HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

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  1. DeandreNo Gravatar says

    Spellpower isn’t the best option anymore for Paladin tanking, but it’s also far from the worst. It still has a benefit, but they reduced it significantly. I would suggest the two hands, along with seal of command for tanking. Command’s cleave component works nicely with the haste, which takes away some of the pain of the sloooooooow tanking weapons.

  2. TeblaNo Gravatar says

    I actually use Stained Shadowcraft Tunic ( on my leveling prot warrior. I know it is leather, but after having taunt miss in Maraudon, I realized I needed hit. I talked to a pally that was running with me the tunic and talked me into it. It has much higher stam with hit and attack power. I ended up switching out the Polished Valor chest and it has worked well for me.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      @Tebla I noticed the lack of +hit options for Plate wearers too :( I’ve seen so many tanks in my Mage dungeons struggle to hold threat purely because they are at the very bottom of the level range for the instance while I am hitting every single time. I’ve added that Leather option into the article :)

  3. PapaNastyNo Gravatar says

    Crusader ftw on your weapon enchant, you’ll be 1 shotting mobs at the early levels when it procs, even using a 1 handed weapon, and at the later levels it’s still by far the best +dmg enchant.

    As strength is the single biggest threat / dmg stat for paladins of all classes, particularly when you add in the multipliers from kings (or sanc) and talents.

    You don’t need lifestealing at all, it’s completely useless, because when levelling as prot, you can use seal of light + judgement of light (once you get blessing of sanc) to keep up your health easily. Until then you’ll maybe need to use seal / judgement of wisdom a bit I’m not sure (things have changed alot since I lvl’d 3 or 4 years ago).

    Don’t bother with a 2h weapon if you’re not going to go ret. At the later levels, you do more dmg with a 1h weapon when you’re prot spec, and at the lower levels you’ll prettymuch 1 shot mobs when crusader procs anyway. Not to mention you can AoE grind as prot, which is the main attraction of it, as once you have concecrate and holy shield, you should be able to prettymuch just pull and kill large numbers of mobs all at once for ezymode lvling.

  4. NatarumahNo Gravatar says

    Seems like you have the sets plotted out quite nicely – I’d recommend about the same for leveling. As for the enchants, I stuck with Crusader on weapon. While it says that the effect decreases after level 60, that change is not all that great – or at least how I experienced it. I think it procs at 60 Strength from level 70 on and 40 Strength at levle 80. Still nice to have, as it adds Threat and Block Value.

    Still, I wouldn’t be too concerned about the gear – with heirloom chest and shoulders, weapon and even one trinket (reserving a slot for a tanking trinket at higher levels to save a slot) you will outgear instances enormously.

    My level 66 Tankadin sits at 9.5K health self-buffed, almost the same as a tank who entered Karazhan at level 70, just to illustrate.

    The only sad thing that the only available shoulder enchants will be from Zul’Gurub, meaning that they will only be available at level 60 or so on. You could always ask your guildies if they feel like doing some runs – you will get rep and tanking practice, and shoulder enchants which will last you until level 70. Even so, it does seem like a bit of a waste of time concerning how fast you are likely to level up.

    Any idea what professions you’d like to go for on your Baby Tank?

  5. VidyalaNo Gravatar says

    I’m not qualified to comment on the tanking set, really – I’m using the chestpiece and shoulders that you mentioned as well as the battle-worn thrash blade because my tanking husband said he considered the mace to be a bit slow for tanking – preferring something that hits more often.

    As for the heal set, I’m using the mail chest/shoulders, the Devout Aurastone hammer, and 2x Discerning Eye of the Beast. I had these things already from having leveled my shaman. I didn’t put the highest possible enchants on them, though; because I’m leveling enchanting I just tend to slap whatever I am able to do on them as I go.

    I hope leveling your paladin is a fun experience for you! :D
    .-= Vidyala’s last blog … Identity Crises =-.

  6. BriNo Gravatar says

    I’ve had the Fiery Enchant cause problems when you’re working around tightly-packed yellow con mobs. You forget the enchant is there until it goes off and aggro’s 3 more. But, then, you’re levelling a pally, no worries! ;)

  7. SeeleyNo Gravatar says

    I hope you have fun. i have just done what you are setting out on and i can honestly say that it was a blast.

    Now for some hints, pvp heirlooms are better tanking ones. Better stm and the added bonus of resi at low levels reduces the chances you will be crit by mobs of a high or equal level.

    Healing, one word, “MANA” get it big…….

    Cheers Have fun

    Seeley (lvl 80 Holy Pally – Nagrand US – Horde)

  8. OphelieNo Gravatar says

    The way you have things planned out seems fine. You really, really don’t have to min/max as you level. The content is tuned taking into consideration that not everyone has access to heirloom gear. I’ve been fooling around with my level 50s ret pally lately, who’s on a separate server and doesn’t have access to heirloom gear so she still has a couple of pieces from Scarlet Monastary (eek!). Still, she’s been tanking BRD (yes, in her ret spec) like a pro.

    Like Seeley said, the PvP heirloom gear might be slightly better for tanking due to the extra stam (plus resilience never hurts when leveling on a pvp server).

    I bought two sets of gear for my latest paladin as well (I’m having her heal/dps) and I’m very pleased with it. Knowing that I can switch roles whenever and always get an experience bonus is fantastic. Plus, the mail gear is flexible, so she can share it with my lowbie shaman.
    .-= Ophelie’s last blog … Adventures in and Reflections on Lowish Level Tanking =-.

    • WiwinNo Gravatar says

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  9. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Seeley I could only find that 1 PVP Heirloom item – the Pristine shoulders (in the Other Options for tanking shoulders column). Are there other items that I missed?

    @Bri and Papa I’m starting to see why Crusader might be a better option than the Fiery Blaze Enchant.
    .-= Cassandri’s last blog … Paladin Hand-Me-Downs =-.

  10. MilleaNo Gravatar says

    Just remember if you are enchanting heirloom gear you cannot use an enchant that has a level requirement. So even though Crusader tops off a bit at the higher levels, unless you stop using the heirloom weapon, there isn’t a better alternative.

    All heirloom items are considered to be level 1. If you runeforge an heirloom item it is no longer BoA.
    .-= Millea’s last blog … So that Tir will shut up =-.

    • SpuenkyNo Gravatar says

      I agree that crusader is godly for heirlooms! I have leveled different pallies, some with Fiery and some with Crusader, and I greatly preferred Crusader =)

      However, enchanting a BoA with something that has a level requirement or Runeforging (which again has a level req) does not make the item non-BoA, it simply fails to put the enchant on the item; “Target is too low level”

      • CassandriNo Gravatar says

        So far I’m getting a bit frustrated by Crusader – it always goes off on the killing blow and then has pretty much expired while I find another mob to kill! Hopefully as time goes on I can take on more mobs at once and see this proc a lot more often.

        Damn good thing that it doesn’t permanently wreck your BoA weapon if you accidentally try and enchant it with something to high level. That would be bad…

  11. MelvylNo Gravatar says

    It does seem odd that with the continued tanking shortages issues, Blizzard focused so much on dps and healing heirlooms.

    My lvl73 Resto Druid is wearing a Tattered Dreadmist Robe with the Major Mana enchant that has also been shared with a Priest, Mage, and Shaman. I am planning to send some heirlooms cross server/faction to a lvl29 Paladin that I want to level Prot. This post is helping me finalize my choices.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      @Melvyl I don’t think there are any tanking heirlooms because, really, until the new Dungeon Finder was released you couldn’t really level up purely through instance tanking. Still don’t get why there is no Attack Power trinket.

  12. LukeNo Gravatar says


    All you need for tanking with a pally up until lvl 50 is Stam… and maybe a little shieldy… but mostly its stam :)

    your loving paladin


  13. sirio rossNo Gravatar says

    My friend Pike also thinks that Crusader is a better bet. I personally can’t comment on the tanking yet…be back soon.
    sirio ross’s last post: Cursus- Qigong voor 55-plussers – Telstar Online

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