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Revisting Maraudon: Purple Crystals

Maraudon: Purple Crystals

Not a very pretty picture. Do you know how long it would take me to fly out there to take another?

With the introduction of the Dungeon Finder in Patch 3.3 Blizzard have segmented some of the lengthy classic dungeons. Maraudon has been split into 3 separate dungeon runs: Purple Crystals (levels 39-49), Orange Crystals (levels 41-51) and Pristine Waters (levels 41-53).

Maraudon has a really odd structure. If you were to travel to the zone portal by foot – it’s underground in Desolace below the Valley of the Spears – you can follow the purple glowing crystals jutting out of the walls towards the Purple Crystals instance portal, or you can follow the orange glowing crystals jutting out of the walls to enter Mauradon via the Orange Crystals instance portal: two separate start points into the same instance.

Both Purple and Orange dungeon runs logically lead onto Pristine Waters. It’s kind of a Y shape – two instance runs leading to one final section.

The Purple Crystal run, containing the lowest level enemies and thus first in the series, will start you in a blue shadowed area called The Wicked Grotto. I hope you’re ready to kill some imps and demons!

The good news? Purple Crystals is a super fast instance run. The bad news? Purple Crystals is a super fast instance run. There’s only one boss to kill in order to receive Blizzard’s little completion box and a pat on the back for a job well done. You’ll probably finish your first run thinking: is that it? Never fear, I’ve included the directions to an extra boss if you’re left wanting more.

The Map

Maraudon Purple Crystals map and colour coded walkthrough

Maraudon Purple Crystals: Map with path and bosses marked

The bosses are:

  1. Lord Vyletongue
  2. Celebras the Cursed
    Technically Celebras doesn’t really fit into the Purple Crystals run at all. Once you’ve killed Lord Vyletongue, the game will award you for completing the run. However, the next boss you come to in the original Mauradon (pre-segmented) is Celebras, and the poor guy isn’t part of either the Orange Crystals or Pristine Waters segments either. So I’ve tacked him on here. Plus some of your group members might have the quest to kill/talk to him and get his staff.

Still Want More?

As I mentioned above, you’ll probably kill Lord Vyletongue, get your satchel and stand around saying “so… we’re done?” to your other similarly bewildered party members. If you, and rest of your party, want to get more XP returned for the time spent in queue you can keep heading west towards Celebras the Cursed.

If you’ve killed Celebras and still want more, you can head south then east and jump off the edge when you reach the waterfall to begin a Pristine Waters run. Be careful, though. Blizzard defines the appropriate level for Pristine Waters as 41-53 but from experience I wouldn’t try this unless your tank and DPSers are all level 44+. The hydras in the water are about level 46 and you’re going to be in a word of hurt if you’re missing more than hitting.

The bosses in Pristine Waters are level 48 elites.

The Corpse Run

The absolutely worst part of Maraudon is the spirit run back to the instance portal. Avoid wiping at all costs!

If you’re a Warlock, be diligent about keeping your soulstone up on the healer. If you’re a soulstone’d healer, be very careful not to use your soulstone until you’re absolutely sure it’s safe and the area around you is clear of enemy mobs. Shamans with their self-ressurection would be a godsend here, too. Unfortunately none of my runs happened to include a Shaman.

If you have no other option, here’s how to get back:

  1. Run north and west from the graveyard up towards the Valley of Spears. On your map there are two huts drawn in, you want to aim for the southern one. Keep an eye out for the summoning stone. Then look up towards the north west and you’ll see a giant gargoyle looking entrance with some closed stone doors – run in.
  2. Inside the cavern. Walk half way across the bridge and turn left and jump right off. Follow that tunnel!
  3. You’ll get to a wide open room with Purple Crystals marking the left side of the room, Orange Crystals marking the right and an altar/wall decoration thing in the center. Go left, towards the Purple Crystals (if you can’t make out the colours in spirit form, go left).
  4. Follow the crystal tunnel. When you get to the bridge, head straight across and continue to follow the path towards the left.
  5. Continue through the tunnel until you reach a wide open cavern with bridges in the distance. Turn immediately to your right and you should be able to see the instance portal!

Here’s those instructions in picture form:

Slideshow: Getting to the instance portal. Click and press "play" to see all steps.

Step 2

Step 2: Entrance

Step 3

Step 3: Jump!

Step 4

Step 4: Follow the tunnel

Step 5

Step 5: Keep following...

Step 6

Step 6: T intersection - go left!

Step 7

Step 7: Bridge

Step 8

Step 8: Follow the path

Step 9

Step 9: Keep following...

Step 10

Step 10: The cavern

Step 11

Step 11: Turn right

Step 12

Step 12: You made it!

15 Responses to “Revisting Maraudon: Purple Crystals”

  1. DeandreNo Gravatar says

    I hate to say it, but for Purple Crystals I’ve found the average queue for DPS is faster than the party can make a corpse run in general. Wipes destroy groups for there, and the Deadmines is another group eater.

    It’s not even really the length of the run, it’s the 2 or 3 people that get lost and end up in the wrong place.

  2. PsynisterNo Gravatar says

    I’m glad I have somewhere to send people for finding their way back into the instance now. It’s insanely hard trying to talk someone through a corpse run that’s never been there before. “Where are you?”–”I don’t know!”–”What’s around you? What’s it look like?” “a cave!”–”….”
    .-= Psynister’s last blog … WoW Tweeps: A List =-.

  3. RazorstormNo Gravatar says

    This a fantastic post! I think the most valuable part is the explanation of the corpse run. Any character who is in the right level tier should read this and BOOKMARK IT!

  4. VidyalaNo Gravatar says

    It really is a horrific corpse run. You’ve got it all mapped out, as usual, though! Purple Crystals had the “SM Graveyard” feel to me, as you said. A little too quick. Pristine Waters is about the right length, though.
    .-= Vidyala’s last blog … Identity Crises =-.

  5. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Vidyala Blackrock Depths: Prison suffers from the same problem – why split a dungeon in two when you’re going to put 1 boss as a requirement of the first run, and then the other 18 (or whatever it is) all in the second half of the run?!

  6. DarushNo Gravatar says

    I’ve done Purple and Orange crystals so far, and both were surprisingly short. Furthermore, people have a tendency to drop group as soon as the final boss is killed (even if that final boss is the only boss), and convincing them to move on to “optional” bosses is troublesome.

    The only group I did manage to drag to Celebras got awarded with Mesholk the Harvester on the way. And the rogue was awarded with a beautiful Fungus Shroud Armor.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      @Darush Hehe usually if I know the dungeon a bit better than my other party members I will intentionally drag them to optional bosses before getting within site of what the Dungeon Finder says is the “final” boss, just to avoid people dropping group immediately! Unfortunately there’s just no way to sneak past Vyletongue in Purple Crystals – you walk right past him to keep going to Celebras.

  7. AnalogueNo Gravatar says

    Just wait til Dire Maul. People can never find their way back in there, I ran it probably half a dozen times recently on my little priest and was always having to run back, watch for pats, and res people. It’s so fun asking where their bodies are since they always manage to die in bad spots, release, and then get lost. I really hope that in Cataclysm Blizzard will at least add instance maps.

    Oh, and BRD is the worst dungeon run. So very, very long…

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      @Analogue Dire Maul is definitely an instance/s that I’m unfamiliar with – I’ve already got maps printed out in preparation for those guides. I’m coming to love BRD, although I hate how it’s been split into 2 uneven segments, and I know my way around. I usually don’t aim to take my parties through a full clear when I get “Upper City” – it’s just too long.

  8. Channii/Zha'aneNo Gravatar says

    I’ve been fighting Blizzard on Mauradon for about a year now. Why would you have an instance with level 46-50 mobs open up before Zul’farak? My wife and I got shuffled into orange side on our 41 Warrior and Priest. The mobs started at 44… And by the time we gave up they were 46 before we reached the first boss. Can you say crushing blow? From trash…?

    Don’t get me wrong, I always liked running this at level, even if it was a pain to navigate. Finding a way back into the instance after a wipe took longer than the run itself it seemed! But at level it was great. It’s just a matter of getting Blizz to understand what that level is…

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      @Channii/Zhan’ane Lathere and I were also handed Orange Crystals the moment we reached level 41. Can I say “miss miss miss miss miss”? We couldn’t kill Noxxion because our healer ran out of mana – the fight must have gone for about 5 minutes. However this is because Blizzard made a mistake and had the level requirements for Purple and Orange around the wrong way when Patch 3.3 was released. It is now fixed/correct for future generations of Dungeon Finder levelers!

  9. MelvylNo Gravatar says

    One suggestion: I was in an Orange group that wiped and I had already up found the Purple Entrance a few days before. I zoned in, stepped back through the portal to Dalaran, and then used the LFD icon to teleport back in. That does help.

    But I hope Blizzard rethinks this whole mechanic soon. BFD and BRD are both complicated and lengthy runs. With low-level players from opposite factions running RFC and Stocks, they are completely confused on how to return to an entrance in a city they have never been.

  10. CaylebNo Gravatar says

    This post is a godsend for leveling alts in the Dungeon Finder. Inevitably, someone is new or has forgotten the way back for the corpse run. Thanks!
    .-= Cayleb’s last blog … Je suis en vie =-.

  11. PapaNastyNo Gravatar says

    I remember the first time I did Mara, I don’t even know what color we did.

    But it was 4 hours of hell

    Myself and the friends I was levelling with (This was during Vanilla) swore we would never go back there, ever. This kind of guide is the sort of thing which could have saved us hours and hours!!


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