HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

Monthly Archives: March 2010

Holy Priest Set Bonuses
(and Tires with Spikes)

Cassandri and Lathere would like to introduce Snakevenom, a golden Holy Priest. After a Vent discussion regarding the change to the healing Priest Tier 10 set bonuses he posted the following article on our guild forums. We thought it was too interesting not to share. This post is by Snakevenom.

Revisting Maraudon: Purple Crystals

The Purple Crystal run, containing the lowest level enemies and thus first in the series, will start you in a blue shadowed area called The Wicked Grotto. I hope you’re ready to kill some imps and demons!

My Faithful Raiding Companion

I was inspired by Keeva & Kae’s pet posts and thought I would share a picture of my part angel/part devil cat Tristam. 

Shadow Priests, Spirit and Stat Weightings

Just because Shadow Priests don’t value Spirit very highly it doesn’t mean that other cloth wearers, and Blizzard, feel the same way.

Too Many Cooks

My guild raids, especially when you listen to vent, are starting to suffer from a case of too many cooks spoil the broth. After every single wipe – on bosses we’ve been working on for weeks, or bosses we’ve been working on for just one night – vent explodes with heated debate and “suggestions”. We stand, all buffed and ready to pull again, while we argue amongst ourselves on Vent.