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Save the Trees

Logging Camp, Azuremyst Isle

R.I.P Tree of Life

When Blizzard asked last year for feedback on the Tree of Life form I was really surprised at the number of Trees who gave it scathing commentary. Turning into a tree is one of my favorite things about being a Restoration Druid – its an identifier, unique and special.

I can’t say I’m surprised, the feedback thread alone make me expect changes were on the way, but I still feel its a hard hit to take.

Tree of Life is changing from a passive talent to a cooldown-based talent, similar to Metamorphosis. Mechanically, it feels unfair for a druid to have to give up so much offense and utility in order to be just as good at healing as the other classes who are not asked to make that trade.

We are exploring the exact benefit the druid gets from Tree of Life. It could strictly be better healing, or it could be that each heal behaves slightly different. You also will not be able to be banished in Tree of Life form (this will probably be true of Metamorphosis as well).

Additionally, we would like to update the Tree of Life model so that it feels more exciting when you do decide to go into that form. Our feeling is that druids rarely actually get to show off their armor, so it would be nice to have at least one spec that looked like a night elf or tauren (and soon troll or worgen) for most of the time.

Couple this with the fact that restoration druids are to receive no new spells makes me wish I’d never looked at the damned post in the first place.

So the rational part of me knows that being upset about it is silly -  Blizzard will make sure that us tree aficionados can adapt to this “hopping in and out of tree form” idea of theirs.

The irrational/emotional part of me feels as if they’ve chopped off my branches and I won’t be whole again. Just another squishy night elf who looks like everyone else.

For a full read of the Druid Class preview click here for the official forum post.

41 Responses to “Save the Trees”

  1. KeevaNo Gravatar says

    Save the trees! No to druid forms on cooldown!
    .-= Keeva’s last blog: I shapeshift, therefore I am. =-.

  2. LiferootNo Gravatar says

    I am glad to see that the community has risen up to speak against the proposed change to ToL form. I can’t say if Blizzard will pay attention to all the commotion; however, it is apparent to me that if not, they will have one pissed off a large portion of their fan base.

    Let’s keep the feedback rolling.


    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      I think considering how much the community is up in arms about it, they will get stubborn and make sure it stays now :(

  3. BeruthielNo Gravatar says

    I hate hate hate the change :(

    I ranted on it back in July when it was first proposed, and none of my feelings since then have changed. It’s abosolutely horrible. I can’t say the sky is falling yet…but it sure does look ominous.

    I seriously hope this change does not make it live.
    .-= Beruthiel’s last blog: Ya’ Mon…this sucks. =-.

  4. As a tank, I am opposed to this. I liked having a very simple way to tell that a druid was absolutely a healer, without needing to inspect them or try to figure out mana to health ratios.

  5. RifterNo Gravatar says

    I am mixed on this. I HAVE to admit… the thought of NOT having to swap out of tree form to cast an offensive spell, and cast treeform to go back to healing (at the proper rate). I do that on my priest, and it usually takes me a second after casting a DOT that I don’t have to blow another GCD to go back to healing.

    I can also see this being a boon for healing in PvP. The tree form is like painting a HUGE red bulls-eye on your back… front, left and right sides, heads… etc.

    That being said, I am sad for the tree.
    .-= Rifter’s last blog: Raid Ready Checklist. =-.

  6. PoneriaNo Gravatar says

    Blizz can take their paws off my tree of happy. I *love* tree form.

  7. AnalogueNo Gravatar says

    No. Just No. Save The Trees.

    It’s what makes me unique as a healer. If we lose trees, resto shaman should lose totems and priests should lose shields.
    .-= Analogue’s last blog: Vote to Kick =-.

  8. LenNo Gravatar says

    I like the change. I love the way my character looks, I like that I’ll be able to see it more often. I already heal most heroics in caster form as the boosts from treeform aren’t really needed. While treeform, as with all druid forms, is unique the most unique thing about resto healing is the WAY we heal not how we look when we do it.

    I’m also not very bothered about the whole ‘no new spells’ thing. With the ToL change, the changes to healing in general, the mastery ability and talents that affect our spells (like the regrowth one) there is plenty to think about for how resto druids will heal in Cataclysm!

    Maybe i’m in the minority but just my tuppence :)

  9. DoHPNo Gravatar says

    Isn’t not seeing your gear part of playing a druid? That’s part of the class.

    I love tree form and really don’t want to see it go.

  10. albinosquirrelNo Gravatar says

    1) Let me count the number of times in raiding ICC that I have left tree form to cast an offensive spell….none
    lame, it’s a pvp change
    2) We get on new talented half spell. It’s going to be hard for me to continue to play my druid this expansion unless blizzard drops us a bone and trys to make us excited again about our class. As of now druid healing feels very meh. (Actually so far, healing changes that have been listed for druid, priest, and shaman all feel a bit meh) Perhaps I will dust off my warlock for the expansion…

  11. So…

    We had (a lot of) people complaining that they don’t like Tree of Life and that they want to see their gear while healing.

    Blizzard says: “Fair enough. We’re not removing Tree of Life altogether, it’s a core mechanic of the Druid Class, but we’re baking the bonuses back into your normal caster form if you’re Resto. You can use Tree of Life to supersize your heals and make sure everybody lives through emergencies, and you can still see your gear.”

    Now we have (a lot of) people complaining that they love Tree of Life and that they want to be recognized by it instead of simply looking like a normal character like the other classes.

    That feels like a heck of a Catch-22 for Blizzard. Neither side is talking about mechanical advantages or healing potential, it’s all a matter of taste. No matter which decision they make, someone (or a lot of someones) is going to complain. Even if they make the visual of Tree of Life permanent with a Minor Glyph, or something, there will be a substantial crowd still heckling them.

    Since Blizzard has already thrown the idea out there and were most likely prepared for the backlash (aren’t they ever, considering all the QQ in the community?), I think they will carry this one out regardless. I don’t have a Resto Druid, but as a tank, I’m slightly sad about this. It’s not like I can’t find my healers if they’re not Trees. It’s just that while Female Night Elves are fine, the male Night Elf casting animations suuuuuck. At least the Trees have some more personality, throwing their branches up in the air and waving while their HoTs tick.

  12. JasylaNo Gravatar says

    I love the class preview. I hope Blizzard can swing something that will make everyone happy (although I’m pretty sure that’s impossible), but god do I hate tree form.
    .-= Jasyla’s last blog: Druid Class Preview =-.

  13. Darth SoloNo Gravatar says

    My knee-jerk reaction (and this is from someone who hasn’t played a druid yet, so take it with a grain of salt) is WTF. To me it feels like the tree form has been the resto druid’s signature form, just like the tank druid’s signature is bear form. I simply love druid trees and just seeing one in my group makes me feel safer. They look a bit goofy but very endearing and I’m gonna miss them :(
    .-= Darth Solo’s last blog: Paladin project: levels 26-30 =-.

  14. ShivaNo Gravatar says

    Personally, I am very happy with this change.

    I miss seeing my Druid in amazing T2 or T3 armor. Who can go wrong with looking like a Moose? or shall we forget the amazing original Dreamwalker?

    I play holy priest as my main, but I’ve raided extensively as a resto druid; and my resto druid is quite very well geared/has done most fights this expansion. But it’s honestly frustrated me the inability to do “fun” stuff while in treeform.

    On my priest, if we’re running a heroic, I’ll mind sear and smite as a I please. But on my druid, I just feel restricted by treeform.

    This new change though, I think is pretty amazing. Now treeform will be something unique and powerful, not something that’s purely aesthetic. It makes me feel like going into treeform does something and makes me more powerful. I think that’s a very important feeling.

    (P.S. I randomly found this blog on google)

  15. EuphratiNo Gravatar says

    As a bear tank/feral dps (yes I know hybrid specs exist I just love both sides of feral too much to sacrifice one specialisation for being able to do both moderately well) I’ve got to say I’ll miss those trees.

    Maybe it’s mostly just aesthetics but isn’t shape shifting just that as well? Feral don’t channel the bear/cat on some occasions when we blow cooldowns we become it, balance don’t channel the boomkin they become it and now Resto are being told nope you can’t shape shift into your unique form you’ve somehow neglected/lost that ability? Why not remove the other 5 if you are going to do that?

    Have feral flailing around madly like DK wannabes with weapons they never needed to have that much skill in (yes on occasion out of boredom I have actually leveled my skills not far but I’ve started), people pretending to be superman/woman in flight form and boomkin hiding amongst the other casters (except the shadow priests who stand out because they use the exact same mechanic in reverse of the tree like the noble Boomkin tbh)

    As for looking at your awesome armour? What awesome armour I’ve had one piece I liked since I rolled my druid back in TBC (had a paladin before that). I still have it stashed away you will all know what level it is purely by the basis of it is the one Helm that makes me look like some vigilante outcast from a DC or Marvel comic. My cat gear is now teir 10 so I have daemonic shoulders with the munchies and a helm that is part moose/springbok part insect part demon don’t like any of it.

    Finally for those current Alliance druids. Is this going to be shown on the strippers or the orangutans?

    All I can say for my Resto brethren to Blizzard? Save the Trees.

    PS. Sorry about the stupid length post.

    • YuriyNo Gravatar says

      I completely agree. Although I have other classes that I enjoy looking at the gear of, I rolled a druid for the expressed interest in being a dancing tree that casts, dances, and runs around. The changes to the mechanics of treeform (compared to the current ones) also leave me pessimistic about my tree’s future. Why do I need DPS talents as a healer and why do Blizz force me to spend talent points in useless abilities after they’ve reduced the amount of points available?
      Hell, if I wanted a healer where I could ogle their gear, I’d respec my priest, pally, or shaman. Furthermore, I don’t like the tauren for any class and only have one because I knew I’d be able to turn into a tree instead of remaining a larger than life cow thing.

      If you’re not going to turn boomkins, bears, and cats into the same, leave my damn tree form be.

      Vote No on the elimination of permanent druid treeform!

      -Dancing Tree
      Yuriy’s last post: Stomp Grip Sport Bike Traction Pad

  16. ChaousNo Gravatar says

    Me being a tree has helped me serve as an anchor in our 10 man festergut kills. Now I’ll be just the same….:( I understand what they are saying, but we’re unique, and useful.

    Seriously thinking about not playing resto druid in cataclysm because of this…
    .-= Chaous’s last blog: IRL crits you for lots. =-.

  17. Booo! Save the Trees!

  18. OleanderNo Gravatar says

    “Restoration druids will have a new talent called Efflorescence, which causes a bed of healing flora to sprout beneath targets that are critically healed by Regrowth.” That’s almost like getting a new spell…

  19. CynwiseNo Gravatar says

    My first reaction to this news was, “now who will I target first when I hit a battle running? I’m going to have to actually LOOK for the healers now. Trees are so easy to target!”

    Take from that what you will. :-)

  20. OleanderNo Gravatar says

    “Tranquility is an emergency heal, and we’ll change it to act more like Divine Hymn.”

    Another tweak that’s like getting a new spell!

    Hopefully T11 won’t be so drab so I’ll be happy showing it off instead of my brown leaves.

  21. BriNo Gravatar says

    I don’t honestly see any difference between a druid’s tree form and a shadow priest’s shadow form. Both hide your gear (you know, the gear that every other druid and/or priest in Dalaran is wearing anyways), both are really a “flavour” thing, both boost performance in a specific role, and both restrict you from casting spells that don’t belong to that role without breaking form.

    I don’t see Blizz taking away shadow form any time soon, or making it a cooldown.
    .-= Bri’s last blog: The "Whoa" Moment =-.

    • ShivaNo Gravatar says

      Actually, Shadowform does not completely hide your gear. Sparkling effects and what not are very noticeable in shadowform, for exampel the current T10 shoulders are noticeable and so are weapons. Also, because of the way different gear-sets look, Shadowpriests look distinguished from other shadowpriests in different levels of gear, not true for Treeform.

      But it’s important to note, forsaking healing in order to do damage is a vastly different concept from forsaking damage to do healing.

      • BriNo Gravatar says

        “But it’s important to note, forsaking healing in order to do damage is a vastly different concept from forsaking damage to do healing.”

        I don’t see the difference, sorry. In either of these cases, you’re not forsaking anything except an enhancement to one school of abilities. The shadow priest can still do damage outside of shadow form. The tree can still heal outside of ToL form. In both cases, the player makes the choice to pay the hybrid tax in order to gain access to a diversified toolset used in more unusal situations .. eg. emergency off-healer or underutilized healer DPS’ing.

  22. Dyre42No Gravatar says

    Well this’ll ruin my pvp strategy of “Guard the Tree” in AV and WG.

  23. MedenceNo Gravatar says

    I don’t see any hard differences between them but it is just my oppinion.

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