HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

Just When You Think There’s No Hope

Dragorius with Shadowmourne

It's funny how a Dwarf with a legendary makes everyone feel better

It’s been an interesting couple of raid weeks for me.

On Wednesday night, “farm” night, we suffered through one of the worse raids I’ve ever been in since joining the guild over a year ago. We wiped on Marrowgar’s trash three time. We nearly wiped on Marrowgar too. I was healing (extra stressful) and I just couldn’t keep people alive. I couldn’t keep myself alive either – I was dead on a bone spike with 30% still left on the boss. I think everyone was relieved that we didnt technically wipe: a tank and healer survived at the very end. But that set the scene for the night.

I expected Deathwhisper to be a struggle. The last two weeks we’ve regressed and had to drop her back down to Normal mode. I blame the ghosts in Sunken Temple and Naxxramas’s Military Wing for establishing a dangerous precedent for dealing with ghosts. It seems, even with someone (usually me) screaming “ghosts!” every few seconds people still believe that the ghosts might just disappear if they ignore them. On Wednesday we got Deathwhisper Heroic after a few warm-up attempts. Things were looking up.

Saurfang gave us a few more difficulties but eventually we executed our Blood Beast DPS and healing assignments perfectly, with some help from a Rogue, and killed Saurfang.

We went on to spend the rest of the night wiping on Heroic Blood Prince Council.

For several weeks now attendance has been abysmal. I think lots of people are just giving up til Cataclysm. Lathere went casual some time ago and hasn’t logged into the game since (sorry, I know she intended to post that herself). Some of our new recruits have just stopped logging in altogether. Other raiders have gone casual, had their account hacked, gone on holidays etc. It’s incredibly rare for us to fill the 25 raid slots.

Not our Priests, I should add. The five of us are still going strong! Clearly we’re the backbone of the Vitare raids. /wink

The last two weeks have been extra interesting because our Raid Leader has been away on holidays. And at the moment we really only have one other Officer and he hasn’t been able to make each raid night. When the cat’s away… the mice will play.

Even though it felt surprisingly liberating (and quiet, I should add) to play without an established leader, it still surprised me how little we, as a group, knew about some stuff. How many healers do we do this with? Um we need Blood Beast assignments? Can’t everyone just remember whatever their assignment was from last week?

Our successes have been huge. Last week, with only 20 players on Thursday we almost got Rotface’s achievement and we did manage to kill Blood Prince Council on Heroic. Yes, with just 20 players. On the same night one of our players finished his Shadowmourne quest. This was a surprisingly special moment for the entire group.

Our failures have also been disturbingly huge. Festergut and Marrowgar, two of the easiest hard modes, have proved to be extremely difficult for us. Why? I have no idea.

We’re trialling two new main spec tanks (Druid and Death Knight), 1 Restoration Druid, 1 Holy Paladin (yet another one disappeared mysteriously during their trial), 1 Rogue, 1 Hunter and 1 Elemental Shaman. As soon as we can find a Warlock, Mage and main spec Restoration Shaman we’ll be trialling some new caster DPS and a new healer too.

Back to Wednesday night. Hours of wiping on Heroic Blood Prince Council. With 25 people in the raid. Suddenly there are flaws in our strategy – problems that we’ve never had to worry about before. We had three healer deaths when they took an Empowered Flame Orb to the face. And if they moved to run away their healing target (usually one of the tanks) would die. We missed Kinetic Bombs. We had Hunter pets moving away from the Bombs just as they came down to ground level.

I remember looking at the people (well characters) around me. It was pretty much the exact same group that had managed to kill the Council with 20 players the week before. These were our regulars, our core raiders. How had everything gone so wrong?

I logged off for the night completely miserable. Resigned to struggle through each raid night until the end of the expansion.

Then last night, Thursday, the day of the week that we’re most likely to have to cancel our raid everything just clicked into place. We had a full raid. We even had three or four people on standby. Unheard of! We blitzed through Blood Prince Council, doing the exact same thing we’ve always done, it just seemed to work again. We lost our first bite in Blood Queen but came back and killed her the very next attempt. Rotface and Festergut keeled over as intended. Dreamwalker was easy, even Sindragosa (only on normal mode, I should add) was easy peasy.

Then, oh my, we even had an hour or so left over to work on a progression fight!

I logged off on a high. And not just because bosses were falling over – it certainly wasn’t a night where no mistakes were made – we made heaps. We still needed one wipe or so before we could kill a boss. But I was so happy because all those new recruits: the DK tank, Feral tank, Ele Shaman, Hunter and Rogue were amazing. If anyone was making mistakes, it wasn’t the new guys, oh no.

This week the new Hunter and Rogue paired up to handle a Blood Beast on their own for Saurfang. And did an excellent job. That same Hunter got the very first Blood Queen bite and smoothly ran around finding and biting people.

Our new DK tank was awesome – his threat on the Shadow-y dude in Blood Prince Council was easily as good as any tank we currently have in the guild. And it’s this boss that I’m most likely to be threat-capped on.

The new Elemental Shaman is my Blood Fiend killing partner and saved me from death with a very nicely timed Thunderstorm.

So we go into the second half of this raid week, Monday night, with time to work on Heroic Professor Putricide, a bunch of promising new raiders, and some extra orange pixels. I know that raiding has its cycles, but I feel like we’ve just been on a roller coaster.

14 Responses to “Just When You Think There’s No Hope”

  1. VidyalaNo Gravatar says

    It’s funny how that goes. We’ve been steamrolling heroics for awhile now, and yet last night the group wiped nine times on heroic Putricide and didn’t get him down… tonight we called the raid because of login server issues. I’m glad your roller coaster is on a high though, I hope it continues that way for you without the downward plunge for awhile.
    .-= Vidyala’s last blog: I Am Not Afraid of You And I Will Beat Your A*s =-.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      It’s funny. I don’t notice we’re in a low point until we’re in a high point again and I can look back and go “things were pretty bad and I didn’t really notice”.

  2. RedbeardNo Gravatar says

    Interesting post, and a helluva interesting read for this non-raider.

    Other raiders have gone casual, had their account hacked, gone on holidays etc.

    You’d actually be surprised at the hacks lately.

    While I’d been hacked and blogged about it, I never mentioned it to my fellow guildies. I was still technically a candidate, so I didn’t have any access to the guild bank. (Good thing if you asked me.) I’m also not one to go running into guild chat yelling, “I’ve been hacked! AAAAA!”

    However, just two days ago there was a big discussion right after work about people being hacked. Seems that 2 guildies had been hacked within a couple of days of each other, and others had been hacked in the past several months as well. The attacks on accounts have really kicked into gear.
    .-= Redbeard’s last blog: Waaaay too Short and Sweet =-.

  3. ShivaNo Gravatar says

    We wipe the most on Blood Princes… the irony is, our first time doing Heroic Blood Princes we pretty much one-shotted them…

    But a big huge grats! ^^

  4. VokNo Gravatar says

    It’s nice when it just clicks. I find when things start going wrong, everyone wants to change the strats that have gotten you so far. “What if the hunter pulls agro until the Shadow Priest can get it and then the Rogue can Tricks and vanish and the Mage respecs Frost to help kite while the Paladin put a Hand of Protection on the MT?”

    Some of the bizarre things people come up might just work. Personally, I prefer if the raid just stops standing in the fire…

    It’s the hardest part of the expansion cycles for raiders at the moment. That being said, it’s also the best time to recruit for Cataclysm. I hope those recruits keep coming through the door because it will set you up nicely for the xpac.
    .-= Vok’s last blog: Why have levels? =-.

  5. CynwiseNo Gravatar says

    Suddenly, things are coming together for our guild. Mostly the same people are there, but things are suddenly … clicking. Working. We’re 1-shotting bosses, progressing on our 10 mans, turning the first wing into a loot parade in 25-man.

    Raiding cycles are really *weird*.
    .-= Cynwise’s last blog: Preparing For Rated Battlegrounds =-.

  6. JorgeNo Gravatar says

    Funny, I wish i could tell my Raid leader to take a break, but the guy never trained no one else to do his job, then again i think no one wants to do that job. *sighs* Anyhow on your topic I think Lich King wiping with no progress at all has burned out a lot of our core raiders… And cataclysm doesn’t seem look as promising as it was a year ago. Perhaps they should have told us that in time we would get the guild achievements and titan path and not offer it at the beginning of the expansion like they did last blizzcon. Now it looks like we be leveling to 85 and get some changes but not what got us excited in the first place.

    Sorry! I am also frustrated. Feels like i am trying to save the guild when no one else is trying or all i hear is negative comments on whatever i try. Like for instance I got my lich king 25 man kill with another hardcore guild just so i could open heroics for the guild i am in, just because i thought it would raise morale to have something else to do. Ironically it didnt do the effect it was suppose to. I volunteered to recruit new people without being an officer, just to get one of the positive recruits delayed thru the application process to the point that when the raid leader finally got back at me, the recruit had change his mind.

    Maybe its better just to be one of the other sheeps like the rest of the guild and just watch it all crumble down to dust.

    I just dont know anymore.
    (Side Note: I should go do what i came to the site to do and got sidetracked by this very interesting blog article: Look at the vuhdo configuration post for druids and run along.)

    Sorry again for venting (=v.v=)

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Nothing worse than feeling like you’re trying you best and nobody will even help you help them. Good luck!

  7. natarumahNo Gravatar says

    Things are getting quiet, and Ruby Sanctum will be old hat pretty soon as well (we cleared it in a short evening) even though it gives wonderful insights into how raiding will be like in Cataclysm concerning CC.

    People do indeed go on their summer holidays, and the desire to run ICC (which we now run for 8 months or so) dwindles as we see the same thing over and over, but now on heroic.

    The way I see it though, I keep myself running with achievements and stuff to do before Cataclysm, and looking forward to things like a Goblin hunter, Troll druid, or exploring the world anew again (and gather some archeological artifacts).

    Keep the raids going, and keep the fun in as well!
    natarumah’s last post: Ruby Sanctum and you- dance- puppet dance-

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