HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

Monthly Archives: March 2010

My Gear is Too Good to Queue as a Healer

Sometime during the last month I stopped queuing as a Healer or Damage for the Random Heroic. Now I just choose Damage.

Revisiting Maraudon: Pristine Waters

This guide will take you on a loop that kills all four bosses but you’re going to get your satchel midway. To kill Princess T (the “final” boss) last would require a heck of a lot of extra clearing and backtracking. This run is much shorter, but you may need to convince your party to stick around for the second half.

World of Warcraft Personas (for Firefox)

We have some amazing artists in the WoW community. Since Firefox is open source, anyone can create a personas (essentially a single image and some text and background colour settings). You could create a Persona. I could create a Persona.

Gearing Up Your Sapling

I’ve found myself starting to focus on how to best gear up Restori – my fresh level 80 Restoration Druid – without raiding so that when I’ve got the spare time in the future I’ll be able to PUG the occasional raid for pure fun.

Inscription and Glyph Prices

When I decided to make an effort to succeed at selling glyphs, I went to the Auction House as Xata, called up my Inscription crafting window and started searching for glyphs that were listed for a lot and by just one or two people. I stumbled upon my first major competitor and my first in-demand glyph: the Glyph of Devastate.

That’s a 50 DKP Minus!

A guild member posted a link to an article on MMO Champion: 25 People in Your Raid. Perhaps you’ve read it? It got me thinking. Am I just like one of these raiding personality types? Do my guildies think of me as a Teehee? Ms Prepared?

Shared Topic: Eavesdropping on WoW Conversations

Have you ever been out and about and overheard someone talking about WoW, or someone overheard you and butted in?

Internet Censorship and the Future of World of Warcraft in Australia

Then someone realised that even if the content itself is out of our reach in Australia, the user’s ability to see it is well within our control. Since 2000 a project has been underway to create the Great Australian Firewall. All internet service providers in Australia – the guys you connect to first in order to access the internet – will check what you want to look at against the government’s good and bad list.

The Guild Bank: How Does Your Guild Make Money?

I would be very interested to hear how other guilds run their guild banks and how they fill their coffers. In fact I would really like to get heaps of information and do a guide because frankly Google just didn’t cut it for me this time.

Revisiting Maraudon: Orange Crystals

The Orange Crystal run will be the second part of Maraudon that you visit using the Dungeon Finder. This time around we’re killing evil plants. And slugs.