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Revisiting Maraudon: Orange Crystals

Razorlash: the final boss in Maraudon Orange Crystals

Razorlash is the second and final boss in Maraudon: Orange Crystals

With the introduction of the Dungeon Finder in Patch 3.3 Blizzard have segmented some of the lengthy classic dungeons. Maraudon has been split into 3 separate dungeon runs: Purple Crystals (levels 39-49), Orange Crystals (levels 41-51) and Pristine Waters (levels 41-53).

Both Purple and Orange dungeon runs logically lead onto Pristine Waters. If you compare the maps between this guide (for Orange) and the map that I created for Purple you can really how the two entrances lead towards Celebras the Cursed and then onwards south towards Pristine Waters.

The Orange Crystal run will be the second part of Maraudon that you visit using the Dungeon Finder. This time around we’re killing evil plants. And slugs.

Maraudon: Orange Crystals is actually a very nice length dungeon to run. It contains two bosses: Noxxion and Razorlash.

The Map

Maraudon Orange Crystals: Map with path and bosses marked

Maraudon Orange Crystals: Map with path and bosses marked

The bosses are:

  1. Noxxion
  2. Razorlash
    The final boss. Congratulations, you made it!
  3. Celebras the Cursed optional!
    Technically Celebras isn’t part of the Maraudon: Orange instance run at all. Once you’ve killed Razorlash, the game will award you for completing the run. However, if some of your group members want to do the quest to kill/talk to him and get his staff, I’ve included the path to reach him.

The Run

Beware groups of slimes/ooze. These critters deal huge amounts of damage to player in close proximity. Fortunately, they also move incredibly slowly. There are a couple of groups of slimes that will need to be cleared along the way towards Noxxion. They shouldn’t be tanked or melee’d, just have your ranged DPSers kill them from afar.

There are quite a few centaur patrols (usually in pairs of 2 hunter-y type females) that will make you life difficult you’re not looking for them.

And the big blackened lashers are nasty for casters – particularly healers – because they do a knockback with a stun/interupt quite frequently. At the beginning of the instance you’ll always fight these one at a time. In the groups after Noxxion (the first boss), which are a mix of less dangerous brown lashers usually with 1 evil, dark lasher – it’s a good idea to focus firethe bad one.

The Bug, er Slug

There are a couple of pipes that spew out worm/slug things in Maraudon: Orange. The first one, the annoying one, is in the large open space (the third light blue arrow on the map) before Noxxion’s cavern. When the pipe works correctly you can clear up to it, and click on it and bash it until it sort of collapses. Once you’ve bashed on it, it will stop spawning slugs.

Unfortunately in my runs, bashing on the pipe had no effect. This means that after you progress past this room slugs will continue to creep up behind the group and latch onto your healer. They seem to stop once you kill Noxxion.

Hopefully Blizzard will fix this soon. It seems to be a known problem.

The Corpse Run

The one truth that applies to any of the three Maraudon instances is this: the spirit run back is absolutely awful.

However, if you do wipe inside Maraudon: Orange Crystals you have a few options:

  • Drop group. Awww, giving up so easy?
  • Spirit run back to the Maraudon: Purple instance portal (if you know the way there better). As a reader pointed out, you’ll be kicked to wherever you were before the group was assembled, alive, at which point you can use the Teleport to Dungeon option.
  • Spirit run back to the Maraudon: Orange instance portal.

If you’ve chosen to run back to the Maraudon: Orange instance portal the good news is that, technically, it’s about the same distance to run to the Maraudon: Purple instance portal. Assuming you don’t get lost. It’s still a god awful long distance. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Run north and west from the graveyard up towards the Valley of Spears. On your map there are two huts drawn in, you want to aim for the southern one. Keep an eye out for the summoning stone. Then look up towards the north west and you’ll see a giant gargoyle looking entrance with some closed stone doors – run in.
  2. Inside the cavern. Walk half way across the bridge and turn left and jump right off. Follow that tunnel!
  3. You’ll get to a wide open room with Purple Crystals marking the left side of the room, Orange Crystals marking the right and an altar/wall decoration thing in the center. Go right, towards the Orange Crystals (if you can’t make out the colours in spirit form, go right when you reach the wide room with crystals on the far left and far right).
  4. Follow this map:
Maraudon: Orange - path to instance portal and/or spirit run

Maraudon: Orange - path to instance portal and/or spirit run

I always get lost finding the Orange instance portal, so I looked around and found a map drawn by someone who actually knows the way! The above map is modified from this crazy, all-quests-in-one, map/guide.

5 Responses to “Revisiting Maraudon: Orange Crystals”

  1. DeandreNo Gravatar says

    I usually get a pipe that will die, then respawn a few seconds later and continue with the slugs.

  2. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Deandre Yeah, in my first few runs you couldn’t kill the pipe at all (not even temporarily) but in the last few it looked like it was working – it would kind of give up and cough up some black smoke, then flatten out a bit – only to continue spawning slugs a few seconds later.

  3. KrunNo Gravatar says

    In my experience, the Slugs from that pipe never stop coming, its easy enough when your tank grabs a group of mobs before Noxxion, the healer and other clothies stand ahead of the group so that if the slug comes it will go to the tank. In addition, the slugs all run down to where Noxxion is. Once Noxxion is dead and you leave his little watery hollow, those slugs still run into there and no further.

  4. ShrikeNo Gravatar says

    The broken slug pipe was broken for all of 3.x, but finally got fixed in 3.3.2.

  5. saphireNo Gravatar says

    You actually allow it to become appear not thay hard with the demonstration nonetheless uncover that topic to generally be really one thing that I feel I’d personally never comprehend. It appears too tricky and really vast in my opinion. We’re looking in advance for the next submit, I’ll make an attempt to learn it!


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