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There’s No Such Thing as an Exploit

Ensidia's world first kill of the Lich King (25) was ruled invalid due to an exploit used by the players

Ensidia's world first kill of the Lich King (25) was declared invalid

It seems that so many of the extremely difficult boss kills this expansion are being declared as invalid or unfair by Blizzard. Because the guilds in question discovered something that turned the encounter in their favor and used it. Exodus’s world first Alone in the Darkness was considered to be an exploit because the guild discovered they could seriously confuse the spawned Guardians in the final phase by a Holy Paladin messing around with brain portals and threat.

A lecturer once told me the following story: His company had been commissioned to develop an educational game which would teach teenagers about the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body. The simple game they developed gave the user a virtual character named Bob and the game would show you what might happen to Bob in different situations.

The developers carefully produced different outcomes based on x drug+y situation = z. Then they put it into user testing and were completely surprised. What was the first thing the game users tried? Drugs? Alcohol? Cigarettes? No, the users tried to do it all, and all at once and waited to see if Bob could survive. They went to the extreme to see if the game could cope with a completely unrealistic, and unintended, situation.

They weren’t trying to understand the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body. They were trying to understand the game itself.

A big part of gaming is learning the rules of logic that define the game world itself. If the game is your opponent (isn’t that what Player vs Environment is all about?) then it’s the same as learning how your opponent thinks. Only by understanding the system can you beat it.

Take the Shadow Priest talent: Pain and Suffering. This talent was introduced in Wrath of the Lich King so that Shadow Priests could now cast just one Shadow Word: Pain at the start of a fight and keep it up on a target indefinitely by casting Mind Flay (part of the standard rotation) every now and then. Cast and forget.

However soon enough some Shadow Priests realised that if they boosted their critical strike chance temporarily (to say 30% instead of 20%) and recast a fresh Shadow Word: Pain they could essentially keep that one spell operating at a 30% critical strike chance for the entire duration of the fight long after the temporary buff had worn off.

You’re not going to read about that on any tooltip, I can guarantee it. But that’s how that talent and those two spells work in the logic of WoW. Once discovered, the smart players immediately started to mesh this new fact in with all the other bits of WoW knowledge that they might know. In the same way you might know that Mind Flay ticks 3 times during the channel but only applies two stacks of Shadow Weaving you can also know that Shadow Word: Pain remembers your critical strike chance at the moment you apply it.

You don’t question whether it’s intentional or not. It’s not your place to question what is and isn’t a mistake in the game. You are a gamer. It’s your job to win.

If you cast Arcane Missiles and your target runs out of line of sight mid-way through the channel, all five ticks of Arcane Missiles will land successfully, jumping right through walls, and hit that target. Yes, it can travel right through walls. I had no idea – until I watched this tournament video last year when it was used to win a match.

The smart player who understands the logic of the game can use them to win.

There is no right or wrong. It’s not up to you, as the player, to debate whether the design of such and such spell is intentional or not. We can only assume, in these two examples, that both of these spells and talents are working as intended. And, because they exist unchanged in the game, that implicitly confirms that they must be working as intended – otherwise they would be changed. We accept them and the best of us turn them to our advantage.

Did you know that you can Typhoon or Thunderstorm the Blood Fiends right off the edge of the spire during the Deathbringer Saurfang fight? I only just heard about that a week ago. By now I imagine many many guilds and PuGs are using this tactic to defeat the encounter.

If you believe that in a virtual world you can click on portals to teleport around Icecrown Citadel, if you believe that Deathbringer Saurfang exists in this space, why can’t you believe that you can dispense with the pets of Deathbringer Saurfang by maneuvering them right off the edge of the cliff? Note: one reader pointed out that this has been changed/fixed now.

If you believe that knocking off the fiends is cheating, you’re making assumptions about what the encounter developers at Blizzard intended. And that isn’t your place. If you had never raided before, if you had no knowledge of any other raid boss in the game then I highly doubt you would think that was cheating or using an exploit. You would think it was clever.

Using Levitate to totally negate the effects of the Snobold bombs in Northrend Beasts was eventually fixed by Blizzard which implies that it wasn’t working as intended. But Blizzard never said using Levitate during that encounter was an exploit.

Blizzard have decided that Ensidia exploited the Lich King encounter on 25 man. Something that Ensidia did caused the platform (which is meant to crumble underneath you I gather) to reform, or to stop crumbling.

You know what? If I was in that raid, and I was the one who figured out that something I was doing was disrupting the encounter significantly, I would be thrilled. If you can “break” the logic, push the game into a place that it was never meant to go – you are winning in my book. I say, congratulations to those who figured it out.

In the end it’s up the whims of Blizzard to decide what is and isn’t an exploit.

It’s all a political decision. Sure they can make an example of Ensidia and say “hey kids, this is what NOT to do”. But if it’s in widespread use before they can fix it? (see Levitate example, fixed an entire patch cycle later or the Deathbringer Saurfang knockbacks) They keep quiet and nobody is punished.

If it’s possible to do it in the game, you should do it, use it, whatever, to win. The World of Wacraft is a virtual world where the rules and logic are defined by the developers, not the gamers. Anything is possible. It is not our responsibility to say what should and shouldn’t work, what is and isn’t intentional.

Perhaps Blizzard were justified in removing achievements and gear from players who use tactics that “break”, and thus, win encounters as they did with Ensidia. But Ensidia are not responsible for the logic of the game, the logic that enabled their tactic to work in the first place. They are gamers. They will do everything in their power to win and in doing so find out what is and isn’t possible.

How can you ban them for that?

33 Responses to “There’s No Such Thing as an Exploit”

  1. NazanielNo Gravatar says

    Wow, that’s a great post! You’ve clearly given this a lot of thought :)

    I agree with you to some extent… these players who are the forerunners are the ones dreaming up the strats and trying to beat it blind, vying for that World First.

    The only problem I have with it is that I think they cheapen it for themselves. In a guild I used to be in, people decided that they wanted to use the well-known bug of standing in the tree on Archimonde to bug him out. I was pissed off – it’s 100% obvious that that’s not an intended mechanic – we didn’t deserve that loot. I was guilt-tripped into staying, and I still regret being part of that.

    I guess the thing is that in a lot of cases, we *can* tell when something is unintended. Things like standing in the tree on Archimonde, or standing behind the Lich King in HOR, or using vanish to bug the adds on the spider in Old Kingdom. Or using bombs to stop the Lich King’s platform from rebuilding. I guess it’s more of a continuum than a black and white rule – the mage arcane missiles I would say is “just how the spell works”, but standing on the ledge behind Arthas is clearly abusing the terrain to avoid doing the encounter properly.

    I understand the point that you’re making – if you define the goal as “beating the encounter”, you should use anything available to do so, and you shouldn’t speculate on whether or not things are bugs, because they’re just part of the encounter.

    I guess personally I would always feel like I had cheated, though.
    .-= Nazaniel’s last blog … Visual feedback =-.

  2. Ali BabaNo Gravatar says

    First of all, Deathbringer Saurfang has been hot-fixed such that you cannot blow the Blood Beasts off the edge anymore. So the information in your post is outdated and incorrect.

    Second, I believe that Ensidia knew about the bug and specifically chose to break the encounter in a way that gave them an advantage. In raiding, only the best and most skillful guilds can get world firsts. If you break the encounter in a way that makes it trivial for you to win it, then what’s the point? How have you shown that you are more skillful or better than the rest? Any decently skillful guild could have beaten the encounter that day if they knew about the bug.

    If you do not have the skill, you do not deserve the world first reward. Ensidia deserved to be banned because they are lying and cheating everyone: they earned an award(world first) without them having paid their dues. Its like taking a shortcut in a marathon and winning the championship. There is nothing wrong with using logic and creativity to push the game into a way that it wasn’t meant to go(think: STARS on Yogg+0), but its another thing to bug out encounters such that it no longer requires any skill to win it(think: Exodus on Yogg+0)

  3. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    I guess I lay the blame on the developers. I don’t believe standing behind the Lich King is “cheating” in Halls of Reflection. I think it’s kind of funny that the NPC character doesn’t turn around and follow you… but you could argue that the Lich King follows Jaina and if he’s so easily fooled, it’s not cheating.
    .-= Cassandri’s last blog … There’s No Such Thing as an Exploit =-.

  4. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Ali I would argue two things: what is trivial? what is a “bug”. Only Blizzard can define what is and isn’t a bug because only they know what is and isn’t intentional.

    I think finding an inconsistency, or doing something outside the realms of logical thought (I would never had thought to hide behind the Lich King in HoR for example) then I think that takes skill.

    I would never ever argue that a guild that has the ability to reach the Lich King at this point in progression is not skilled. Never.
    .-= Cassandri’s last blog … There’s No Such Thing as an Exploit =-.

  5. VokNo Gravatar says

    Personally, I agree with Cass 100%. The reason that adds could be blown off of the edge in the Deathbringer encounter was because Blizzard didn’t think of it first, not because of a bug, the same can be said of LK.

    Single player games are hailed a success when they reward innovation, when they allow players to tackle obstacles in different ways, to encourage people to think outside the square and approach things differently. Why is an MMO different to that?

    Remember when all those engineers claimed WG with their bombs? Brilliance! They should get a parade for taking such an approach.

    Just because it’s not “as intended” doesn’t mean it’s wrong. These players should be rewarded, not punished. After all, why CANT you blow adds off the side of a building? Why CANT you weaken Yogg’s control of his minions while INSIDE HIS BRAIN!?!? Why can you not destroy ice (ICE!!) with grenades?

    Must we all use cookie cutter strats to get the same results? Is THAT “working as intended”?
    .-= Vok’s last blog … Visual feedback =-.

  6. JokeyRhymeNo Gravatar says

    Yeah, it’s quite sad the whole group was temp-banned. It’s not like the fight was ever on the PTR, so the “exploit” could not actually be discovered until live. Really this just seems like Blizzard getting embarrassed and punishing someone else for that shame.
    .-= JokeyRhyme’s last blog … Killing Machine: The Feast Begins =-.

  7. LlelethNo Gravatar says

    This is a very interesting view on the whole scenario. But, i would like to point a few things out :
    - the details mentioned in the post, and in most comments, were things which were working within the logic of the imaginary world, but not quite as expected. Therefore, many were fixed in a patch, but few (i know of none) players were punished for using them. So yes, using them is a valid approach, and i applaud people who figure them out (even if, for very personal reasons) i sometimes decide not to use them.
    - from all descriptions i read, what happened at the Lich King encounter was quite obviously a bug. Not only made it the encounter trivial. It also did not at all fit into the description on how things were supposed to work, or the “in world logic”, if something like that exists.
    - They were used to obtain a server first – something which is supposed to be a noteworthy achievement.
    Now, looking at those things, i would dare say that what Ensidia did was not ok. Now, (and this has been mentioned in several comments / posts), it is not just the use of the exploit, but also the context in which it was used.
    Was the punishment correct / too harsh ? Actually, here i would say it was fitting. Had Ensidia chosen to provide a bug report afterwards, actively alerting people that this was (probably) not the desired way, they should have been gotten off with just the achievement removed. But they chose to play “lets see if we can get away with it”. And they lost.

    As to the question “why cant you” which appeared a few comments above – the answer to that is simple, too. You cannot because if you do not limit what can be done in an encounter, the sheer amount of variations will multiply over what is currently possible, making it even harder to balance an encounter to be a fitting challenge. It is already very difficult, just looking at the current scope of abilities.
    And in the end, that is what people want – a challenging encounter.

    And to preemptively counter people saying “thinking out of the box is a bigger challenge” – yes it is, but once people realize that each encounter has an “out of the box” option to make it a lot easier, they will actively search for those. And once found, such options will be made known, and be used. Just check how many pugged heroic runs would follow the Lich King, rather than fleeing from him. For me, it became a challenge to actually NOT do that and complete the encounter as designed.

  8. There is such a thing as an exploit. All an exploit is is violating the rules of the game in such a manner deemed to make it easier.

    To claim that because you CAN do something, it is therefore OK for you to do something is a huge flaw in logic. Just because you can break the rules does not mean it is ok for you to do so.

    WoW is a game, and it has rules, and it has a governing body that has unquestionable authority to interpret, install, and enforce those rules. It’s no different from any other organized game, take the NFL as an example. Instead of Blizzard, there is the Office of the Commissioner. Instead of GMs, there are referees. Instead of guilds, there are teams. The rules, setting, and skillset are different, but the fundamental core is the same.

    In football, a quarterback is capable of running past the line of scrimmage and throwing the ball. He is physically capable of it. However, it is against the rules, and any points or yards gained will be rolled back, and he will be penalized, thus placing him even worse off that he was before. A linebacker is physically capable of leading with his helmet on a tackle. It is, again, against the rules, and one who does it flagrantly may find himself suspended, and fined thousands of dollars by the Commissioner’s office.

    You can see the same process at work in WoW. Sure you can, somehow, make new ice platforms by using bombs in empty space. However, that does not mean that it is ok for you to do so. And being caught doing so risks losing anything gained by your actions, and further punishment setting you worse off than you were before.

    The fundamental flaw in your argument is that you are treating WoW strictly as a program. You need to realize that it is also a game, and thus all the basic metagaming processes are relevant in this situation.
    .-= The Renaissance Man’s last blog … Fail of the Lich King =-.

  9. JahbootieNo Gravatar says

    Just for the record, the NFL analogy does not hold water, for very obvious reasons: the players in a football game are not expected to discover the rules that govern play for themselves, on the fly, during the game.

    The rules are clearly and completely spelled out (an arguable claim, I acknowledge) and have been fully vetted by any and all who are governed by those rules before they are made official and compliance is enforced.

    That being said, I hope everyone understands that the argument about what-is-possible versus what-is-allowed has been around for as long as there have been games. It has been hammered on and kicked around for all that time by all who find the debate worthy of effort – and all to no avail.

    The debate is essentially about one’s philosophical perspective, as is clear from the post and the comments, and while we often agree (or are forced) to abide by one authority or another in a given game, that never changes our believing what we believe or our feeling how we feel about the question – and there is little chance of convincing others to do so, either.

  10. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Jahbootie Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. There are no rules. I mean, there is a terms of service ans such that defines how you should behave. But there was no rule-book issued with the Lich King encounter that states “You cannot use Saronite Bombs during this fight. To do so means that you are cheating”.

    Blizzard decides after the fact was is and isn’t cheating.

    In the end I think most of us prefer going the hard road (more challenging) as opposed to discovering shortcuts. But it IS an imaginary world, and players shouldn’t be penalized for discovering said shortcuts.
    .-= Cassandri’s last blog … There’s No Such Thing as an Exploit =-.

  11. Dyre42No Gravatar says

    Ensidia got the Lich King bombed and took advantage of him. Something had to be done. :P

  12. AleanathemNo Gravatar says

    Dyre42, nothing had to be done. They could have simply stated that there was a bug within which saronite bombs to could be used and just fixed it. It’s that simple. Your reply seems to have lack of knowledge. Nor does it seem you read the posts or comments. I agree with Cass this is Blizzard’s fault and they punished Ensidia because they needed a scapegoat. Just like they did Exodus.
    .-= Aleanathem’s last blog … Real Life, Raiding, and the Frustration =-.

  13. NasiNo Gravatar says

    The thing is that ensidia’s rogue uses the bombs in every single fight in their normal rotation, it’s not like they thought they could add seige damage and tried it. I havnt seen the encounter but I have go ask, why does seige damage even apply to the throne? Why wasn’t it tested by blizz? Why aren’t blizzard looking at the top guilds and players in the world and using similar rotations etc? As for rules, they are incredibly easy to apply to a game, because the programmers and developers can literally change and restrict what you can physically do. They don’t want you to climb walls, so you literally can’t. They don’t want you to take a crap so you literally can’t. They don’t want you to wear plate as a Mage, so you can’t. If they don’t want you to be able to do these things during encounters, then literally make it impossible. I understand that it is impossible to think of it from every angle, but in this instance if they see at least attempting maximum dps from every class during theirtesting they wouldve discovered it. So simple.
    .-= Nasi’s last blog … Visual feedback =-.

  14. NasiNo Gravatar says

    Great post btw :-)
    .-= Nasi’s last blog … Visual feedback =-.

  15. Dyre42No Gravatar says


    That was a joke. Hence the :P at the end.

  16. @ Nasi

    Before you claim that Ensidia had no way of knowing about the interaction between terrain constructs, you should look at this post, by one of Ensidia’s officers.

    In that blog post, Mek tells about the last time terrain constructs were used in a raid. That was the floor in ToC, which the Lich King smashes to send you down to Anub. The same rogue who used the grenades in ICC found out that he could smash the floor before the Lich King could in ToC by throwing a Saronite Grenade. To make sure it was the grenade, they repeated it seven times.

    The root of the issue is that the established rules of the game, the ToS and EULA, specify that it is against those rules to knowingly use any sort of glitch in the coding of the game to circumvent aspects of an encounter. So the question is not weather or not Ensidia glitched the fight, the question is if they knew they did. Blizzard stated in the email sent to Muqq that they thought it was certain that they knew what was causing it, and that they were using it with the intent of cheesing the encounter.

    Keep in mind that GMs can monitor any thing said in game. So it’s likely that the GMs noticed somebody saying something in game to indicate that. This is reinforced by the shifty behavior and outright lies that Ensidia has been throwing out since the incident.

    If you look at Ensidia’s ten man kill shot, they intentionally blacked out the chat log.

    They did not bring up the exploit until it was already reported and hotfixed by Daelo, at which point they claimed that it did not significantly affect the difficulty of the fight, when in reality, it trivializes the most difficult phase of the encounter.

    When asked to provide a video of the kill to show that they didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, like throw bombs at the ledge away from the boss, they refused. A member of the guild, Tuns, showed up on mmo-champion and said that they didn’t release a video because there was no one frapsing the fight. The notion that a guild of Ensidia’s ability does not fraps every progression attempt is, to be perfectly frank, insulting. He then compounded the issue by lying outright, claiming that the guild never frapsed any of their first kills, not yogg, not algalon, not anything.

    Currently, the fraps of their first Yogg kill, and first Algalon kill are sitting on youtube at this moment, along with many other of their first kills. The nice thing about the achievment system is that when “Realm First: Celestial Defender” pops up on the screen, you can’t claim it was a later kill.

    They tried to claim ignorance of the encounter mechanics, a claim that would hold some merit, were it not for the fact that they had already killed the encounter as intended on ten man, and had access to Blood Legion’s ten man kill vid, which provided third party confirmation of the fight mechanics.

    Add all this up, and it makes Ensidia look very guilty.
    .-= The Renaissance Man’s last blog … Fail of the Lich King =-.

  17. CassabereeNo Gravatar says

    Great post Cass. I agree with you 100% IMO Ensidia got the world first. Blizz got mad cause the encounter got beat in a day, so the looked hard enough to find a way to trivilize them and punish them.

    A lot has been said on the use of exploits and what is one. How can you know for sure that something wasn’t left to be used? By some of the nay-sayers definitions the use of a geared 80 to run a lower lvl toon thru a dungeon is an exploit. I doubt the developers meant for people to get a “freeride” thru the dungeon by a character that can single-handedly defeat all the mobs and bosses.

    What about being able to run up the ramp in PoS after Ick and Frick to avoid two rows of mobs?

    Ensidia put in the time and effort and used resources that exsisted within the game itself to beat the Lich King. Period! They didn’t modify code, use a bot or anything else.

    What about addon’s? We all use them, but Blizz developers didn’t build them into the game. They allow them, but encounters are made “easier” with them. So to follow the nay-sayers opinion anyone who uses them is using an “exploit”. So time for you to purge them and play the game “as the designers intended”. Have fun with the UI raidframes!

  18. ArmagonNo Gravatar says

    I tend to disagree on certain parts.
    In general, you’re absolutely right. It’s a very thin line between “we find the optimal strategy” and “we made the game hiccup and just facerolled it”, but I think there are several aspects which need to be looked at.

    a) How trivial does your tactic make the fight? Let’s say you wiped 10x on all bosses before boss C and with your new tactic you oneshot boss X with everyona alive?

    b) How creative is your tactic? Remember Mennu the Betrayer, the first boss in Slave Pens? You could kill his Fire totem and be blasted, or you could ignore it and get mediocre AoE damage. Or you could kite him away from the totem. These are all valid ideas, but what if a single spell of one class would have let his totem explode and take him damage? Like… bring a Frost Mage, he does 2 Ice Lances and boss drops dead. According to your logic: Woohoo, we creatively beat the game. Always take a Frost Mage, instant Badge. It’s SO different from a normal fight, this can’t be intended.
    And yes, I’d suggest they better hotfix it instead of banning people.

    But in this case, it’s a clear bug (or so I heard). If you, in HoR, could blast the Ice Wall away with Saronite Bombs – ok, bring an Engineer to make the encounter easier, it makes sense. But, on The Lich King, using Saronite Bombs *restores a crumbled platform* by bombing it – this has to be a bug.

    Still saying I’m not sure if the ban was ok, but not seeing this as a bug, and not reporting it is just very weird.
    .-= Armagon’s last blog … No news is good news? Why yes… =-.

  19. EristhanNo Gravatar says

    I have to agree. When I heard about what happened to Ensidia, as well as the other top guilds, I was appalled. By no means am I a fan girl of them (‘cept Muqq. I’d do horrible things to his shadow priestliness.) but I felt the need to defend them and support them vehemently.

    As far as that subject, you’ve said all I could say, but better. But, here’s something to muse about:

    When talking about it in guild chat, one of the guild members became incredibly defensive when speaking about Blizzard and Ensidia, though there were no personal attacks toward either party, just a discussion of the “bug” itself. I had no idea we were arguing until she declared she was done yelling back and forth with me.

  20. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Eristhan You’re right, people really do get heated up on this topic. I think most players who think Ensidia cheated come from a fair play, “it’s not honorable” point of view.

    My personal, *moral*, choice is that learning how to beat an encounter the hard way is more rewarding. That doesn’t make me right. And them wrong.

    @The Renaissance Man You’re saying that Blizzard new about the Saronite Bombs/Contruct problem in ToC? That just makes me even more disappointed that Blizzard didn’t test this part of the encounter prior to releasing it. I still think Ensidia are being taken to task for being, well, gamers.

  21. NazanielNo Gravatar says

    @Nasi – coming from a Software Development background, I can say with some authority that it’s fairly impossible to test *every* *single* *thing* that could possibly go wrong. It’s possible to argue that they should have tested that particular thing, especially with the knowledge that Ensidia bugged ToC out in a similar way, but not to say that they should have tested everything that could possibly happen – that’s impossible in a game as complex as WoW.
    .-= Nazaniel’s last blog … Visual feedback =-.

  22. CynwiseNo Gravatar says

    This is an excellent post.

    Also, Arcane Missles are terrific for taking down flag carriers in WSG, especially in the 19 bracket. Start them just as the FC is about to lose LoS and you can kill them outside your flag room.
    .-= Cynwise’s last blog … Destro Warlock AoE Grinding =-.

  23. CynwiseNo Gravatar says

    I liked this post enough to write a response to it:

    Part of the problem with this discussion is Ensidia themselves. Another part is that this is about bragging rights and ego. But the deeper, more fundamental question that Cass goes after is the important one: why can we do things in a computer program that are “not allowed”?

    Very thought provoking stuff, Cass. Good work.
    .-= Cynwise’s last blog … Destro Warlock AoE Grinding =-.

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