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My Faithful Raiding Companion

Meet Tristam (the Angel part). Sif my raiding companion would be my boyfriend!

I was inspired by Keeva & Kae’s pet posts and thought I would share a picture of my part angel/part devil cat Tristam.  Every raid night regardless of the temperature (it can seriously be the middle of a hot Australian summer day), he finishes his dinner and then jumps up onto my computer tower and has a sleep while I raid. 

Occasionally I accidently bump into him, much to his annoyance and he gets all cranky because I woke him up.  This is because his paws stick out off the side of the tower (he’s really not a little kitten anymore) so to pay me back he sticks his claws in my leg. Thankfully this hasn’t yet lead to a raid wipe.

5 Responses to “My Faithful Raiding Companion”

  1. SpinksNo Gravatar says

    Oh, he’s beautiful.
    .-= Spinks’s last blog … Growing your own raiders. And I come not to damn TotC but to praise it. =-.

  2. KeevaNo Gravatar says

    Boo, I want a kitty.

    .-= Keeva’s last blog … New toys make things better =-.

  3. SophNo Gravatar says

    He’s gorgeous!
    You’ve inspired me.

  4. KaeNo Gravatar says

    I put a storage tote next to my computer with a pillow on top of it, it helps keep the cats off my computer/desk/head/arm/feet/keyboard. Most of the time :) Maybe you can set similar up and keep him clear of your legs? Feral attack kitty /casts Rake!

  5. JasylaNo Gravatar says

    What a beautiful cat!
    .-= Jasyla’s last blog … User Interface Part 2 – Action Bars =-.

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