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I Think I Love the Dungeon Finder

Coldarra and the Dungeon Queue

I had to dig this picture out of my archives - damn extended maintenance!

Like many raiders I stopped throwing myself into the Dungeon Finder to complete my Random Northrend Heroic several months ago. If it wasn’t the day that I realised that I didn’t need Emblems of Frost anymore it was the day after. Probably that same day.

I have a new reason to re-queue the daily heroic using the Dungeon Finder now (but that’s the topic for another post). And two of my friends have just returned to the game and are now playing brand new level 80 characters: a Mage and a Hunter. Queuing up together seems like a good idea.

But this doesn’t even feel like the same Dungeon Finder that I remember. Is it settling down? Is this what it’s going to be like forever after?

The first thing that I’ve noticed is that I never have to wait out the Average Wait Time. I almost always get an invitation in about half the expected time when I queue on my own as Damage. If I’m with the brand new Mage and Hunter as the third Damage dealer we need to wait a bit longer.

Unfortunately that first invitation is almost always a bust. Someone will decline and I’ve started to have serious doubts about the statement “You have been returned to the front of the queue.” I know that the Dungeon Finder must be able to match up parties within seconds. I’m not sure what the average groups-per-minute rate is but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear someone say that the Dungeon Finder, per Battlegroup, matches up 20 groups per minute. Maybe it’s more. Maybe it’s less.

But I don’t understand how going to the front of the queue can turn into an extra 5 minute wait either. That’s not the front of the queue. That’s the front of the queue with didn’t-you-read-the-small-print?-conditions. I think that means that they wait for the next possible group that doesn’t already have a Priest, the next group where the Tank has a purple shirt on, the next group where at least one member has the Jenkins title switched on and… god knows what else.

The biggest improvement that I’ve noticed is that, by and large, the groups are made up of only people who genuinely need Emblems and even – omg – drops from the instance itself. These are people who are just starting out, although probably not playing their first character, and trying to gear up. People who are struggling to generate enough threat, struggling to put out the DPS and struggling to keep green bars full. This is who the Dungeon Finder was made for!

One of the other things that I’ve noticed, or am sensitive to, is that GearScore seems to be everywhere. Most of the time nobody is crass enough to come right out and talk about GearScores but occasionally a comment is made and you realise that pretty much everyone is running the thing. It’s been so long since I’ve had occasion to PuG lately that I’ve managed to avoid the entire phenomenon. I’m not sure what numbers mean what – what is good and what is average and what is bad.

Of course, these days, every boss that can be skipped will be skipped. Months ago I was disappointed to find that Halls of Stone had become a 2 boss run. That trend has well and truly crossed into other dungeons. I was excited to get Utgarde Pinnacle yesterday – I get excited when it’s anything other than Halls of Stone – and was immediately informed by the Dungeon Guide that “we’re skipping beasts”. I didn’t complain – the beast event thingy is really only one of the four bosses in Utgarde Pinnacle. To my dismay however the tank ran right past the first boss while she launched into her monologue. Obviously this is standard operating procedure now. Nobody bothered to announce we were skipping her, too. Perhaps I should feel grateful that we stopped to kill Skadi instead of intentionally bugging/resetting him and running right through. Or perhaps Blizzard just fixed that part.

The second boss in Azjol-Nerub, the spider guy, is always skipped. And he’s not really meant to be optional – groups just bug him out and run past as he’s resetting. Don’t get me started on Old Kingdom: The Instance In Which All Bosses Will Be Avoided. Well that’s not completely true. It’s pretty hard to skip Prince Taldaram. Which is kind of amusing because we have to go kill him all the time in Icecrown Citadel, too.

I found myself in Oculus today. There’s something about Oculus that just brings out the worst in people, I think. The Dungeon Guide (which turned out to be the healer) immediately opened party chat with:

[Dungeon Guide] I was just thinking “please be Oculus”
[Dungeon Guide] 6 emblems in here

Finally, a run with people who like to do proper, full clears! Unfortunately the Dungeon Guide turned out to be an annoying jerk. A few seconds later they just had to throw in:

[Dungeon Guide] DK tanks are the worse

Our tank was a Death Knight of course – appropriately geared and skilled for the instance. By which I mean he didn’t have awesome gear or health or threat. I still didn’t think telling him he sucked just for playing a Death Knight tank was really the right thing to say. But I let it pass.

Our intrepid Dungeon Guide was also of the “go go go” mentality that has also become prevalent in Dungeon Finder groups of late. This hasn’t really started to bug me as much as I know it has other bloggers. I find it kind of silly. I mean, you’re in the middle of your play time and you’re trying to get it over with as fast as possible. Frankly I don’t care if a dungeon takes 5 minutes or 40 minutes as long as I enjoy it.

Pushing the group too quickly through Oculus was causing us quite a few problems. There always seemed be at least one drake latched onto us as we dismounted on each platform. On one memorable occasion only the healer/Dungeon Guide and myself were dismounted, right on the edge of the platform, while the rest of the party were clearing additional drakes behind us on their own drakes. The mobs on the platform pulled somehow (I’m not sure how – I didn’t see anything strange) and immediately swarmed over the healer. I pulled a quick Mind Sear > pull threat > Disperse > Bubble > PoM > Shadowform to save the healer’s life while we waited for the tank to come in and take over. We survived and I was pretty damned thrilled that nobody had died.

Unfortunately the healer/Dungeon Guide felt differently

[Dungeon Guide] l2p

I couldn’t leave it alone. First off, if this healer could actually see what had pulled the group or had caused the problem, good. But at least man up and call out the individual responsible and explain what they did wrong. Telling the entire group that they should “l2p” helps nobody. It’s the kind of thoughtless as-long-as-I-look-good crap that pisses me off.

[Cassandri] You do realise that by saying that you’re not helping anybody, right?

[Dungeon Guide] I never said I was here to help

Welcome to my ignore list, buddy! What a total dick. Why even play a social game at all? Go play some single player campaign or something where you won’t be inflicting your personality on anyone else.

[DPS 1] Hey when someone with 6k gear score tells you to be nice maybe you should pay attention

[DPS 1] They’re usually the worst

This is the point at which I realised that everyone is running GearScore. I didn’t reply because by then I had the Dungeon Guide on Ignore and I wasn’t 100% sure that the person with “6k gear score” was actually me and that I was still following the thread of the conversation. And wouldn’t that have been embarrassing if I had defended myself … only to find out they were talking about someone else altogether.

I did end up going to after the run to check my GearScore. And yes, that other DPSer was talking about me. Which is a shame because I’ve also come to realise that there’s a stereotype floating around that people with high gear scores are total assholes (worse than our Dungeon Guide even!). I wish I had replied in that Oculus run. I know exactly what I would have said:

[Cassandri] Then you haven’t met anyone in my guild. And I can pretty much guarantee they have higher gear scores than I do.

If only I had said it!

It does disturb me to think that perhaps a lot of the well geared players running around on the battlegroup are giving the rest of us a bad name. I think people are generally pretty decent, regardless of gear. But perhaps those “elitists” are only treating me nicely because I’m like them or something. And when I’m not around they go around treating everyone else like scum.

I like to believe that Chastity’s theory of the wanna-be hardcores (who act elitist and put others down to elevate their own status) are the rotten core ruining it for everyone else. Vixsin perception/argument for the Elite mirror my own thoughts and experiences too closely. So don’t judge someone based on their GearScore, please!

Because my Hunter and Mage friends are so poorly geared at the moment we’ve been getting all the easy dungeons like The Nexus, Utguarde Keep and Culling of Stratholme. And because they’re both playing DPS classes when the three of us get together I’ve been queuing as a Healer to try and speed up our acquisition of Emblems. I looked like a total idiot when I waltzed straight up through the Inn and along the road to Stratholme of the past. Yes, it turns out that you can just talk to Chromie and be ported right inside now. Oops. At least nobody actually died by the the time I got there.

I healed a Nexus run in which the Dungeon Guide – and tank in this case – despaired of our group’s gear:

[Dungeon Guide] Great. Only our healer has decent gear
[Dungeon Guide] This is going to take forever

Of course it didn’t take forever. 30 minutes perhaps. The tank’s own gear was frankly pretty decent in my opinion – not only was it over 22k but he was pretty damn easy to heal and took damage in pretty reasonable, and predictable chunks. I amused myself by trying to figure out how I had set up my Power Infusion macros. But the group won my praise when we approached the first boss.

[Tank] Let me pull right back
[Tank] Otherwise fear is going to be baaaaad

And, you wouldn’t believe it, but the third damage dealer in our group, a melee DPS of some flavor, kept trying to run out of the boss’s whirlwind. Of course he took damage but he was really trying not to.

[Cassandri] There’s nothing I like better than seeing people do encounters properly

[Tank] Why do you say that

[Cassandri] You planned for the fear in advance instead of just ignoring it
[Cassandri] Which is what most groups seem to do
[Cassandri] I like it

I really enjoyed that run.

And you know what I like the most about the Dungeon Finder these days? You can find groups and be teleported straight in to do holiday bosses like Lord Ahune! Now that’s what I call convenient. It also means that I’ll never have to worry about this ever again.

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  1. WillNo Gravatar says

    I was away from the game for about four months last year due to not having a computer. When I came back, it took me a while to figure out what this “GS” was that people kept talking about. Obviously it had come into vogue while I’d been away.

    I’ve gotten used to the mentioning of it since. I just ignore it. I have no clue what my “GearScore” is on either of my toons, and I have no inclination to find out. I’ll let my actual output speak for me, thanks.

    As for the Dungeon Finder, my positive experiences have certainly outweighed the negative, although, of course, there have been negative experiences. The “Gogogo” types who frustrate my Hunter by constantly pulling things out of my range or LoS. The same types who frustrate my DK tank by pressuring me to go at a pace that I don’t define; one that I might not be comfortable with, even if I can do it easily.

    For the longest time, my Hunter was my only toon, and when the new LFD went live, I silently endured the occasional jackasses that I’d get. I made my DK in January, and when I tank on him, it’s nice to be able to set the pace. (The fact that I usually tank with healers who are friends of mine helps.)

    I like to do the complete Instance. It won’t kill me when I tank to take a few minutes to hit the optional bosses in there. I’m not a high-end Raider by any stretch. My Hunter has only recently been doing Normal ICC-10 after being out of the Raiding scene since before Ulduar. My DK, despite my Guildies’ not-so-subtle nudges to get me to try raid Tanking, is not a raider (yet, I suppose). However, my Hunter does not need Triumphs at all anymore (aside from the obvious downranking for gem purchases), and my DK is nearing that point. Even so, I do not employ that “Go quick, so I can get my Frosts quick” mentality that I have, unfortunately, been subjected to on both of my toons.

    When I see someone talk like that and treat other players (even those who are obviously fresh 80s) so condescendingly make me shake my head. Two Frosts are really that important? And if they are, why can’t you get four other people in your oh-so-obviously-elite Guild to run with you? I’m sure it’d be more fun for everyone involved.

    But then you have a run where people are friendly, they know what they’re doing, and even if it takes five minutes more than it would with “leet” players, it’s somehow infinitely more enjoyable.

    As a quick aside, this is my first comment here. In fact, it’s my first time visiting this site. Found this post via a Retweet by someone I follow. It’s a pleasure to meet you. :)
    .-= Will’s last blog: WJRez: @valkyrierisen Ha ha. You’d have to go to her page and scroll down a bit. She linked to a picture earlier today, and all I can say is O.o =-.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Thank you for reading :) It’s funny how missing just one patch cycle has become almost like missing an entire raid zone/game expansion. The two friends who are just returning sometimes remind me that my strongest memories of this game are things that have completely passed them by “which one is ToC?” “what’s Ulduar again? I think I did that one”.

      Fortunately this time around I’m absolutely in it for the Emblems of Triumph, not just the Emblems of Frost. And when I’m not in a dungeon I’m doing something totally boring like collecting Blood of Heroes or running Dire Maul. So perhaps I have the luxury of entering a dungeon and getting excited, because really, it’s a lot more fun than what I’ll be doing when it’s over!

      • WillNo Gravatar says

        Oh yes; I know just what you mean about the changes. Doubly so when the Guild you were in for a year and a half dissolves while you’re away and you can’t get a straight answer from the people you keep in contact with as far as why… >.>

        I did join a second Guild shortly after I returned, but in the long run it didn’t pan out. It didn’t disband, but it’s slowed way down, with no real interaction, etc. I’ve found another, though, and it looks like the third time will prove to be the charm. Friendly, engaging, with everyone having a hearty sense of humor and a preference for full Guild runs of even five-mans. (Which we all love running.) And even though our Raiding can only be defined as “casual”; Normal ICC-10 two nights a week, up to Rotface so far with our first Festergut kill last Sunday, everyone takes the time to learn what they’re doing. Even though I’ve completely missed Ulduar and TotC, I’m having a blast with them.

        I do get to talk to some of them about what (admittedly little) I did back in BC, though. Karazhan, Zul’Aman, the days when we Hunters needed to know how to chain trap…

        Thanks for putting up with my ramblings. I may have to make a habit of checking in here from time to time. ;)
        .-= Will’s last blog: WJRez: @valkyrierisen Ha ha. You’d have to go to her page and scroll down a bit. She linked to a picture earlier today, and all I can say is O.o =-.

  2. Glad to hear you actually had fun times. But perhaps… screenshots or it didn’t happen.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      But… how can you screencapture emotion? I guess I could capture all the times someone doesn’t get my jokes. Unfortunately that’s a frequent occurrence.

      I told one player that I ought to join his guild – it was The Shadow Alliance. And he was very confused “Why? This is just a guild bank alt.” I’m a Human Shadow Priest. Too simple? Or just… not funny?

      • AndyNo Gravatar says

        You could try what I plan on doing when things get … interesting, in LFD: video it :D
        .-= Andy’s last blog: Heroic Difficulty =-.

      • You can screenshot this response: “I don’t get it.” Oh. Oh now I see what you did there.

        On a more serious note, I wonder if emblems are more soulless than loot. Do we treat a 10% drop differently than an item which needs 10 runs to get enough emblems?

      • CassandriNo Gravatar says

        I think 10% loot drop is like gambling – we get excited in the lead up just because there’s a chance we might win! Emblems are a straight up return for time invested. What’s there to get excited about?

  3. WindsoarNo Gravatar says

    Huzzah for decent groups! I’ve noticed the same phenomenon on my (not that geared) restoration shaman. Apparently running 25-man raids automatically tiers you into the “elitist jerk” category even if you’re just a nice, bumbling player who likes to raid.

    I have to say, the addition of the seasonal boss was absolutely awesome, and one of my best groups this week to boot. I have a somewhat snarly relationship with the dungeon finder over all, but I have to say, on the whole, I’ve really enjoyed it while leveling (who knew SM could be a challenge again?) and frankly, for just insta-porting me and a group of friends directly to the next dungeon ^^
    .-= Windsoar’s last blog: A DK Perspective =-.

  4. AppleNo Gravatar says

    Man, I have such disdain for GS, to be perfectly honest. It had really started to be this big thing when I hit 80, and I’m always seeing people talk about it… but I don’t have the GearScore addon, I don’t go to any gear score calculating sites… Honestly, I could care less! I mean, geez, who cares as long as we’re having fun, right? I don’t have anything against people who use it to have some idea how things are going to go based on how geared their group is, because that’s cool, whatever. It’s the people who go “OMG YOUR GEAR SCORE SUCKS SO I WILL TREAT YOU LIKE SHIT!” that piss me off. *sigh*

    As for wait times… well, I’m jealous of your Battlegroup, ’cause when I queue as DPS, I always seem to have to wait upwards of half an hour. :<
    .-= Apple's last blog: To Troll or Not To Troll? (or, what I did last night) =-.

  5. XeppeNo Gravatar says

    I hate the LFG tool on Xep — or rather I hate that it matches me with nasty people who have no manners and apparently not enough time to do a complete dungeon. I have my 405 frosties now for my Shadow set, so I don’t need to do H dailies any more – YAY.

    Weirdly enough, I love the tool on Keppe-the-baby-Shaman. The leveling players seem much friendlier and just HAPPIER. They are obviously enjoying the dungeons and the group. People have pseudo role-play greetings clearly set on macros. People say ‘great heals, ‘good tanking’ and ‘well done guys’ with some regularity. ‘How about another one?’ is asked almost every time. Now most of these much nicer folk that Keppe is doing Ramps and Blood Furnace and Slave Pens with every night, have at least 2 BOA pieces. And logic says that a good proportion of them must have mains doing H runs. And so must be the same players.
    Um, is it that we are all so thoroughly sick of the 80 dungeons that we turn into grumpy-pants lets-just-get-it-over-with asshats?
    .-= Xeppe’s last blog: Being Raid Prepared =-.

  6. VokNo Gravatar says

    .-= Vok’s last blog: The Art of Dan Scott =-.

  7. TamNo Gravatar says

    My LFG runs these days are soul-less and dull – but I’d rather that than horrendously annoying. I’ve actually got the stage that I think I prefer when people don’t talk, since anybody opening their mouth unncessarily is clearly an arsehole (this includes me, the sentence I mean, not the arsehole).

  8. RedbeardNo Gravatar says

    I loved this post, Cassandri. I was thinking about it this morning when I was watching a spat between the Healer and Tank in Utgarde Keep. (The Healer, a new 80, had run out of mana and the Tank and I had bit it.) After a minute or so of watching the fighting, I got a whisper from the Tank telling me to kick this guy “because otherwise we’re going to wipe on this place”. I thought why in hell is this guy asking me to initiate the kicking, but then it occurred to me: my GearScore was the highest of the bunch by quite a bit.

    I ignored the request, and the run proceeded without incident.

    I do have to dispute some of your recent findings on your server, however:

    I almost always get an invitation in about half the expected time when I queue on my own as Damage.

    In my experience, that’s just sheer luck, Cassi. The past few days, I’ve been having to wait past the expected time before I get in, whether it’s on my Horde Pally (DPS) or my new Alliance Pally (Healer). Yes, I’ve had to wait a while even queued as a Healer.


    Unfortunately that first invitation is almost always a bust. Someone will decline and I’ve started to have serious doubts about the statement “You have been returned to the front of the queue.”

    I used to wonder about that too. The declines, I’ve gotten used to. The “front of the queue”, I wonder about. Supposedly there are boatloads of Pallys out there, but in my experience it’s a rare occasion if I see one in a LFD group.

    The biggest improvement that I’ve noticed is that, by and large, the groups are made up of only people who genuinely need Emblems and even – omg – drops from the instance itself.

    You can tell who these people are, not from the GS, but how they want to do all of the bosses in an instance.

    Of course, these days, every boss that can be skipped will be skipped. Months ago I was disappointed to find that Halls of Stone had become a 2 boss run.

    Yes, unless you get a tank that’s actually courteous and asks, you have to assume that people are in the run for their Frosties and just want to turn everything into A-N. I can’t say I came across a group that tried to go past the second boss in A-N, and times like that I’d like to see the second boss follow the group into Anub’Arak. Imagine the hilarity in fighting two bosses at once!

    Have you run into anyone who has successfully bypassed Taladram? I was ported into an Old Kingdom run where some people tried with not so great results.

    Oh, and this phenomenon is in the low level dungeons too. Ragefire Chasm and Stormwind Stockades are two low level dungeons I’ve been in recently where people go straight for the end boss and skip all the others.

    ::snip Oculus adventure::

    I despise GS, although I’d probably hate it even more if I raided. So many people use GS as the barrier you have to cross to get into raids that skill is shoved somewhere into the background. Never mind that I can control aggro, I have the rotation down, and I know what to do and when to do it, the question is simply “What’s your GS?”

    And even though you may shake your head at the one DPS for saying that the really high GS people are the worst (the wannabees, perhaps), in my experience that DPS is right. Until my GS climbed up to around 4400 or so, I’d catch harassment from some of the really high GS people in PUGs. I’ve also seen high GS people not bother to control aggro against a low GS tank, and effectively drive the tank out of the PUG.

    Shameful behavior, really.
    .-= Redbeard’s last blog: Where the greener is grass =-.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      I disagree, I think so many player who really want as many Emblems as possible don’t speak up because they assume everyone else is just there for their 2 Emblems of Frost.

      When I’m with my friends, who I know need Emblems of Triumph, I’ll always ask if people want to do *insert optional boss* as we’re clearing the instance. You’d be surprised how often people say “yes please! as long as it’s not too much trouble”.

      “I’d catch harassment from some of the really high GS people in PUGs”

      That’s awful. I want to believe that those people are the Wannabe-Elites but, really, who knows. I sometimes wonder if people with great gear get annoyed by people with terrible gear because getting good gear doesn’t seem difficult or exclusive anymore. Is it an extension of the if-I-can-do-it-can’t-be-that-hard thought process?

      • RedbeardNo Gravatar says

        I sometimes wonder if people with great gear get annoyed by people with terrible gear because getting good gear doesn’t seem difficult or exclusive anymore. Is it an extension of the if-I-can-do-it-can’t-be-that-hard thought process?

        Honestly, Cassi, I don’t know. I suspect that some of it is ego massaging, the ‘l2p noob’ mentality showing up when people are trying to l2p by grinding for the gear they need. Back when I was in high school, there were always a few people hanging around in gym class after they got done with their laps around the track, harassing the others who weren’t finished yet. It’s the same mentality.
        .-= Redbeard’s last blog: Where the greener is grass =-.

  9. AggrazelNo Gravatar says

    Yeah, Gearscore is annoying. But you know what I find more annoying than gearscore in random pugs? Recount.

    Its almost inevitable when I play my tank that I will random into an encounter and some guy has to spam his recount and all the DPS get into some lame “DPS race” to see whose epeen is bigger. Consequently, they will end up pulling aggro on themselves and then yell at me telling me I’m a crap tank since I couldn’t keep aggro off them, even when I remind them that they need to give me a few seconds to get firm aggro before opening up.

    Its ridiculous. We play this game to have FUN. Honestly, as far as gear goes I have more fun in dungeons with undergeared people, being careful on pulls and using good technique. I understand recount is a pretty cool tool for learning how to use your DPS rotation and practicing various techniques, but don’t spam it in my pug looking for a pat on the back because you just blew over 1k on a trash pull.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      I am often out-DPSed by tanks in Heroics. It’s my shameful secret. And now you all know it /cry

      • RedbeardNo Gravatar says

        Nah, that’s not a big surprise. The tank gets there first, is able to get some good hits in while you wait for him/her to get a good lock on aggro, and by the time you get a couple of good hits in the trash is gone. Bosses are where DPS can really shine in a heroic 5-man. There have been times when I’ve just gotten to the trash and am on my first Judgment and the trash drops. Not much you can do there.
        .-= Redbeard’s last blog: Where the greener is grass =-.

  10. RifterNo Gravatar says

    I guess I am on the other side of the coin, I love gear score. Of course, my level 80s are a tank, and 2 healers. GS lets me know who to watch more than others. If I am healing, and my tank has a low GS, and I have a DPS with a high GS, I am almost guaranteed to have to drop some heals on the DPS when they pull aggro. If I am tanking, and see a low GS, I will keep my eye on them to make sure that they are not going to do something that hurts the run (like pull aggro from me with a taunt). Low GS usually means a new player, or an alt. There are few with low GS that play that have played that character as much as someone with a very high GS.

    I love playing healer/Tank, since it helps me set the pace. When tanking, I run a little slower than the gogogo crowd like, but we all survive. I guess in my book, one wipe makes the whole trip take longer than going a bit more methodically, through it all.

    I love getting a run with a few high GS people and 1 or 2 low ones. That means the gear that we would disenchant may go to a good cause for a change. That means the run is truly helping someone. One of the reasons i like having a high GS, is that I can pull a low GS player through a dungeon. I was in a group once, where we pulled someone with the BARE MINIMUM GS through Forge of Souls and Pit of Sauron. He was rolling in loot, it was awesome. That is what gear is about. Being able to play the game easier. Honestly, I just go in for frost, myself.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      I am disturbed Rifter. Are you saying that the WoW community are forgetting the first rule of grouping? DPS are responsible for managing their own threat!

      Also, a Mage in shitty gear can accidentally pull threat long before me, a Shadow Priest, gets close. GS can’t help you there.

      I do agree, there’s nothing better than seeing people actually upgrade their gear during a run.

      • RifterNo Gravatar says

        As I said, it is all about getting an early gauge on people. Then you refine your theories through observation. :-)

        As for DPS… as my main is a tank, and I have a Pally Tank that hit 70… Yes, I am saying that DPS forget to manage threat, and assume the tank is bad, if they pull aggro. *sigh*

        Of course, there are a lot of tanks that go that direction for fast runs… and are clueless…

  11. Overall, I am not a fan of the LFD system. Unfortunately, I need the frost emblems, so I am doomed to keep running them for another 150 or so of them.

    Why do I dislike it?
    - About 1 run in 3 will have a major jerk in it. usually the tank so a kick isn’t viable
    - I’ve run these same dungeons too many times. they’re now VERY boring
    - Since I way over gear most them, and am bored, I get into bad habits.
    - 20 minute wait, minimum

    I do enjoy running them with guildies, especially for gearing up new alts, but the pain/enjoyment ratio of them still is lousy.

    I’m still trying to learn to tank, but I don’t have thick enough skin to do it much, (and my tank gear is not sufficient for FoS, PoS or HoR, yet my DPS “internal gear score” will still get me plunked in there occasionally as tank)

    I don’t love gearscore, but it has its uses. I know to ease up in LFG if the tank has a low GS (3,200 – 3,500 is usual for a fresh 80) and if the tank has 5k or higher, I know I can pop wings and go balls out. (barring the occasional failtank) Same with a low GS healer. If I see a low GS healer, I will be MUCH more careful, and will occasionally swap flash of light into my rotation in place of Exorcism to keep myself healed.

    (no, I don’t inspect anyyone in LFG – I often don’t have time to buff, set focus and re-mana before the run starts. inspecting just isn’t fasible.)

    As for skipping bosses… if we do, I don’t care, though I prefer to be asked. (since I don’t really enjoy heroics, faster is usually a good thing, IMHO) I have 150+ unspent triumph badges, so more are of no use to me. BUT, I have seen more fresh 80s that COULD use them, so I am more than happy to do a full clear.
    .-= SlikRX/Balthazario’s last blog: Hit Me With Your Best Shot – I have No Choice =-.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      You’re not the first to say that you modify your play based on the GearScore of the others in your party.

      This is admirable, yes, but it also worries me somewhat. I play a Shadow Priest, and even though I have a high GS, my threat generation ramps up slowly. It doesn’t matter *how* poorly geared a tank is, they shouldn’t worry about pulling threat off me in the first few seconds, and if there is a problem, I’ll see it myself after the first pack and play with more care.

      You don’t need GS to do that. GS may not differentiate between a tank with excellent threat generation and a tank with poor threat generation (who, perhaps, is still figuring out the best “rotation” for different situations).

      Similarly as a healer scoping out the health of the tank and then just seeing how spiky their damage taken is for the first few minutes is probably also more telling.

      I guess I’m just a bit old fashioned in my approach :)

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