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Revisiting Maraudon: Pristine Waters

Maraudon Pristine Waters - Princess

The path to Princess Theraras in Maraudon: Pristine Waters

Pristine Waters (levels 41-53) begins south of where a Purple Crystals (levels 39-49) or Orange Crystals (levels 41-51) run would end.

Pristine Waters is the easiest part of Maraudon to get lost in. This is also where you’ll find the most beautiful scenery in Maraudon. There are many winding paths that loop back and over each other at different levels.

When I create these guides I aim to put together comprehensive boss runs – guides that ensure you kill all the bosses in quick succession and give you a satchel at the very end. Unfortunately that’s just not possible in a Pristine Waters run.

This guide will take you on a loop that kills all four bosses. But you’re going to get your satchel midway when you kill Princess Theraras. To kill Princess last would require a lot of extra clearing and backtracking. This run is much shorter, but you may need to convince your party to stick around for the two optional bosses in the run.

The Map

Maraudon Pristine Waters Map with Bosses

Maraudon Pristine Waters Map with bosses and travel path marked

The bosses are:

  1. Landslide
    He’s at the very top level of a long winding path. Once you’ve killed him, backtrack halfway down the path and take a right.
  2. Princess Theraras
    Technically she’s the final boss of the instance and will award you a satchel. The path from Landslide logically leads you to Princess and all the groups that I’ve been in have instinctively traveled this direction. I’m not going to buck the trend here!
  3. Rotgrip optional, recommended
    There’s absolutely no reason not to kill Rotgrip after Princess. No mobs lie between the two. Face away from Princess and jump off the left side of the path into the water and wait for Rotgrip to swim to you.
  4. Tinkerer Gizlock optional
    There’s a bit of clearing in order to get to Tinkerer Gizlock and I’ve yet to find myself in a group willing to kill him. Perhaps his loot isn’t very good? Swim east after killing Rotgrip then follow the path clockwise, over the bridge then north west.

I really did try and figure out a good, logical clearing order which would bring your party to Princess last. I promise, I tried. However the amount of stuff that needs killing between Landslide and Tinkerer Gizlock is a real bummer.

And there’s just no good way to kill Rotgrip before killing Princess T – you’ll be standing on the bridge facing Princess and trying to convince your party members to take a one way detour to kill Rotgrip and Gizlock – I just can’t see that happening.

The other kill order I’ve seen suggested is:

  1. Tinkerer Gizlock (there’s another way to get to him on the way to Landslide – taking a route north east off the path. Follow the dotted line marked on this map – thanks Shrike!)
  2. backtrack then go up to Landslide
  3. go off to kill Princess
  4. then fall in the water and kill Rotgrip

Personally I hate the amount of trash you need to clear by taking that route to Tinkerer Gizlock. I know that my path looks really long on the map but most of it is clear of mobs – it’s just a long run with a couple packs in the way. And I can never find the turn off to get to Gizlock along the path marked yellow.

The Run

I’ll admit it’s been weeks and weeks since Pixii and I ran Pristine Waters. I’ve been trying to get my mind around how to do this guide. Unfortunately that means that I don’t remember much about the pugs themselves.

I do remember that all the diemetradons cast a Sonic Burst silence on casters that accidentally get into melee range and it’s just not worth trying to get a Frost Nova off. I remember that the rock elementals break down into smaller rock elementals upon death. AoE ftw!

I do remember that almost every run includes a 2 minute interlude while the party members speculate on just how ugly Princess Theradras is. And on that topic, I’m convinced that the only reason we give her so much grief is because she has the word “Princess” in her name and we start thinking of Snow White, Cinderella or maybe even celebrity princesses like Paris Hilton. Tiny, cute and blonde she is not.

Lathere is convinced that Princess ought to come to Northrend and meet Patchwerk, Rotface or Festergut. I think it’s better she stays single:

Ages ago, Theradras and Zaetar, first son of Cenarius, began a relationship. The offspring of their time together became known to the people of Kalimdor as centaurs, who promptly slew their father for his part in their misbegotten creation.

The Corpse Run

To recover your body after dying in Pristine Water you’ll need to run back to the instance portal in Valley of the Spears, Desolace. However there is no Pristine Waters instance portal – you need to take either of the two Maraudon portals like you would for a Purple or Orange Crystals instance run.

I would recommend following the path to the Purple Crystals portal found at the end of this guide.

*** ps. Next up: the dreaded Sunken Temple **

9 Responses to “Revisiting Maraudon: Pristine Waters”

  1. JenNo Gravatar says

    Thank you… I think. It sounds scary as hell… though it’s good to know, at least. With my sense of direction, just giving up and eating the debuff might be faster than trying to find my way to an instance without its own portal…
    .-= Jen’s last blog: Good news, everyone. We’ve saved Azeroth again. =-.

  2. Dyre42No Gravatar says

    “Ages ago, Theradras and Zaetar, first son of Cenarius, began a relationship.”

    After seeing her I couldn’t help but wonder, “How drunk was Zaetar at the time?”

  3. ShrikeNo Gravatar says

    The turn-off for the early Gizlock kill, which makes it much easier to kill him without random dungeon people dropping out after getting their Satchel (the main reason to do him first, IMO):

    While going up a ramp, there are two ways to go. Right: tunnel with the very first pack of nonelite worms you’ve seen (the Gizlock path); or Left: bridge aiming toward the first stone giants you’ve seen (the Landslide path).

    Gizlock is a good kill if you have anyone who uses shields and mana in your party (holy pallies, ele/resto shamans):

  4. MossiNo Gravatar says

    Thank you so much for these! Leveling a paladin as a tank–my first tank–and it helps so much to be able to find my way around and act like I know what I’m doing!

  5. Professor Irwin Corey~ If we dont change direction soon well end up where were going.

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