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Holy Priest Set Bonuses
(and Tires with Spikes)

Snakevenom, Holy Priest

Meet Snakevenom, Holy Priest Extrodinaire (yet, like so many Priests, still unable to remove poisons)

Cassandri and Lathere would like to introduce Snakevenom, a golden, glowing Holy Priest. After a Vent discussion regarding the change to the healing Priest Tier 10 set bonuses he posted the following article on our guild forums. We thought it was too interesting not to share. This post is by Snakevenom.

Old Tier 10, 4 piece bonus:

Your Circle of Healing and Penance spells have a 20% chance to cause your next Flash Heal cast within 6 sec to reset the cooldown on your Circle of Healing and Penance spells.

New/Redesigned Tier 10, 4 piece bonus:

Increases the effectiveness of the caster’s Power Word: Shield and Renew spells by 5%.

While I applaud Blizzard for listening to the feedback of the Priest community, implementing a change of this magnitude four months after 3.3 was released is absurd.

If you have the current 4 piece Tier 10 and like it, congratulations: it’s gone.

If you geared for off-tier pieces, you are now expected to waste Emblems of Frost and DKP to re-itemize. If, like me, you spend your DKP elsewhere and bought and sold Primordial Saronite, you have just lost four months worth of Emblems. For you, Patch 3.3 might as well have been released today.

I will not be saving Emblems for this new 4-piece. However, I would be furious if I thought it was good enough to justify completely re-planning my gear set.

Like many full time Holy Priests I currently run a Holy (Renew) / Holy (Flash Heal) dual talent specialization – swapping from spec to spec depending on the demands of the encounter. For example, I use my Holy (Renew) build to heal Blood Queen Lana’thal. I get a lot of healing out of Renew in this fight. My Recount for this fight looks about like this:

When you add up the percentage of healing provided by Renew and Empowered Renew, Renew makes up 46% of my overall healing. A 5% Renew boost (if I were to equip 4pc Tier 10) should increase output by 2.3%.

However, in order to equip 4 pieces of Tier 10 I would need to drop two pieces of Tier 9 and would thus lose my Tier 9 2pc bonus: 20% gain to Prayer of Mending. Starting to look like a pretty stupid upgrade?

Prayer of Mending with Tier 9 2pc = 21% of my healing
Prayer of Mending without Tier 9 2pc * 1.2 (120%) = 21% of my healing
Prayer of Mending without Tier 9 2pc = 17.5% of my healing

or look at it like this:

T9 2pc is 3.5% of my overall healing. The 4pc T10 would net me a 2.3% healing gain overall – and that’s in a fight where Renew contributes significantly to my healing output.

Now With Spikes!

Chavez sums it up nicely in this thread at Plus Heal (I apologise if you’ve already read it – I thought it was very funny and right on the money, too):

I’m not typically one who rags on Blizzard, because they made a great game and human beings make mistakes. Goddamn though. Was months of commentary ranging from legitimate theorycraft and analysis to downright QQ not enough for them? Imagine if it was Chrysler:

Chrysler: Hey guys we’re replacing the tires on our new line of minivans with large steel wheels with spikes in them.

Customer: Um we don’t think that’s a good idea. The spikes will tear up the road.

Chrysler: We feel that adding the spikes will help our minivans have a greater off-road capability and add an element of fun to the highway experience. Internal testing has shown that this feature is no less enjoyable or effective than regular rubber tires, which are boring anyway.

Customer: It’s not a good idea. Nobody’s gonna get the steel spike wheels. They’re just gonna go somewhere else and buy the regular rubber tires.

Chrysler: We feel that this is a very promising feature on our new line and we’ll let the evidence speak for itself once it goes live.

The tires are released onto the market

Customer: Hey Chrysler. Remember what we told you about the steel spikes being a bad idea? Yeah we were right.

Chrysler: …

Customer: Well?

Chrysler: Ok, you’re right. Here’s what we’ll do. We’ll come out to your house and replace the spike wheels on your car with rubber tires. But you have to be currently using the spike wheels. Oh, and to make up for it, we’ll make them the best tires money can buy.

Customer: What? I got rid of my spike wheels because they’re garbage. The tires I have now are fine, but you’re saying I miss out on what you’re offering as a consolation because I did what I said I was going to do about your bad idea?

Chrysler: Yeah pretty much. Oh, while you’re at it, get fucked.

The Solution

In my opinion, the Priest healing 4pc should look like this:

Snakevenom’s Tier 10, 4 set bonus:

Increases the effectiveness of the caster’s Power Word: Shield and Circle of Healing spells by 10%.

Boosting the effect of Power Word: Shield benefits Discipline Priests (who we share our set bonus with, lets not forget) by improving one of their core abilities. In turn, boosting Circle of Healing buffs one of the important, and lets not forget unique, spells that Holy Priests have at their fingertips – and a spell that we use in near about every single encounter. Renew is far too situational to make a good set bonus.

My solution benefits both Discipline Priests and Holy Priest equally – yet neither really benefits from a boost to two spells at once because neither type of healing priest uses both of these spells.

In the example above – Blood Queen Lana’thel – my Recount breakdown of my spells was like so:

  • Renew: 35%
  • Circle of Healing: 28%
  • Prayer of Mending: 21%
  • Empowered Renew: 11%

I calculated above that the latest Tier 10 4 piece bonus change would improve my overall healing by 2.3% (boosting Renew). I also calculated that Tier 9 2 piece bonus is approximately a 3.5% boost to my overall healing. I think it’s fair to say that Blizzard are aiming for the 2-5% benefit per set bonus.

Boosting my Circle of Healing spell by 10% would boost my overall healing (in the example above) by 2.8% (10% of 28%). I think that’s more than reasonable. I think the final Tier in the expansion should be truly impressive and the investment of 4 pieces of gear should net you a higher healing gain than a 2 piece bonus.

But I’d take a 10% boost to Circle of Healing and a modest 2.8% overall healing increase for a Tier Set Bonus that I can benefit from in all encounters.

7 Responses to “Holy Priest Set Bonuses
(and Tires with Spikes)”

  1. AvalonnaNo Gravatar says

    You know how I feel about this change. Angry Ava is Angry.
    .-= Avalonna’s last blog … Priests and Valithria Dreamwalker =-.

  2. That’s a pretty big difference in the quality of the set bonuses. But I wonder if the designers find themselves at a loss, trying to figure out how to create a set bonus that doesn’t buff the biggest spells by 5-20%, over tiers 7-10. Maybe they decided that putting the best bonus on T9 gear would give people an edge when starting on the end-game, while putting the best bonus on the highest tier would make the end-game gear too powerful in the hardest hard modes.

    How does the upgrade from T9 to T10 stack up when you include the stat increases?
    .-= Reassurance’s last blog … No internets! =-.

  3. LuinielNo Gravatar says

    Having previously had 4T10 down as “interesting but probably not worth it” the new 4T10 strikes me as “boring and underpowered” which I feel is definitely a step in the wrong direction :-(

  4. JurikNo Gravatar says

    10% PW:S is too much. At 4000 SP, 5% buff to PW:S is equivalent to almost 300 spellpower on PW:S. Bumping the bonus to 10% would be almost a straight 600 spellpower buff, and would pretty much make every disc priest a shield spam bitch (especially in conjunction with the 5% absorption buff coming from the ICC 5% raid buff–disc will already see an extra 1000 damage absorbed per shield come 3.3.3!)

    Not sure about the holy set bonus, I rarely play holy. But you ought to point out that BQL is a fight where your PoM is active 100% of the time. On many fights, the buff can get stuck on someone not taking damage and rots until you recast.

    Also keep in mind that T10 gear has a lot more raw stats and spellpower. It may not be worth going 258->264 or 245->251, but when you’re talking about a 19 ilvl upgrade, those additional stats aren’t negligible.

  5. NasiNo Gravatar says

    And they listened:
    Priest Tier-10 4-Piece Healing Set Bonus: Redesigned. This bonus now increases the effectiveness of the caster’s Power Word: Shield by 5% and Circle of Healing by 10%.

    From mmo-champ.

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