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Revisiting Sunken Temple

Sunken Temple, first room, four paths

Sunken Temple is a maze. From the moment you zone in you must choose between 4 doors.

Sunken Temple is evil. I’m convinced the designers enjoyed creating a maze that sends you off in spiraling staircases every which way. Only Sunken Temple would present you with a dilemma the moment you zone it – 4 doorways: which do you take?

Unfortunately there’s no wrong answer. They all tend to branch into multiple levels so you can usually get to where you want to go (eventually) by taking pretty much any door. Oh, did I mention that, like Gnomeregan and the Oculus, this is a vertical maze?

Oh goody.

The Map

Sunken Temple Map - with bosses and travel path marked

Sunken Temple Map - with bosses and travel path marked

Full image can be viewed/downloaded here:

Lines that are shaded out (faded) indicates a path on a lower level/floor than the brighter part of the path.


A full clear involves these three parts:

  1. Clear the upper floors via the Hall of the Cursed and the troll mini-bosses as they stand on their platforms facing the center of the temple.
  2. Jump down onto the ground floor, clear the room, and working clockwise clear the wings/bosses. Most runs will finish when you kill Shade of Eranikus. Killing Avatar of Hakkar is totally optional.
  3. (Optional) Return to the start (via the north corridor) and then head downstairs to clear the Hall of Serpents, activating the statues in the correct order, jumping down to the lower floor to kill Atal’alarion.

I strongly recommend skipping the third step and just ending the run when you kill Shade of Eranikus. I’m also pretty sure the troll mini bosses (yellow and orange) move around and don’t always take the same platform.

The bosses are:

  1. North-east Troll Boss: Loro/Mijan/Zolo/Hukku/Zul’lor/Gasher all move around
  2. East Troll Boss
  3. South-east Troll Boss
  4. South-west Troll Boss
  5. West Troll Boss
  6. North-west Troll Boss
  7. Jammal’an the Prophet
    Hangs out in the south eastern section of the Temple with his buddy.
  8. Dreamscythe and
  9. Weaver
    Appear in the center room when you kill Jammal’an the Prophet.
  10. Morphaz and
  11. Hazzas
    Found south of the center room on the way towards the last boss – Shade of Eranikus.
  12. Shade of Eranikus
    The final boss. Grats on your Satchel!
  13. Avatar of Hakkar Optional. Summoned.
    Avatar of Hakkar can be summoned before you kill Shade of Eranikus if you like – just be sure that a party member either has in their possession a [Egg of Hakkar] or [Yeh'kinya's Scroll].
  14. Spawn of Hakkar Optional. Not recommended.
    I think he patrols around the east or south side of the Hall of Serpents. Makes the pain of clearing the lower floors, and running around in circles, a bit more bearable. Still think it’s better to skip the lower floors.
  15. Atal’alarion Optional. Summoned. Not recommended.
    This boss is a bitch to summon. You’ll need to head due north from the ground floor and follow the stairs all the way back to the beginning of the instance. Take door #2 again but this time take the next right downwards and you’ll be in the Hall of Serpents. Clear the entire floor and then your party will need to run in circles to click statues in the following order at each of the platforms to summon Atal’alarion:
    1. South
    2. North
    3. South-west
    4. South-east
    5. North-west
    6. North-east
    Carefully jump down onto the lower floor (not into the water – you’ll die). And then engage Atal’alarion.


Ah the memories. Sunken Temple is the end of the golden dungeon runs that can take you from level 30 through to level 50: Scarlet Monastery => Zul’Furrak => Sunken Temple. When I leveled all three of my (now max level) characters you could generally find a group willing to run any one of those dungeons. And that was a long time before the Dungeon Finder existed!

All classes – except Death Knights – are sent out to complete a class quest at level 50 and these all end up in Sunken Temple, rewarding your character with a really nice rare weapon or armor that should take you all the way through to Outlands. Like Ring of Blood (level 65) and Amphitheater of Anguish (level 75), I think of Sunken Temple at level 50 as a leveling rite of passage.

So I like Sunken Temple. I’ve had good times there.

My fondest memory of Sunken Temple is heading there the third time through as my Shaman, Xata. It was the first time (and only, I think) I found myself in an all-Draenei party. It was the first time I truly valued having Reincarnation.

And it was on that character that a friend of mine tried to “boost” me through. Determined to give me a full clear, he lead me down into the lower levels of the temple and tried to direct me as he activated statues on the opposite side of the Hall of Serpents. It was about 2am in the morning and I’m pretty sure I didn’t help at all. We eventually gave up. I still don’t recommend completing that part of the instance!

The Runs

This time through, using the Dungeon Finder, Sunken Temple really does signal the end of a good thing. The waiting queues at level 45 were manageable. The wait queues at level 50 were appalling – at least 30 minutes or more. Unfortunately the quality of our group members seemed to drop too.

Sunken Temple almost broke us. I can’t think of one group we were matched up with that survived the instance without reforming or losing at least one player. I think Sunken Temple exposes “poor” players, or at least, it’s harder to cover for someone in Sunken Temple than it seems to be in Zul’Furrak (the dungeon prior) or Blackrock Depths-Prison (the next level up dungeon). Unfortunately reforming, or waiting for a new tank or healer, tends to drag this instance out into an hour-long ordeal. And that’s not counting the long queue time before you start.

I do know that there are a lot of caster mobs in Sunken Temple – perhaps this makes it more difficult and messy? It’s also very important to clear the ground floor room entirely (without falling down the center drain pipe) before engaging Jammal’an the Prophet. And hang right back clearing his room, too – all the mobs like to cast fear.

I didn’t enter Sunken Temple with my class quests this time around. Neither did Pixii. I’ve actually given up on the Mage class quests altogether – they’re not teaching me anything new, and they’re not fun. And they usually make me kill mobs that are immune to Frost/Polymorph. What’s with that?

However, if you do intend to complete all the quests that ask you to travel into Sunken Temple, the one you’re going to need some help with is [The God Hakkar]. I’ve included the optional, summoned boss, Avatar of Hakkar, that you need to summon and kill for the quest in at #13 just for you, Vidyala. The “final” boss of the instance is #12 Shade of Eranikus, so if you want to complete your quest before your party members disappear I suggest you drag them westwards immediately after killing Jammal’an the Prophet.

By the way, you can only summon Avatar of Hakkar if a member of your group has the [Egg of Hakkar] provided with the quest above, or a member of your party has [Yeh'kinya's Scroll] which you can acquire by talking to the quest giver after you have completed that same quest. Most groups just skip him.

The Corpse Run

Unfortunately Sunken Temple comes with a very long spirit run if your group should happen to wipe. But it’s actually not too difficult to find your way back – it’s just time consuming. Here’s how:

1. Head due east through Swamp of Sorrows out into the lake and approach the temple from the southern side

2. Follow the path (below) once you’re inside the temple. At the orange marker “Jump and run towards the portal”, you want to jump down just 1 level – the zone portal is only 1 level lower down, but it’s nearly impossible to see when you enter the Hall of Bones before you jump.

Entrance to Sunken Temple/Temple of Atal'Hakkar

Corpse Run back into Sunken Temple/Temple of Atal'Hakkar

Hope this guide helps you on your next runs! If you have any suggestions on how to make this instance easier to run, tip and tricks (that kind of thing), please comment and let us know.

My only tip would be: Priests can Shackle Undead if you’re finding it difficult to clear the upper floors. Mages can Counterspell the dragonkin dudes that stand at the back and Poison Spit while you’re clearing the ground floor.

16 Responses to “Revisiting Sunken Temple”

  1. JenNo Gravatar says

    Oh god I love you. My priest passed ST level a few days ago, but I am sooooo bookmarking this for my lower alts. So far, a death in ST = me dropping group, because there is no way in hell I can find the entrance without help. The worst was when I got lost in the maze (as a wisp) and couldn’t find the entrance OR exit (by then I was dreaming of res sickness) so I had to ticket a GM to bail me out.

    The instance itself can be a pain, but it’s doable. The corpse run – OHGODNO.

    .-= Jen's last blog: Blogging muses and chance encounters =-.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Oh no! Getting totally lost as a spirit is quite frustrating – especially when you feel 4 other people are waiting for you. I noticed the other night that, even in spirit form, I was able to see my other parties members on my mini map – even those players on other realms – as we ran back from the graveyard.

      This is a real improvement. If you’re not sure, follow the group. If you are sure, or are following my map, you can lead all members of your party back down to the instance entrance.

  2. cebrafinNo Gravatar says

    Oh god I love you too. Not having a clue where to go becomes so much worse when you’re the tank and everybody’s yelling at you to run faster. In fact, when I got ST for the first time with my baby warrior the first thing i did was alt-tab to my browser and see if you got a guide for it. Then we ran around in circles for some hours xD
    I really really love your “Revisiting” posts, they help an aweful lot with running the larger ones of the old dungeons (which tend to be quite nice if you know teh way through them).

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Thanks Cebrafin! Unfortunately I’m trying to do the maps as I go through… and Pixii and I just aren’t leveling quickly at the moment. This means that I do intend to post maps for:

      Blackrock Depths: Prison
      Blackrock Depths: Prison (Extended) AKA The Shadowforge Key Run
      Blackrock Depths: Upper City
      Dire Maul: East
      Dire Maul: North
      Dire Maul: West
      Lower Blackrock Spire
      Stratholm: Undead
      Stratholm: Living

      It will just take me a good few months!

      Although I don’t think either Stratholm dungeons need a guide, Lathere tells me she gets hopelessly lost in there so maybe they do.

      • JenNo Gravatar says

        Yes they do. I’m sure people have learned Strat at least partly due to mount runs, but I’ve never done them, so the extent of my knowledge is that it has 2 doors that lead to different places, making you get lost from your group.

        A map (or walkthrough) for Scholomance wouldn’t hurt either – it’s not THAT bad (even I managed to find the last boss), but there’s so many bosses around all the bloody place.
        .-= Jen’s last blog: Blogging muses and chance encounters =-.

      • CassandriNo Gravatar says

        @ Jen, I started this series with a map of Scholomance (I was grinding it for rep at the time and kept getting lost). You can find it here:

  3. PapaNastyNo Gravatar says

    <3 Cass

    I've been meaning to go back to ST myself to go and finish the Sceptre of the Sands quest chain, but haven't gotten around to it as sooooo hate ST because always get lost finding the entrance / finding my way thru the instance etc.

    This guide will be handy as.

  4. PsynisterNo Gravatar says

    Although I hate trying to see in ST with all the stupid crap hanging down from ceilings and such, the dungeon itself is actually one of my favorites because of how often people get lost in it.

    I do a full clear every time I can, and I actually enjoy doing the lower levels. Sure they’re a bit of a pain, but there’s nothing like killing a boss that drops a nose ring only to find out when you go to equip it that it’s a belt. Groups being what they are now, a lot of bosses get skipped in just about every dungeon that you can manage to skip them on simply because people are only after the goodie bag at the end. I really wish Blizzard would require more than just one boss kill to get them. Except for Maraudon, that one they should just give you the bag for not dropping group within the first 5 minutes of zoning in.
    .-= Psynister’s last blog: Cataclysm Changes: Shared Raid Lockout 10 & 25 =-.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Don’t worry Psynister. My BRD:Prison guide is a 4 boss clear, not 1! But I tend to agree – too many bosses get skipped.

      That said, I really do think the amount of time spent clearing trash in the Hall of Serpents and then running around and around to click statues is a poor exchange for 2 bosses. Just too much trash for my liking. And most of my groups were totally worn out by the time we reached Shade of Eranikus.

      • JenNo Gravatar says

        Wait, there’s more than 1 boss in there? None of my group did anything except the chick boss with the baggie…
        .-= Jen’s last blog: Blogging muses and chance encounters =-.

      • ShrikeNo Gravatar says

        Only High Interrogator Gerstahn is required for the Bag, but it’s also cake to go do Roccor and the Ring of Law.

        Beyond that, if anyone has a Shadowforge Key, it’s also pretty easy to convince them to go do Bael’Gar.

        Besides, *getting* a Shadowforge Key is fun, and requires dying and getting a quest from a ghost on the way to the instsance, plus a couple more bosses: Warder Stilgiss (optional), the Vault (optional, if everyone has enough Relic Coffer Keys, and if they’ve been running Prison over and over again, they should), Fineous Darkvire, then back to Pyromancer Loregrain.

        And if you’re doing Fineous Darkvire anywhere near the bottom of his room, you’ve cleared far enough that it’s only two or three more pulls to Lord Incendius.

  5. Deandre - DalaranNo Gravatar says

    Too many hours spent fighting in ST…but at the same time that place was a ball, especially when AoE tanking wasn’t really possible and people had to actually make an effort.

    Have fun with BRD, that one is my stomping ground. I used to take people to the dark forge to smelt dark iron bars regularly on my Paladin back in Vanilla. I’d just take them and go for a lava swim with them, then we’d hit the forge, or I’d abuse DI to get them to the core fragment for MC attunement. Not many people could brag about making the money for the epic pony quest by escorting people to the core fragment for a small fee.

  6. KaeNo Gravatar says

    *shudder* Ohhh Sunken Temple… my first exerience with you was using a hunter’s pet as a tank.

  7. ShivaNo Gravatar says

    Sunken Temple was always one of my least favorite areas… Albeit, I really do like Blackrock Depths. Heck, I like almost all of Blackrock Mountains.

  8. lissannaNo Gravatar says

    I totally QQ’d about this instance a while back. I hate it. lol
    .-= lissanna’s last blog: Why not 15-man raids? A possible compromise =-.

  9. gravityNo Gravatar says

    I absolutely hate this instance.


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