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The Church of Lathology


The Church of Lathology: You Don't Need A Cathedral to /pray

I’m pleased to report that the morale in my guild has skyrocketed over the last couple of weeks.  After rebuilding our raid team at the beginning of the year we now have a strong group that has been playing together long enough to understand each others strengths and weaknesses.  So while our progression took a nosedive at the beginning of Icecrown finally it’s taking off again and everyone’s spirits are high.

Our practically all new raid team has even started coming up with our very own in jokes.  You know those little things that no one outside your guild would understand but all your raiders can have a laugh about?

One of these “in jokes” for Vitare has been my discovery of Azerothian religion.  Religion was something I discovered while wiping pointlessly over and over again on my dear friend Professor Putricide.  I got into the habit of /pray- ing before every attempt in the hope that one of the Azeroth gods would look kindly at our raiders and help that person destined to hit Malleable Ooze over and over again, actually manage to move away.

So Professor finally died and bosses later, praying became an important ritual for me before each Icecrown boss fight.  Not only have I discovered my spiritual side, but I have converted the masses of my raid group and now have disciples who /pray with me before each boss attempt. We were actually giggling after raid tonight that the 10% buff was an act of the gods from all our praying night after night.

We have proclaimed it The Church of Lathology and what god does our guild worship? Well that’s a tricky one.  I’m inclined to say Yogg Saron. I feel that we have a special bond with him seeing we went into his mind and saw his memories only a few patches ago.  One of the tree’s in my raid covers his ears when we all start /praying because he has declared himself a diety and we’re giving him a headache with all the praying.

And like any good religion we even have comandments!

1. Thou shall not stack! (don’t get it? that’s OK its another in joke)

….and that’s pretty much all we’ve come up with so far – don’t worry more will be added in time.

I’m sure we’re not the only raiding group who has certain rituals and in jokes that are needed to keep your guild morale high and positive.  What does your raid team do to get into the groove?

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  1. pewterNo Gravatar says

    Things like a certain amount of /moon to each other, certain people leaving their AFK tags up to annoy the healers and ‘oh look, plate’ to be said whenever plate drops. And our raid leaders VERY BAD and incessant puns that we all pretend to hate ;)
    .-= pewter’s last blog: Cataclysm – Shaman Clarifications (Elemental) =-.

  2. EllimistNo Gravatar says

    I would have thought it a given that the first commandment is:

    I. Thou shalt not stand in the flames!

    • LathNo Gravatar says

      Now that would be a very sensible commandment! Sadly one could describe this religion as perhaps a little less mainstream. We instead create commandments based on the bizarre philosophies that manage to work for our raid group even thought most other guilds out there would shake there head at the very thought!
      .-= Lath’s last blog: The Church of Lathology =-.

  3. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    Don’t forget, Commandment #2:
    Thou shall not down bosses unless there is 24 players in the raid.
    .-= Cassandri’s last blog: The Church of Lathology =-.

    • LathNo Gravatar says

      That is very true – we don’t see to get progression unless someone is missing and we run with 24. Perhaps we should start sitting our 25th player out on wait list for our lich king attempts…. hmmm very thought provoking!
      .-= Lath’s last blog: The Church of Lathology =-.

  4. zelmaruNo Gravatar says

    A few of our in-jokes.

    There is a gnome mage who always stands in the fire, so we always joke that he is the sacrificial gnome. One night he couldn’t make it, but his son was in the group – as a pally. I’ll be damned if he didn’t die just as much – and “like father like son” was that night’s mantra.

    There’s a guild superstition that if you say “this is the last attempt of the night, so let’s focus” we usually do get the mob down, or at least do significantly better than any previous attempt.

    There’s a running “competition” on whether druids or pallies are bigger healing “cheaters.” We’re constantly taunting each other in vent about how “you just roll your hots and take a nap or dance” or “bacon is teh cheat!!!”
    .-= zelmaru’s last blog: Twig’s first (positive) food chain lesson =-.

    • LathNo Gravatar says

      Our mages aren’t too bad actually but we do have seem to have a sacrificial shaman. He has a death wish I swear (or deep down he wishes he was a tank) because he always stands in front of the tank before we pull the boss.
      .-= Lath’s last blog: The Church of Lathology =-.

  5. AaidaNo Gravatar says

    Nothing better then some ‘in jokes’.
    Taking straight of our forums, but I couldn’t have said it better myself

    Enter ICC10
    Kill some trash
    Laugh at Jurok dying
    Res Jurok
    Kill the rest of the trash
    Look at Marrowgar
    Kill Marrowgar
    Run up the ramp
    If quest is there, remember to remind Jurok to pick up the quest
    Kill trash
    Remind Jurok about the quest
    Kill more trash
    Laugh at Jurok being dead whilst reminding him to pick up the quest
    Kill the trash
    One final reminder about Jurok and his quest collecting abilities

    Another shaman that wishes he was a tank :)


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