HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

The 52 Raid Bosses of Wrath

The end bosses of the four major Wrath of the Lich King raid zones

From Naxxramas to Icecrown Citadel

Things are getting quiet in the World of Warcraft. Guild chat is quieter, forum conversations are rarer. Bloggers, Lathere and I included, are posting less frequently.

This is the perfect time, at the end of one expansion, to reflect upon that expansion and perhaps even start thinking about the next. One of the questions I found myself considering was:

If you had a fresh group of level 80s ready to raid now, what path of progression would you take them on in order to clear every single Wrath of the Lich King boss?

Someone new to raiding in World of Warcraft might assume that the answer is straightforward: clear all the Tier 7 bosses, then clear all the Tier 8 bosses and so forth. But how many guilds remained in Ulduar when Trial of the Crusader was released trying to finish off those last few bosses? They couldn’t know that the new bosses would be easier.

So this is my list. The easiest to the most difficult bosses to kill.

I’m not comparing purely the encounter difficulty because I’m not disregarding gear requirements. I would consider that a super easy boss to kill in Icecrown Citadel is more difficult than completing a more complicated fight in Naxxramas because you need good enough gear to make it easy.

I am ignoring instance sequence: imagine that all the bosses are accessible just by zoning in. I’m also ignoring hard mode options just to try and keep the list short. Maybe that’s a list for another day.

Coloured by loot rewards so you can see which bosses are significantly easier/harder than their contemporaries:

  • Tier 7 (Naxxramas and equivalent): Poison slime green
  • Tier 8 (Ulduar and equivalent): Titan gold
  • Tier 9 (Trial of the Crusader and equivalent): This place has never been cleaned orange-brown
  • Tier 10 (Icecrown Citadel and equivalent): Frosty blue

The 52 Bosses of Wrath of the Lich King

Starting with the easiest…

1 Noth the Plaguebringer Naxxramas Plague Quarter

Want to make life more interesting for DPS? Give us multiple targets and make us think about what we should be attacking. Noth just disappears when it’s time to switch targets. No thinking required.

2 Grand Widow Faerlina Naxxramas Arachnid Quarter

You know something has gone wrong when it’s easier to ignore the fight strategy and zerg the boss with some good healers and a couple of Cleansing Totems. Free achievements for all!

3 Archavon the Stone Watcher Vault of Archavon

Assuming your entire raid doesn’t stand in his dirt cloud Archavon is super easy to defeat. And you’re not even expected to have decent PVE gear when you kill him either.

4 Anub’Rekhan Naxxramas Arachnid Quarter

The Spider wing is usually the first one approached by new guilds and PuGs but Anub’Rekhan requires more knowledge and planning to defeat than the bosses above.

5 Maexxna Naxxramas Arachnid Quarter

The last boss in the Spider wing had only one difficult bit: that 5 second gap when all the healers are wrapped up tight and can’t heal, while the tank took a beating during the final enrage. Turns out that tanks make good sacrifices.

6 Lotheb Naxxramas Plague Quarter

The last boss in the Plague wing was defeated by two players on 25 man mode not long after Wrath of the Lich King was released. This fight was all about when to heal and when to wait. Oh yeah. And stealing spores!

7 Sartharion Obsidian Sanctum

Remember, I’m not factoring in hard modes in this list. Sartharion + 0 Drakes was really, really, really easy. Especially on 25 man setting.

8 Gluth Naxxramas Construct Quarter

My least favourite boss of all time. Listening to Hunters argue about how they shouldn’t be expected to kite gets old really fast.

9 Patchwerk Naxxramas Construct Quarter

Surprised that I didn’t put Patchwerk up as the #1 easiest boss? That’s because I healed this wearing blues on a Restoration Shaman before they doubled the Mp5 quota on gear. It was hard.

10 Heigan the Unclean Naxxramas Plague Quarter

The safety dance man himself! Easy once you have the timing down and practice, difficult for first timers.

11 Flame Leviathan Ulduar

I know that vehicles scale with gear but I’m pretty sure driving in the near vicinity of Flame Leviathan is enough to kill him. Facerolled by PuGs every week since the day Ulduar was released. I think this boss/golf caddy deserves to be considered easier than Instructor Raz (a raid weekly that PuGs sometimes fail).

12 Grobbulous Naxxramas Construct Quarter

I really like the flower shapes you can make when you drop Mutating Injection in just the right spot. Like a daisy chain. Very pretty.

13 Instructor Razuvious Naxxramas Military Quarter

If I had compiled this list before the advent of the Raid Weekly Quest I would have placed Instructor Razuvious higher up the list as a much easier fight. Unfortunately PuGs really mangle this encounter which makes me think it’s difficult without experience.

14 Gothik the Harvester Naxxramas Military Quarter

One of my personal pet peeves: bosses that are un-attackable for 15 or more seconds. Just enough time for me to start up my DPS rotation; just enough time for all my DoTs and stacks of Shadow Weaving to expire. I did enjoy watching the Warlocks drain all Gothik’s mana while he stood there on his balcony and did nothing. Very amusing.

15 Thaddius Naxxramas Construct Quarter

Did you earn the achievement Shocking!? Yeah, me neither. Friendly fire FTL.

16 Sapphiron Naxxramas Frost Wing

Cool – a dragon!

17 The Four Horsemen Naxxramas Military Quarter

A complicated scenario requiring a hell of a lot of raid coordination to defeat it. I loved this fight, even when I was confused. One of the best in the entire expansion, if anything in New Naxxramas (flown in from EPL) can qualify for that title.

18 Kel’Thuzad Naxxramas Frost Wing

As the last boss in Naxxramas, Kel’Thuzad was actually suitably difficult compared to the bosses that came before. Shame that the fight was drawn out so long by a totally pointless adds phase at the start.

19 Malygos The Eye of Eternity

I think the idea was that raiders would be well versed in dragon riding by completing Aces High! every day. Shame, I really love this fight even though it’s impossible to find groups for it. Double stacks of a damage buff? Oh yes please!

20 Kologarn Ulduar

I feel like a fraud putting this boss in so early: I still don’t really understand what happens when you kill each of his arms and when you’re meant to do it. Stay out of his eye beam lasers and win without trying.

21 Razorscale Ulduar

Not much to say about Razorscale except it’s a fairly enjoyable fight – typical fare in Ulduar. Kill some adds, stay out of fire and kill the giant dragon when he lands.

22 The Assembly of Iron Ulduar

Kill the biggest dude and then kill the next biggest dude and then kill the little dude. Obviously the biggest dude in the room is the greatest threat right? Cliched perhaps, but in this case it’s definitely true.

23 XT-002 Deconstructor Ulduar

Before he was a vanity pet, XT-002 was a robot that behaved like a spoiled little boy. This fight was pretty fun – unless you were responsible for running around the room taking out bomb bots. Make sure you check out his remix.

24 Ignis the Furnace Master Ulduar

I think Ignis was intended to be quite a challenge: with tanks assigned to kite adds from flame into water and then a damage dealer chiming in at just the right moment to kill them. However in my guild, and in most PuGs, he felt a lot more like a tank’n’spank with an avoidable spell interrupt. /yawn.

25 Koralon the Flame Watcher Vault of Archavon

Don’t stand in fire. That is all. Oh yeah, don’t take too long either – you could argue this guy is a bit of a DPS check. That said he was created for people wearing PVP gear so I wouldn’t get too concerned. I’d like to say that Koralon is the easiest Tier 9 boss, but he’s up against a real face-roll contender.

26 Emalon the Storm Watcher Vault of Archavon

Remember how I said target switching was difficult for DPS? Now add in a time limit, DPS quota and the possibility of switching to the complete wrong add and you’ll see some raid wipes. I’ve seen PuGs kill Koralon for Tier 9 drops and then wipe on Emalon for Tier 8 gear.

27 Auriaya Ulduar

Crazy, crazy cat lady indeed.

28 Thorim Ulduar

The easiest of the four Keepers in Ulduar – the goal being to beat the crap out of each Keeper to turn them into your friend. All four Keepers (Thorim, Hodir, Freya and Mimiron) are a step up in difficulty from the bosses that precede them in Ulduar. And being part of the Thorim gauntlet team was hell fun.

29 Hodir Ulduar

A friend tried to explain the fight to me from their experience on the PTR “these giant ice storms come in and you have to get the fuck out of the way, because they moment the ice drops and forms a snow pile you have run on top of it. If you stand under the ice, you die. If you are too far away to reach a snow pile, you die. If you don’t get on the snow pile, you die.” Hodir lets DPS really enjoy themselves – bring me that Storm Cloud and no, I’m not leaving this Toasty Fire.

30 Freya Ulduar

I don’t really remember much about Freya. Only that there was at least one or two accidental pulls while a raid member herbed the hell out of her little garden zone instead of helping the rest of the raid.

31 General Vezax Ulduar

You don’t know how much you take mana regeneration for granted until it is taken away from you. This fight also featured the first evil green and black pools of death that really were beneficial to stand in. Just don’t stand in them too long.

32 Lord Jaraxxus Trial of the Crusader

Spread out and enjoy the soundtrack. Easiest boss in Trial of the Crusader for sure. Let the death of Wilfred Fizzlebang be a lesson to all Gnome Warlocks: do as you’re told.

33 Onyxia Onyxia’s Lair

It’s possible to wipe on Onyxia. As long as someone is tanking the whelps and you have a couple Tremor Totems I think you’ll be fine. AoE it up!

34 Northrend Beasts Trial of the Crusader

A 3 in 1 combination meat deal. Poison is bad. Fire is bad. But Poison + Fire is good?

35 Twin Val’kyr Trial of the Crusader

What can I say about the Twins? Hmmm a fight where individual raid members need to watch their own debuffs and react accordingly. The people who die during Twin Val’kyr are probably the same people who stopped you from earning Shocking! when you fought Thaddius.

36 Faction Champions Trial of the Crusader

The fake PVP encounter. It might be fake, but I think it still exposes those members of your raid group who wouldn’t last 5 minutes in an actual battleground too. No, you can’t tank the Rogue.

37 Anub’arak Trial of the Crusader

Yep, the last boss in Trial of the Crusader was easier to deal with than a couple of Ulduar bosses (below). The burrow phase was kind of scary and exhilarating as those spikes chased you down faster and faster: shink shink shink shi- sh- dead.

38 Mimiron Ulduar

A complicated fight. Lots of fire, rockets and stuff-to-avoid. Mimiron is actually a tiny, crazy little gnome dude. With a small stature inferiority complex. So to “kill” Mimiron you actually have to kill the giant robot body that he has built for himself. First you kill all the pieces, then you kill them all again, at the exact same time. Props to Blizzard for giving us casters another opportunity to range tank!

39 Gunship Battle Icecrown Citadel The Lower Spire

You know a fight is pretty easy when PuGs on your server swap to heroic mode just for this one fight. And it’s still pretty easy.

40 Yogg-Saron Ulduar

The final boss in Ulduar. And man, he was a tough one. I think Kae’s illustrated guide at Dreambound sums it up quite well. A lot of guilds couldn’t quite finish this guy off before Trial of the Crusader was released.

41 Lord Morrowgar Icecrown Citadel The Lower Spire

Turn off your sound for this one, Morrowgar’s jokes are terrible. There’s lots and lots of blue fire to avoid in this fight. Which would be impressive if not for one thing: you can just stand right inside Morrowgar’s hit box and ignore it completely. The trash to Morrowgar is harder to kill than Morrowgar himself.

42 Festergut Icecrown Citadel Plagueworks

Festergut is responsible for the most boring strategy videos released in Wrath of the Lich King. Just combine Patchwerk with Loaethb’s spores and you get a DPS race requiring a small amount of healing skill.

43 Toravon the Ice Watcher Vault of Archavon

A fight that favours melee. As long as you have some casters willing to dedicate their time in service to killing Frozen Orbs you’ll win. If you wipe, those same casters will be blamed. This was actually quite hard when Toravon was first introduced to VoA. But we all know what happens to bosses when they get too hard, don’t we? They get nerfed.

44 Lady Deathwhisper Icecrown Citadel The Lower Spire

Definitely more bark than bite (she does talk a lot). Her friends are much more difficult to get rid of and at any given time damage dealers can only kill half the adds running around: only casters can kill Fanatics and only melee/hunters can kill Adherents.

45 Deathbringer Saurfang Icecrown Citadel The Lower Spire

Saurfang has to be the most misleading fight in Icecrown Citadel: new players would be forgiven for thinking that it’s a fight set to test their healers’ ability, more experienced players would call it a DPS race and the truth is it’s actually both of those things combined with some well coordinated Blood Beast control/killing.

46 Rotface Icecrown Citadel The Plagueworks

Yet another boss that favours melee. Now us casters just pretend that we are melee. In Cataclysm I expect to see my mana bar start out empty and fill with combo points/rage as I DPS. It will always be blue though. It’s the colour of the resource system that counts, don’t you know?

47 Valithria Dreamwalker Icecrown Citadel The Frostwing Halls

Dreamwalker was billed as The Healing Boss of Icecrown Citadel: the boss that’s meant to make healing more fun! It’s true, that first night we all ran around in circles while the healers debated who should take the portals and whether Unending Breath was superior to Crusader Aura and basically called the shots. Now we just force all our Paladins to switch to Holy, all our hybrid casters to dump their mana bar with offspec heals, and zerg it. I still run around in circles doing nothing convinced that – just as long as our Holy Paladins don’t lose their “stacks” – we’d still succeed.

48 Blood Prince Council Icecrown Citadel The Crimson Hall

If you play with Deadly Boss Mods or a similar mod that tells you where to go using a big floating arrow be prepared to get confused. You’ll can be alternatively told to run away from a Shock Vortex and run towards an Conjured Flame orb – and you can bet that the orb is heading right into the vortex. But if you stand in a corner and /dance for several minutes (like I ususally do) nobody yells at you over Vent.

49 Blood Queen Lana’thel Icecrown Citadel The Crimson Hall

At one time in the distant past I thought Blood Queen was all about spreading the vampiric DPS love by biting fellow players. Now I know the real secret to success is learning where the other 24 players in your raid like to stand at any given moment of the fight. And the strategic use of Fear Ward and Every Man for Himself. Go go Human Priests!

50 Professor Putricide Icecrown Citadel The Plagueworks

This is a truly difficult fight and props to players who have defeated it: especially those who did so when you only had 10 attempts per week. Like a pendulum you’ll go from killing a slime on one side of the room to killing a red slime – “gas cloud” whatever – on the other side of the room. If you get a good spot you won’t even have to move til the very end.

51 Sindragosa Icecrown Citadel The Frostwing Halls

Sindragosa says it herself: “Suffer mortals, as your pathetic magic betrays you!”. Unchained Magic is quite likely the single boss ability in Icecrown that will have your healers threatening to rage quit. Healers secretly love the Lich King’s Defile simply because anything is better than getting Unchained Magic 3 to 5 times in a row.

52 The Lich King Icecrown Citadel Frozen Throne

The boss of the expansion and he lives up to his reputation. I believe he is the most difficult boss on the list. His signature moves: Defile, Harvest Soul, Remorseless Winter and Necrotic Plague are pretty horrifying. If you’re struggling to move beyond 11/12 ICC start praying that it’s the players with low latency that are targeted by Defile. Or simply replace all your DPS with Mages and Warlocks and hax your way to victory.


Would you rank them differently? Does your guild have old bosses that were never completed or killed when the new raid instance was released? Which bosses?

40 Responses to “The 52 Raid Bosses of Wrath”

  1. LarisaNo Gravatar says

    What a lovely list! It gives a fantastic overview over the raiding in Wrath. And with small, relevant comments as well. Really well done!

    The fact that you’re mixing in the gear aspect makes it a bit tricky. I would definitely like to put Malygos way higher on the list looking at the technical difficulty of the fight, while Gunship is just such a joke that it would be way lower ranked. But again: you’re taking gear as a factor…

    Hm. Wonder what the list would be like without the gear factor. I might try to do that list myself. But God, it’s hard to make the decisions!

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      I found that it was kind of easier to compare the fights when a new patch was released. For example, when comparing the ToC encounters to Ulduar I thought back to what my guild was like when we were still wearing Ulduar gear and asked the question “would a PuG group wearing this gear wipe more or less on x boss in ToC or y boss in Ulduar?”

      It gets much more difficult to compare encounters further apart than that. I know that Morrowgar/Gunship is easy, but would you still think that if you were wearing Ulduar gear? I’m not sure.

      Actually I can see the argument for Gunship being ranked even lower simply because the Cannons do so much of the damage. Perhaps your gear matters very little?

  2. On gunship gear seems to really only matter for quickly killing the sorcerer so you can get the cannons shooting again. The adds don’t come too quickly, and as long as you aren’t on the ship too long (kill the sorcerer fast!), the tank shouldn’t be hurt too much. For that though, I’d say that raid makeup > gear; very bursty classes are preferable compared to ones that need to wind up for their full damage.

  3. LuinielNo Gravatar says

    What about Algalon, the Raid Destroyer?

  4. JurikNo Gravatar says

    I would move Gunship waaayyyy up the list, it’s ludicrously easy even on 277 mode. You can’t even fall to your death with the rocket knockback on heroic.

    Also, Yogg is as tough as some of the ICC bosses, due to the amount of coordination required. A couple of people messing up on sanity / brain dps and you wipe…even today in 264/277 gear. He’s clearly harder than any of the first 4 ICC bosses and Valithria in my books.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      I see. I haven’t been back to Ulduar since the start of ToC but I would have thought the new gear would really make a difference. When we were first working on Yogg-Saron getting a bit behind in the DPS (and getting behind on the tentacles) gave us a lot of 10-20% wipes.

  5. AeuraNo Gravatar says

    Am I the only one who looked at the picture and imagined what fighting KT,yogg,anub, and LK would be like?
    Man. that would be a hell of a fight.

  6. ShivaNo Gravatar says

    Aww, I am kinda disappointed you didn’t put heroics in there.

    But, on that note… Really Gunship is that high? A lot of this is subjective, I know, but I am not sure how you could put the coordination (healer-wise, and most likely caster-dps wise) of Vezax below Gunship.

    In my opinion, if you’re going based on relativity of current gear at release, I would say Yogg-Saron (normal mode, let’s not even talk about Alone in the Dark: a fight that rivals M’uru and Lich King Heroic) should be considerably higher as well. Especially when you first roll in with 200/213 gear in most slot and a few lucky 226 gear. Lot’s of movement to avoid spawning new Faceless Ones and to replenish sanity.

    Also, I wonder if you take into account nerfs (or buffs, though there were only a few). I honestly can’t think of anything easier than Gunship especially with the current 15% and the future 30% buff.

    In my mind, the easiest fights are the ones that are mostly stand around, move a little.

    I’d say Patchwerks is the easiest. There is no kiting, no position, no challenge for tanks besides building threat and dpsers stand in one place for the entire fight. Even Anub’Rekhan involves tanks kiting and dpsers needing to swap targets (and obviously, there is actually raid healing for healers, Patchwerks has no raid healing).

    I am not sure where I would put Lootship, I’d say it’s definitely more complicated than Patchwerks, but I am not sure how I’d really assess it versus Sartharion or the lower-half of Naxxramas.

    In my list though, Lootship is definitely below Thaddius, Four Horseman, Malygos and Kel’Thuzad.

    I know I am babbling a bit here, but I suspect some of the listing also depends on strategy. For instance, with my guild we pile everyone up in melee range for Rotface sans 7 ranged dpsers who are spread out. The fight then becomes like Patchwerks for 18 and only slightly complicated for the other 7 (6 total movement checks).

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Like I said in the article, Patchwerk really wasn’t that easy – it was actually the fight that a lot of PuGs I was in fell apart over. Sure, there’s no raid healing, but one healer can slip up, or run out of mana (as was definitely my experience) and once you lost 1 of your 3 22k health tanks it was almost a guaranteed wipe. Even if you could keep the other 2 tanks up you’d probably lose most of your melee and most of your DPS immediately afterwards.

      Likewise, if you had a group of players wearing mostly 219 gear – say they just reach level 80 but had some great epics – I think you’d find a group could struggle equally on Gunship or Thaddius. We all forget that Gunship is easy now – and it IS really easy compared to everything else in ICC – but perhaps only because our tanks and healers understand how to organise themselves.

  7. XeppeNo Gravatar says

    Razuvious on 25 man (2 priests have to MC 2 assistants) used to rate up there with Ignis for me in pug groups. You had to get the pull exactly right between the tanks and the priests or it all went to poo very quickly — and often WOTLK-only tanks had limited exp of Priesty MC.

    Nowadays, everyone’s in T10 and no-one even suggests bothering to MC – they just zerg it.

    I also reckon the order of Faction Champs and Anub can be reversed if you get the wrong set of opposing NPCs – Anub is just a straightforward mechanic to learn but Faction Champs is constantly changing and for squishy heals like me that hadn’t previously touched Pyschic Scream since hitting 80 it was challenging.

    Nice list! Will there be more? Top 10 most difficult trash in WOTLK? 10 coolest quests on the way from 70-80?
    .-= Xeppe’s last blog: Misconceptions and Myths =-.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      I think I’ve just been in more PuGs that wipe on Anub’arak than on Faction Champions. But perhaps I’m in the minority. Faction Champions is actually a very easy fight as Shadow (my main spec) but often I was asked to help heal it (as Discipline) and as long as you don’t start dispelling immediately I was found it pretty easy and, for that matter, very fun.

      If I had CC duties, perhaps I would have rated it as harder.

      Instructor Razuvious 25 man definitely had a sharp learning curve for Priests (it took me at least 1 wipe before the penny dropped) but for everyone else in the raid it was easy-peesy. So I took that into account and ranked it a bit lower.

      As for more lists? I want to do a Hard modes list of difficulty, but I haven’t done them all :) I’ll leave future lists up to other people I think.

  8. protopethnterNo Gravatar says

    Awesome list. like most of the people here i wouldve probably swapped one or two but thats only because of personal experience with those fights.(patch being one because i used to solo heal that once in a while on 10 man in 10 man gear for fun but class differences changed the difficulty) then again i have fun playing around w/ infest AND unchained magic (i have way too much fun stacking it as high as i can w/o dying)

  9. TamNo Gravatar says

    This is fascinating – I don’t have much insight but what surprises me is that there isn’t more mix-up between the raids? I mean surely Mimi is more demanding a fight than, say, Lord Marrowgar – although, of course, you need to be better geared for the latter. Or am I just missing the point?

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Well I’m not disregarding gear in this list. So as far as I’m concerned trying Morrowgar wearing 213 Ulduar gear would be pretty awful. Going back to Mimiron with 264 gear would be much much easier. The learning curve for Mimiron is higher, but I think part of why we make out Morrowgar is easy is simply because I don’t know of any raid group that has attempted it until they are at the right gear level.

      The list was meant to map an ideal raid progression through the expansion for a new group of scrub 80s.

  10. ArybethNo Gravatar says

    Nice recap on raid bosses, although I seriously seriously have to disagree with Mimiron being easier than the loot boat.

    Funny story about Noth being the easiest boss ever: yesterday on a pug Naxx25 for Noth weekly, raid lead by people from Tabula Raza (Aerie Peak) suffered from the most spetacular raid wipe I ever seen since Festergut’s Vile Gas on melee. The DOT resulting from the non-dispelled curse wiped everyone but 3 people in less than 2 seconds. He *is* deadly, and requires specific classes to be beaten (just like Razuvious 25 used to require 2 shadow priests at very least) – nothing I could do there as a holy paladin.

    Worst part of this wipe?
    - Pretty much almost all of the pugs had absolutely no idea on what happened;
    - Stupid mage ‘leader’ of the raid just told me to STFU, he had already done it several times without any decursing and it was not needed.

    I hold no grudge for the pugs ignorance. But I’m most definitely annoyed by the idiot that wants to make a fight 1000 times harder because he doesn’t feel like clicking his decursive buttons. I wonder what he wanted? Get ranked in WoL for his Noth kill? LOL

  11. EmilyNo Gravatar says

    Nice recap on raid bosses, although I seriously seriously have to disagree with Mimiron being easier than the loot boat.

    Funny story about Noth being the easiest boss ever: yesterday on a pug Naxx25 for Noth weekly, raid lead by people from Tabula Raza (Aerie Peak) suffered from the most spetacular raid wipe I ever seen since Festergut’s Vile Gas on melee. The DOT resulting from the non-dispelled curse wiped everyone but 3 people in less than 2 seconds. He *is* deadly, and requires specific classes to be beaten (just like Razuvious 25 used to require 2 shadow priests at very least) – nothing I could do there as a holy paladin.

    Worst part of this wipe?
    - Pretty much almost all of the pugs had absolutely no idea on what happened;
    - Stupid mage ‘leader’ of the raid just told me to STFU, he had already done it several times without any decursing and it was not needed.

    I hold no grudge for the pugs ignorance. But I’m most definitely annoyed by the idiot that wants to make a fight 1000 times harder because he doesn’t feel like clicking his decursive buttons. I wonder what he wanted? Get ranked in WoL for his Noth kill? LOL

    • logtarNo Gravatar says

      Excellent post… btw I got pwned by something in the CSS I would assume, when you hit tab on the comment boxes it goes to your search box rather than the next entry field!

      Again, awesome post!
      .-= logtar’s last blog: I Hate Defile =-.

      • CassandriNo Gravatar says

        I don’t know why the tab does that. The search function is a widget and the comments section is purely standard code!

        Must sort it out…

  12. I actually speculate precisely why you labeled this blog, “The 52 Raid Bosses of Wrath”.

    In any case I loved the post!I appreciate it,Ollie's last post:

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