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The Guild Bank: How Does Your Guild Make Money?

A Guild Bank Log: Deposits and Withdrawals

We currently rely on the sale of BoE items to cover our expenses

Guild Banking has changed so much since the days in which I first starting playing. In vanilla and the early BC days one officer had a bank mule who looked after the guilds assets and gold! Cass was once even part of a guild that taxed its members – requiring them to mail a couple gold to the guild banker each week – in order to remain a member.

My guild recently overhauled its guild banking system. First we asked our members for feedback. It was very interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts. There were lots of good ideas on how we should spend the guild’s money, unfortunately there wasn’t really any good ideas on how the guild could make money.

I haven’t been in many guilds so I can’t really comment on what amount of gold a raiding guild should have. But it seems to me that Vitare has a pretty healthy bank balance. And its definitely a lot more gold than any of the other more casual guilds (that I’ve been part of) have had.

How We Spend It

In the end we decided to spend our gold on things that would benefit our entire raid team each night. We didn’t like the idea that our members would have to spend significant additional time outside their raiding commitments farming gold just to cover the costs of consumables and repairs for raiding. So now we pay for, per raider:

Repairs: 100g per Raid Night
Flasks: 1 Flask per Raid Night
Food: Fish Feasts will be provided throughout the night
Enchants: A number of popular enchants scrolls will be available to raiders when they win that brand new weapon (or chest etc)

Previously we had covered repairs and food, now we’ve extended that to help cover the cost of another raiding consumable: flasks. We’ve also decided to help our raiders pay for the cost of getting new gear – by giving the raider a suitable enchant so that they can start using their new item immediately.

We spend approximately 10 000 – 15 000 gold per week to cover these expenses.

How We Earn It

However, the only way we make money is by selling any Bind on Equip epics that we gather from raiding on the Auction House or at a reduced gold price to raiders (50% off Market Value).

I’m sure other guilds have alternate ways of making money but I simply can’t work out how.

I know that there numerous ways a single individual can go about earning gold and all the information out there seems to be directed at how a single player can play the Auction House for cash. But it wouldn’t be fair to ask our Guild Banker to play the Auction House and hand that income over to the guild – it’s income that they earned on their own from their own effort and should remain theirs.

I would be very interested to hear how other guilds run their guild banks and how they fill their coffers. In fact I would really like to get heaps of information and do a guide because frankly Google just didn’t cut it for me this time.

So please, if your guild bank runs well leave a comment explaining how it works!

28 Responses to “The Guild Bank: How Does Your Guild Make Money?”

  1. SophNo Gravatar says

    Hey Lathere,
    I’d actually be really interested in seeing your take on this and a guide if you did one!
    I’ve just taken over from our previous guild banker who decided to AFK for weeks at a time without telling anyone.
    He currently has over one million gold across accounts and characters on our server alone, and used to supplement the guild bank with money of his own – basically he paid for all flask mats, fish feasts etc with just a tiny skimming of his own AH profits every day.
    And now there’s me.
    I’m about as useful as a chocolate fireguard when it comes to the Auction House, so all I can do at the moment is hope we get a primordial saronite each week when we run a 25 that someone will buy, and hope we get a BoE epic I can sell.
    Any tips on how people manage their banks would seriously be much appreciated.
    .-= Soph’s last blog … March 11th – River’s Heart, Sholozar Basin =-.

  2. KruntakNo Gravatar says

    Here’s an idea. Have an officer (someone good at playing the AH) be the guild trader. He then plays the auction house as you said before BUT … he gets a cut of the profits. Reason for this is that the GB will have a greater access to funds (capital if you will) to allow the officer to play the AH better. The guild benefits from profits because its the guild that supplied the initial funds and the player gets paid back for their time spent, probably getting more money than they could have made alone due to the fact that they probably didn’t have the funds available to do so, which the guild can now provide them. :)

    • IsoNo Gravatar says

      Our bank currently sits at 270k. We’ve been around for almost a year and make our gold selling BoE’s that no one needs for main spec. We offer 50g every day to our raiders for repairs, regardless if we raid or not, 100g to officers. We run 2 25-man raids, so we have over 50 raiders. Our raiders are also provided with a tab full of every flask or potion they would need, including stacks of fish feasts and other food consumables. Our guild has a tab filled with stacks of enchants in scroll form which only officers have access to and give to raiders who obtain new gear with us. We purchase our flasks, fish feasts and buy the herbs to make the speed/wild magic/mana pots from the AH. Our officers pretty much all have specced into transmute mastery and we keep our gem tab filled this way to provide free gems for our raiders. We sell off stacks of gems that become surplus for guild funds as well, and if we are low, we ask in guild for people to downate their transmutes with guild bank mats. If you have an active guild, your bank will flourish.

  3. KeevaNo Gravatar says

    Hi Lath – here’s how I run my gbank:

    ..super busy lately, no time to write my own posts, so I’m totally cheating and using this…

    .-= Keeva’s last blog … How I run our guild bank =-.

  4. NatarumahNo Gravatar says

    When Saga was still raiding, we had a member who was awfully good at making money playing the AH. He was trusted enough, and so he was given the rank treasurer and given access to a tab in the bank with all of the non-essential stuff (the epics, epic gems and such were still locked down, and flasks/potions/food/enhancement scrolls are rationed per day).

    Since he’d be playing the auction house anyway, he would simply take a bit of money and some stuff from the bank and invest it, or make additional transmutes or the like. In the process making a few thousand gold as well as providing the occasional stack of flasks that was put on the AH for ridiculously cheap prices.

    If herbs for flasks were at an all-time low, he’d ask our elixir masters to make them into flasks, and put the procs back on the AH for more profit. As a reward, he’d be allowed to take a portion of the proceeds for himself as well, to ensure he’d get something out of it as well as reducing the chance he’d be lured to fraud (let’s face it – everyone has their weak moments, and staring at thousands of gold pieces can make people do weird things).

    So in essence, you’d need:

    1) A trusted person with slightly more than basic access with good economic insight
    2) Clear agreements on profit and “hardware” (flasks, boe epics) divisions
    3) The ability to save money (by getting flask mats cheap instead of flasks) as well as make money

    Another way to make money is to gather a lot of mats for moonshroud/spellweave/shadowcloth, titansteel and similar rare goods. Ask people in the guild now and then if they have need of their profession cooldowns – if not, ask for them to use it for the guild and give them a decent tip or some DKP in return.

    Some people never use half their cooldowns because they are not needed – but wouldn’t mind a bit of jingle in their pockets :)

  5. ArgonNo Gravatar says

    In my guild, we just sell most of the BoEs that drop, which more than covers our expenses. Of course, we only provide repairs, during raids.

    Having somebody “invest” a portion of the guild bank doesn’t really seem useful to me. Anybody who plays the AH for any period of time will have more than enough capital to work with. Time is the real resource needed to make money on the AH, after a bit of startup cash. The AH isn’t like the real world, where you can easily get a little bit of return without any work.

  6. VidyalaNo Gravatar says

    We do it basically like Natarumah described and always have done – previously in one of our guilds we had a bit of an AH whiz and it was his job. Later it fell to me and has done so in pretty much every guild I’ve been in. Not because I’m some auction house genius, but I have some idea what’s going on and don’t mind putting in the time.

    Another thing we’ve left off doing that I kind of liked the idea of for making money was a weekly “raid boss” lottery. Every Monday or so – we’d ask people to make a bet about what the weekly raid boss would be. Only one person can put their money on each boss, and we were charging 50 G to enter. If it was a boss that no one had picked, the money would carry over until the following week. The winner takes half the pot, and the bank takes the other half. It’s a small guild, so half of the pot was 350 gold at the most one week, but it’s money the bank (and the player) wouldn’t otherwise half, plus people seemed to find it fun. I need to start that up again! :D
    .-= Vidyala’s last blog … No, you Kings me, then I’ll Wisdom him and me, you can Sanc yourself and I’ll Kings you. Got it? =-.

  7. maxNo Gravatar says

    In my previous raiding guilds everyone was expected to provide raiding necessities for themselves (guild repair might get opened if we were wiping while learning a new encounter). I still believe this is a good system as it shows dedication on the part of the raider. If they can’t take fifteen minutes to farm buff food what makes me think they would spend fifteen minutes looking up a strat. I think it also , to a small extent, helps ensure that dedication while in the raid (“Well, I spent all this time and money getting ready for this raid, so I guess I shouldn’t bail just because we wiped twice”).

    In my current guild which I wouldn’t call a raiding guild, rather a 500 member pool of pugs (although some of us have come together to form a dedicated ICC team), some things are provided. Guild repairs are provided to everyone all day, every day. At a certain rank members get a larger repair allowance and can withdraw a raid consumable (flasks, feasts, ect.)

    This works because the guild leader basically a glorified bank alt. He doesn’t raid or even run heroics or battlegrounds as far as I can tell, the gm toon just sits in front of the bank in SW and another one of his characters works the AH. From what I can gather, they sell bags, enchanting mats, gems, herbs, glyphs and just random stuff that has been in the bank for a while. In February they payed out 18,000g in repairs and 3,000g in riding scholarships and ended the month with more than 75,000g in gold and assets.

  8. SendaiiNo Gravatar says

    I know for most higher end raiding guilds, they sell raids to fund the guild bank. I know that’s not viable for every raiding guild, but guilds that can work together, and clear old content fast, can do this. But then again, this was back in Ulduar and early ToC days, when mount runs were still possible.

  9. JyororeNo Gravatar says

    One guild I was in would take the gold off the boss in exchange for repairs. They would have a treasurer drop group, loot the gold from the boss, wright it down, rejoin the group and put it in the gbank at the end of the day. Anyone that looted the gold while in the raid was expected to pay 1000g to the bank to compensate.
    It was a harsh rule, but it very rarely happened, and in exchange we got repairs every night.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      @Jyorore This was something we did in Vitare when we first joined. But Blizzard changed things so that a share of the profits automatically goes to all present raid member the moment the boss dies now.

      Thanks for all the comments – so many good ideas in here! I love the idea of betting on the raid weekly – that sounds like so much fun.

      • AjayNo Gravatar says

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  10. MokeleNo Gravatar says

    We use an EPGP system for looting. So donations to the Gbank of things we need are rewarded with EP – thus gbank is never short on herbs, enchanting mats etc because members get EP for donating them. It means all raid flasks, enchants etc are free. Another one we do is Naxx farm runs for EP, its funner than farming & a quick clear. Everyone who participates uses 10 of the triumph emblems they earnt on the run to buy a hybrid gem to donate to the gbank along with 200g from cash & vendor trash earnt. All items that drop are disenchanted for mats. Our gbank doesnt pay for our repairs – it seems to me paying for repairs is an incentive to pull stupid death inducing stunts. But all our enchants & flasks are paid for by the gbank, and this way the BoE items that drop go to the raiders in our group who can use them instead of losing it to the AH.

  11. BeruthielNo Gravatar says

    I also did a post up on how we run our guild bank for you Lath :)

    You can find it here:

    P.S. Thanks for the topic idea!
    .-= Beruthiel’s last blog … Money, Money, Money, Money =-.

  12. AriochNo Gravatar says

    We use an EPGP system and allow mats or gold to be donated for extra EP. I also have a handful of very generous people that just donate above and beyond.
    As the guild leader, I’m also the banker and take no cut from the profits made by selling the BoE blues/purples and assorted extra items.
    Greens from raids are disenchanted. All raiders get their repairs during raids covered, flasks, feasts, and enchants. Sometimes we are able to provide gems. We have members maxed at every profession and just about every specialty. The guild will chip in to get players specific patterns and all crafting services are provided free of charge to guildmates.
    .-= Arioch’s last blog … How did you sleep last night? =-.

  13. DNo Gravatar says

    The current guild I’m in takes all the boe’s that drop during our raids (which for us is a lot , 2 25 mans and 3-5 10 mans a week). The entire raid gets to roll on the boe, and whoever wins gets two choices.

    1. Spend half of the gold of the cheapest price of that item that is on the ah at the time and get the item. That money goes to the guild bank.


    2. The guild leader sells it, gives half the gold to you and the other half goes to the guild bank.

    This keeps our guild funds high, and we get 100g a day in guild raid repairs. There is currently about 170k gold in our guild bank right now.

  14. AekaNo Gravatar says

    Hi. Our guild recently set up a guild tax, donating 25% of looted gold to the guild. I left on vacation on May 28th with the GB having somewhere above 3k gold. When I got back on June 7th, the GB had over 32k. Prior to this, we had relied on donations and the furious farming of a few. We are currently set up so that only looted gold is taxed, not sold vendortrash or quest gold. The addon is called Guild Tax, which is available at Curse. It all adds up, and you make a donation every time you visit the GB, if you’ve loted anything since the last time you visited. So, that Porcelain Bell you got in the fishing daily grab bag: all 100g is yours for selling to the vendor. The gold from daily quests: all yours. The gold you looted off enemy players in WG: a set percent to your guild, in my case, 25% to my guild. This can be further tweaked, of course, and is up to your guild as to how it’s implemented. But it all adds up very fast, varying on the size of your guild, of course.

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  19. Not this time. But I will keep those in mind for the next time. Thanks for the suggestions.

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