HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

Shadow Priest UI Revisited

Add ons

An Addon for everything!

I gave everything a bit of a shuffle a couple weeks ago, mostly because I needed more help watching my Focus (Lich King) target’s cast bar (Defile) and who is being targeted (Me, or someone else in the raid). I switched to Shadowed Unit Frames. But changing my unit frames led me into making other changes.

Because I don’t PVP much these days and very rarely heal so VuhDo isn’t nearly as prominent in this layout as it has been in the past. I’ve also switched back to the default Combat Text because I just like the positioning of the text over the targets so much for AoE.

I thought it might be worth consolidating everything into a single post.

The Interface – Out of Combat

User Interface Out of Combat

Out of combat, in raid

Out of combat, in raid, with add ons marked

Out of combat, in raid, with add ons marked

The Interface – In Combat

User Interface in combat

In combat, in raid

In combat, in raid, with add ons marked

In combat, in raid, with add ons marked

Add ons

Bloody Font | Combat Text
This tiny little mod will replace the default font for combat text with any TTF font file you want to use. I’m using Dafxter at the moment because the characters in the set are smaller than your average character font set and even double size critical hit numbers render quite well. Most fonts, including the default one, look jagged and pixelated on my screen.

Decursive | Raid/Unit Frames
Click to Dispel Magic and Cure Disease on any raid or party member. VuhDo can do this just as well, but I like this function to be separated out. My post about Decursive is here.

Dominos | Action Bars
Every spell bar or button, including my inventory and bags, are positioned and modified using Dominos. I like to leave a couple big button spaces free so I can move in fight specific spells eg Pyschic Scream for Lady Deathwhisper. My Shadowfiend pet bar appears in the gap right in the middle. My post about Dominos is here.

Deus Vox Encounters | Raid Boss Mod
A lot of people use Deadly Boss Mods for raid encounter timers and announcements. I switched to Deus Vox and stuck with it because it uses so many audio cues for the warnings. You can customize every single boss encounter and turn on only the warnings and bars that you need to know about. Deus Vox also comes with its own Proximity/Range finder (see above my mini map) and its own boss health bar (right of the mini map).

Elkano’s Buff Bars | Buff and Debuffs
I have a 4 column buff/debuff bar layout (you can see three of the four columns in these screen captures). From left to right:

  1. Special buffs (not displayed) – includes things like Heroism, Power Infusion and Storm Power (if you remember Hodir), basically anything that will change how I cast temporarily goes here. These are scaled up significantly and coloured green.
  2. Debuffs – in the screen capture you can see Chill of the Throne. I make sure my debuffs are very prominent and show both the icon and the name in text. They are coloured by the type of debuff (poison is green). They also work as timers which is really handy for watching important debuff countdowns like Blood Queen’s Essence of the Blood Queen and Sindragosa’s Instability stacks. I don’t know how I’d play with the default debuff icons! This is one of the most important parts of my interface.
  3. Self Buffs – the tiny little line of self buffs is my readycheck checklist. Should contain at any given time Shadowform, Inner Fire, Vampiric Embrace, Flask of the Frost Wrym and Well Fed. I rarely look at this list once I enter combat but any trinket or gear procs show up here.
  4. Buffs from others – occasionally I will scan this list to make sure I’m in range of a totem but otherwise I ignore it during combat.

Lathere’s post about Elkano’s Buff Bars is here.

ForteXorcist | DoT Monitor/Spell Timer
Another game changing mod. ForteXorcist tracks every single one of my active DoTs, across all mobs, during combat. Makes multi-dotting much easier and lets me track what mob has Devouring Plague even when I’m targeting something else. Unfortunately it doesn’t track DoTs on your Focus target. Or at least I can’t figure how to get ForteXorcist to track that. My post about ForteXorcist is here.

gChat | Chat Pane
A little add on that neatens up the Chat window considerably. All the buttons are hidden as is the input bar until you type “/” or hit Enter.

Omen | Threat Meter
The standard Threat Meter. Mine only shows up when I’m in combat.

Quartz | Cast Bar
Measures latency and displays it as part of the cast bar. An essential for any caster. My post about Quartz is here.

Recount | Damage Meter
The standard Damage Meter. I try not to look at it during combat.

SexyMap | Mini Map
Makes my mini map look good, hides all the buttons and things like the calendar and time until you hover your cursor over the map.

Shadow Green Light | Shadow Priest Mod
A mod that calculates whether it’s worth recasting Shadow Word: Pain based on how many debuffs are on your target and how many debuffs are available with your raid composition.

Shadowed Unit Frames | Raid/Unit Frames
Replaces the player, target and focus frames in my user interface. You can use Shadowed Unit Frames to draw frames for party members and raid members too, but I use VuhDo to do that. Sometimes it will display a boss frame, but not consistently for all bosses. I’m thinking about turning this feature off.

Tidy Plates | Name Plates
Replaces the default name plates with something a little prettier. You can download a few different skins if you don’t like the default design.

VuhDo | Raid/Unit Frames
The best healing raid frame add on out there. Even though I rarely heal VuhDo compacts all the important information about what’s going on around me in the raid – who is dead, who is being resurrected, who has DCed, who is a ghost, who has aggro etc – into a small space. It also shows who has been raid marked which is really handy when you’re running a boss mod like Deadly Boss Mods or Deus Vox Encounters so you can quickly identify the raid members with Spores in Festergut, Unchained Magic in Sindragosa, Mind Controlled in Lady Deathwhisper just to name a few. Lathere has written two posts about VuhDo: here and here.


My user interface is definitely a work in progress. I’ll always be tinkering.

Eventually I plan to bring my player, target and focus frames down underneath my cast bar. The other thing I’ve noticed is that the Deus Vox bars and warnings really get in the way – they tend to overlap my damage output numbers or get in the way of my target’s name plate.

ForteXorcist stops tracking DoTs on a target if I set that target to my be my Focus. I find it much harder to track DoTs when they’re listed in two different places and in two formats. I wish I could figure out a way to keep ForteXorcist tracking my Focus target.

And finally, I think I need to set up some kind of tool tip add on. My tool tips usually appear in the very bottom right corner of my screen and overlap my menu bars there. I’m not sure where I want my tooltips displayed, but I know that I need a special spot for them and an add on that can put them where they’re meant to go.

16 Responses to “Shadow Priest UI Revisited”

  1. DarsonsindNo Gravatar says

    Great Post!!! i am under reconstructing my druid UI and I have a better idea reading your post. Greatly appreciated. <3

  2. RedbeardNo Gravatar says

    Thanks for the post, Cassi!

    I’ve got a Shadow Priest alt running around someplace, and I’m intending to level him -and a Mage- when I roll my main into semi-retirement. This is great for me to use.
    .-= Redbeard’s last blog: PVP Changes in Cataclysm =-.

  3. zelmaruNo Gravatar says

    Shadow green light looks hawt!

    As for focus target, I haven’t been able to get forte to do it either. I use classtimer for that. You can have separate timers for your target and your focus. Sure, it duplicates a little bit of forte’s functionality, but I find it useful for things like timing my crowd control on a focus target (shackle, hex, etc). This is not ideal. It kinda sucks. But it’s my current workaround.
    .-= zelmaru’s last blog: Parliamentary Papers =-.

  4. PahonixNo Gravatar says

    For a tooltip mod, I highly recommend TipTac.

    I’ve been meaning to rework my own UI and you’ve given me some inspiration. Looks great!

    • NasiNo Gravatar says

      There is a setting in recount that allows it to hide while in combat. What I actually do is have omen sittng on top of recount. In combat and omen shows, leave combat and omen hides whilst recont shows itself. Gives just that little bit more screen realestate and removes ‘temptation’ ;-)

      I also use tiptac and it’s great.

      Ps. Moar powaauras!!!!!

      • CassandriNo Gravatar says

        I have Recount toggled on during combat because guild members like it displayed when I capture video.

        I was thinking about swapping over and giving Skada (is that how you spell it?) a go though because Lathere really likes it.

  5. DusknoirNo Gravatar says

    Looks fantastic. :] I’ve been using Caith UI for ages now and this post has put me in the mood for mixing things up.

    As for ForteXorcist, I’m kind of on the fence about it. I really like how it tracks multiple targets and has a cast timer on Vampiric Touch, but the configuration is really annoying sometimes. For your question about showing DoTs on your focus target, there’s an option inside the configuration for that (/fx). It’s under Spell Timer:

  6. XeppeNo Gravatar says

    Perfect timing, thank-you, just as I’m starting to gear up for the pre-Cata move to Shadow.
    I think I’ll start with Quartz and Shadow Green Light and move up to Forte Exorcist when I have those under control.
    Your interface is so pretty and clean, I will have to have a think about how I can reduce my clutter. I seem to slowly move stuff closer and closer to Xep in the centre until she’s surrounded by a morass of icons and text.
    And I didn’t know I could have different types of debuffs in different colours on EBB, I’ll go look for that setting right now.
    Considering a post on the best ever talent build for a Shadow Priest?
    .-= Xeppe’s last blog: Xeppe gets kicked =-.

    • NasiNo Gravatar says

      I have used Skada before but my data always seems to be different than other peoples. I don’t know if there are some settings I have missed somewhere or not, but my personal DPS always seems to be slightly less and some other peoples DPS is recorded as significantly less.

      It’s a real shame because I love have the threat metre and the DPS metre right alongside one another, sharing a window and it is a better looking mod also.

  7. GuinnynNo Gravatar says

    I like Skada better than recount, because it’s lighter, modular (it only loads the infos I want to track), and it also substituted my Omen as threat meter (I just set it to display the threat on my target when in combat, and any other info I want when OOC, usually either heals+absorbs or damage/dps).
    Other thing you might consider using is SexyCooldowns instead of Fortexorcist, or, at least, alongside with it. You can create multiple cooldown bars (just like the one Forte has) to track whatever you want (I usually have two: cooldowns on me and my pet, and my debuffs on my current target). You can also set a warning when a given spell is about to run off (to renew a debuff or when a cd is ready to use). The downside is that, unlike Forte, you can’t track spells on multiple targets… but I really don’t see a point to it (I used to keep Forte up to see diseases for my DK when AoE tanking, but I got so used to track the timing through my current target/tab-targetting that I disabled Forte altogether).

  8. TamNo Gravatar says

    Your UI is a thing of beauty. I’m envious :)

  9. shamozzleNo Gravatar says

    looks awesome, thanks for all the callouts. definitely going to try a bunch of those mods out.

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  13. dustinNo Gravatar says

    Those were in the days and still looked awesome! 2 thumbs up!
    dustin’s last post: The 12 Most Helpful Youtube Channels


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