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World of Warcraft Personas (for Firefox)

I upgraded my browser to Firefox 3.6 last week. Did you know that Firefox can now be skinned? All you have to do is click on one of the “Personas” found online and your Firefox User Interface can be immediately turned into something a bit more fun and interesting!

On that very first day I skinned my Firefox using the very popular Japanese Tattoo persona (see below). And changed my desktop to something a bit more interesting. I love it. When I was studying design part time our small class was forced to listen to a soundtrack of totally strange music and soundscapes – the idea being that if one of your senses is constantly engaged/surprised you just might produce more creative work. Changing up my interface kind of reminds me of that principle.

Cassandri's Desktop and Persona

My Desktop and Firefox Persona

And unlike previous attempts to theme or skin applications, “installing” a Firefox Persona just requires you to visit the website and click on an option. And you’re done. I think it just sets a preference somewhere in a text file. Oh, and you actually have to use Firefox. I got Lath hooked just the other day and I think she’s already changed her persona about three times over the space of a week. It’s actually easier than changing your desktop wallpaper and I think that’s saying something.

30 000+ Personas and more than 10 World of Warcraft Personas

Anyway, in the space of about a couple of weeks since Firefox 3.6 has been released the number of available personas has reached over 30 000. That’s a lot. And as of writing this, there are 2 pages of World of Wacraft themed personas. Unfortunately they’re all pretty bad – very little thought has been given to the context: the actual Firefox functional elements, for example the URL input bar, that sit right on top.

Just in case you aren’t already using Firefox – which is unlikely because nobody would help Microsoft to take over the world when there’s a better alternative – I’ve skinned my own browser so that you can see some of the existing World of Warcraft personas.

Firefox Personas - Arthas Holds Crown

Arthas Holds Crown. This image is really suitable for the landscape format. And his head/eyes aren't covered by the UI.

Firefox Personas - Wrath of the Lich King

Wrath of the Lich King. Shame about the logo placement. Please, no more cut off logos/heads!

Firefox Personas - Thrall

Thrall. Bit too gray for me. Still neat and simple.

Firefox Personas - Terrokar Forest

Terrokar Forest. I'm surprised at how popular this persona is. The perspective doesn't even make it look like a forest. And it's too dark.

Firefox Personas - Rider of the Unholy

Rider of the Unholy. Lime green isn't my thing - especially for text. Love the image though - it's perfect for this!

Firefox Personas - Reign of Chaos

Reign of Chaos. Absolutely perfect image. This is one of my favourites. Too much contrast in the image make it hard to read some of my links/buttons.

Firefox Personas - Quintessential Guild

Quintessential Guild. Shame the tabard is half cut off. This is beautiful work.

Firefox Personas - Night Elf

Night Elf. Simple and effective.

Firefox Personas - Horde (White)

Horde (White). There are quite a few personas designed around the Horde crest. This one works and the symbol is placed well.

Firefox Personas - Epic scene from World of Wacraft

Epic scene from World of Warcraft. Great image, poor colour choice for text and title bar.

Firefox Personas - Blood Elf Warlock

Blood Elf Warlock. I love this persona. Cheesy 80s title and a graduation photo? I hope this is meant to be funny and nerdy!

The Challenge

We have some amazing artists in the WoW community. And anyone can create a personas (essentially a single image and some text and background colour settings). I could create a Persona. You could create a Persona.

I encourage you to create a beautiful World of Warcraft personas that complements the Firefox user interface, is beautiful and reminds you of why you love playing World of Warcraft. Think of a scene from the World of Warcraft story and try and create an image that brings that to mind. You could try and create a persona that reminds you of how fun it feels to play a Paladin or what it’s like to be part of the Forsaken or simply reminds you that you’re intent on killing Arthas in the near future. I would love to see the World of Warcraft Mosaic turn into a persona.

I’d offer some kind of reward but I think creating something visual that could be looked at every day by thousands of people around the world is a pretty compelling reward all on its own.

8 Responses to “World of Warcraft Personas (for Firefox)”

  1. KaeNo Gravatar says

    Mmm I’d like a moonglade one :)

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      I have to admit if a nice druidy one got put up I would probably be tempted to start using it :)

      I’m currently in Easter mode and have a cute baby blue persona with colourful eggs and chicks in the right hand corner.

  2. ultraNo Gravatar says

    ewwww mac.

    I like my firefox with windows 7 and just turn the transparency down a bit. looks awesome with my background!

  3. ZahraahNo Gravatar says

    Tempting to try….. Can’ t see it being a piece of art though, but it would be another thing I could personalise – I already have a wow theme on my google home page.
    .-= Zahraah’s last blog: Dispels /Cleanses/decurses prevent damage and should be measured. =-.

  4. beasmasterNo Gravatar says

    Has Wow cataclysm version been released yet?

  5. I was wondering when you are going to post more of this, i really enjoy it.

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