gameplay!

  3. DusknoirNo Gravatar says

    Much congrats, you two. Thanks for some of the best entries of the past year!

    My own year anniversary is coming up soon, too. It’s August 15th, I think! :>

  4. RedbeardNo Gravatar says

    Congrats on your blogiversary!

    Ah, Fantasy Flight Games. I love the stuff they put out. I never shelled out the money for their coffin sized WoW the Boardgame, but every time we’re out a our local game store the kids pester me about when I’m buying “the WoW game”.

    I do hear that the BC expansion for the boardgame makes the original even better, but I wouldn’t know.

    Are you past the morning sickness stage, Lath?
    Redbeard’s last post: Miscellaneous Musings

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      Thanks Redbeard :)

      Sadly the morning sickness has not yet past – my dates were moved forward so I’m now 14.5 weeks yet still throwing up every day :( It is getting better though, I’m only throwing up once a day now which is easier to manage than before!

  5. AloixNo Gravatar says

    Happy Blogversary!

    The board game is fun, my ex had it. I like the TCG as well.

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      Thank you :) I was beginning to think we were the only people on the planet who had actually played the board game – its good to know others have sat through that rule book too!

  6. ZahraahNo Gravatar says

    One year means no going back now! Grats to you both and hope u keep it up

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      Thanks Zahraah – its quite amazing how much has happened over the last year of playing and how fast its gone! It will be interesting to look back in another 12 months and see how different things are again :)

  7. QuiknsilentNo Gravatar says

    happy late-ish Blogiversay :D i haven’t been too avid in following you girls, but i would love to see some gameplay videos or maybe a commentary!

  8. TamNo Gravatar says

    Happy belated blogiversary!

    Haha, we have the WoW boardgame somewhere – it is, err, too epic for our mere mortal tables.
    Tam’s last post: Insert “Blackrock” Pun Here

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