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So Righteous

The Righteous Orb Stealth Run

The Righteous Orb Stealth Run

Occasionally I’ll get an idea in my head that really ought to count towards the Insane achievement – it’s that ridiculous. This is one of them. My Rogue, Chriara, has currently taken up residence, full-time, at the servant’s entrance to Stratholme. Why?

The Enchanter

While I was going through a phase, tired of wiping in ICC and tired of grinding Emblems of Frost, I started looking for diversions. Things that have been hovering at the bottom of my To Do list.

Items on Cassandri’s To Do List:
1-37 Kill all the bosses/hardmodes in the game that I haven’t done yet!
#38 Learn all the hard-to-find Enchanting recipes
#39 Get Exalted with the Thorium Brotherhood
#40 Getting that goddamn vial out of Lady Vashj!

Inspired by this post (by the way Unholy Weapon and glove scrolls do not sell), I decided to make another effort to grind my way to some profitable old school enchanting recipes. I flew out and bought the Timbermaw recipes which  I ought to have purchased when I actually reached Exalted about a year ago.

Then I headed out to Western Plaguelands (once again) to see if the Spellbinders of the Scarlet Crusade might offer up the Crusader recipe. This would be at least the 10th time I’ve come out here and farming that recipe without success. This time? Dropped on my 3rd kill. Surely this is a sign.

New problem. Righteous Orbs (the tricky part of the materials for Crusader) are currently listed at about 300% Market Value on the Auction House.  If I bought the materials right now, and sold the finished scroll for current Market Value I would be taking a loss. Having failed at unloading my Unholy scrolls, I am a bit hesitant to outlay a lot of gold on a new product.

Solution? Farm them myself right out of Stratholm (the present day, burnt to all hell, level 60 dungeon). Just one problem – Stratholm is certainly not a convenient location to travel to. Unfortunately I can’t port to the Caverns of Time and ask Chromie to just send me to the present day Stratholm city. Getting to Stratholm requires flying from Ironforge and then riding a good distance til you reach the dungeon entrance.

The Herbalist (and the Soft Reset)

A couple of weeks ago I temporarily switched off XP gains for Caesandra so that Lathere’s Warlock could catch up to me while we were running dungeons. I was level 46. In Tanaris. Doing what I spend all my dungeon queue time doing: discovering flight paths and gathering herbs.

I happened to be standing in the ruins just northeast of Gagetzhan, having gathered a couple of Arthas’ Tears nodes, when our queue popped and my character disappeared for 30 minutes or so while we completed Zul’Furrak (who am I kidding? It was probably Mauradon). When I returned to the ruins, two new nodes of Arthas’ Tears had appeared. I collected those too.

Then I remembered I didn’t need to hearth at the end of my play session on the Mage. I wasn’t gaining experience, so I didn’t need to boost my rested experience gains either. I logged off in the ruins.

Sure enough, when I logged in next I collected two new Arthas Tears nodes. I got into the habit of logging in every 30 minutes or so while I was playing other characters just to gather a couple of nodes. I left that spot with over 150 Arthas Tears a week later, still level 46.

The Stealther (er the level 80 Nomad)

So my new plan was to park a suitable character right near Stratholm for a week or so and do a few quick runs of living Stratholm – living meaning the Scarlet Crusade section – for Righteous Orbs. I knew that one of the bosses in Living Strat had a near 100% guarantee to drop a Righteous Orb.

Thus a plan was devised. I would leave my Rogue in Eastern Plaguelands, conveniently near by the Servant’s Entrance to Stratholm and when I had a spare 5 minutes I would do a quick stealth run to Archivist Galford (of the 100% drop rate), kill him, take his loot, stealth back to the Servant’s Entrance, reset and repeat.

I picked my Rogue, Chriara, because she doesn’t need to be anywhere else. I love doing the occasional Baron’s Run with Cassandri, and having Vampiric Embrace as a constant self buff certainly makes it easier than ever, but she’s too busy. When I’m logged in as Cassandri 15 minutes will go by and I’ll need to take her to raid, or to enchant something for someone, or to create Ebonweave or… something.

The Run

I’m still honing my “technique”.

Originally I steathed/sprinted to the Scarlet Bastion and steathed all the way to Archivist Galford for a quick Righteous Orb. The runs were also taking about 5-6 minutes in total – 3 minutes to reach the boss and 3 minutes to return to the servants entrance.

The return trip back to the zone entrance (in order to reset the dungeon) was getting a bit annoying. So I stopped doing them. Now I just log out after killing the boss and after 30 minutes the instance auto resets and the game ports me right back to the start of the Servants Entrance ready for me to log back in and go again.

Unfortunately it took me about 5 kills and zero Orbs before I realised this wasn’t working.

The Mystery

Something triggers Archivist Galford to drop an Orb, and nobody seems to be sure exactly what needs to die in order for him to drop one.

Killing Timmy (the boss before you enter the Scarlet Bastion door) isn’t required. I can get Archivist Galford to drop an Orb without killing Timmy. Killing any of the other bosses in the Bastion isn’t a requirement either. The Cannon Dude, Malor or the final boss, Dathrohan/Balnazzar, have all been alive when I’ve killed Galford and gotten an Orb to drop.

It’s also not tied to the last pack of 4 mobs who stand directly outside Galford’s room. And it’s definitely not tied to killing the two Monks who appear after that group of four is killed.

One commenter at Wowhead believes that you need to kill at certain amount of Scarlet Monastery mobs before it will drop.

To get an orb I clear the yard and the corridor … I am currently testing certain numbers of mobs killed to get an orb … I’m trying all numbers upwards from 20-30 atm.

I don’t think that’s quite right. I believe that it’s tied to either the patrols, certain groups or perhaps it’s even timed.

At the moment I’m killing all the mobs in the Scarlet Bastion (skipping the “yard” at the entrance) including patrols, but excluding side rooms, before killing Galford. It’s taking me about 15 minutes a run for 1-2 Orbs.

By Process of Elimination

I’m determined to cut that down and find out exactly the bare minimum of kills required before getting an Orb out of Archivist Galford.

Will the prices of Righteous Orbs have dropped (or become near worthless) by the time I’ve solved this problem? Probably. But this is a more interesting puzzle than making a bit of gold anyway!

So where to start? I tried to make note of what I was doing in the runs and any strange behavior exhibited by the game itself: an emote or such.

  • Killing just the patrols and a few extra mobs that got in the way: no Orb.
  • Killing a particular group – the first at the very beginning of the Halls of Light, the second at the end of a stone corridor inside the Hall of the High Command – causes my game to freeze for a second.
  • 2 Crimson Gallants appear when you kill the final group at the end of the Hall of Lights – near Malor and they announce “The Hall of Lights has been breeched” or some such thing.
  • 2 Crimson Monks appear and try and do a runner when you kill the final group standing to the right of Archivist Galford’s room and they announced “That’s the end of the Line! We must prevail” or some such thing.

Here’s how I’m going about it. I’ve written down the pulls and the number of mobs in each which I’ve killed, then slowly started skipping (stealthing) past groups – crossing out each group/kill as a unnecessary step. So far, 3 runs have worked.

  1. Enter the Halls of Light
  2. Kill first group (3-4 mobs). Game freezes when last mob dies.
  3. Kill patrol (2)
  4. Kill mid corridor group (3-4)
  5. Kill end corridor group (3-4). 2 Crimson Gallants will appear and block the way.
  6. Kill Crimson Gallants (2)
  7. Kill group left side of room (3-4)
  8. Kill group right side of room (3-4)
  9. Kill group (3-4)
  10. Enter the Hall of the High Command
  11. Kill patrol (2)
  12. Kill end stone corridor group (3-4). Game freezes when last mob dies.
  13. Kill patrol (2)
  14. Kill mid corridor group (3-4)
  15. Kill end corridor group (3-4). 2 Crimson Monks will appear.
  16. Kill Crimson Monks (2)

Wow. You can already see that so much of the run can be skipped. It’s not tied to how many mobs you’ve killed – I’m down to killing about 10 mobs. It’s also not tied to killing patrols because I intentionally skipped a few to test this theory (it’s actually easier just to kill them then to avoid them).

I’m convinced that something is happening when the game freezes. It does it every time on those two groups – always when the last mob dies – regardless of which order you kill them.

I’m also starting to wonder if perhaps it isn’t a timed thing. I’ve been diligently writing down the kills as I go now for this article – making the runs themselves very slow. Perhaps that has as much to do with my success as does anything else! And one time I stealthed into Archivist Galford’s room and saw him drop down onto the floor before he started to pace around like normal. Strange pathing? Maybe. Or maybe he ran off through the walls to go and get a Righteous Orb for me and I caught him on the way back.

Where did you go Archivist Galford?! Where did you go?

10 Responses to “So Righteous”

  1. NatarumahNo Gravatar says

    Well, the wowhead comment regarding Righteous Orbs also indicate that Blizzard supposedly confirmed that the loot table of a mob is decided when it spawns. In other words, the Righteous Orb should be on him, whether you do or don’t kill any other mobs in the instance.

    There is a possible catch, of course.

    The weird behavior you might have spotted about him dropping to the floor before patrolling may be an indication that he actually doesn’t spawn unless you enter the building, and you were just quick enough to see him spawn (due to server lag, perhaps).

    If this were true, then you know that whatever decides him having a righteous orb is determined by something that happens before/at entering the building.

    But I guess the only way to be sure is if someone posts that they got a Righteous Orb from him without killing anything else; then you were just unlucky with RNG.
    .-= Natarumah’s last blog … 3.3.3 Profession ho-down =-.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Hmmm I stealthed straight to him 5 times and didn’t get an Orb. Wowhead says the drop rate is 85%. The thing is, taking my time and killing stuff for about 5 minutes always drops me an Orb. Always. That really would be weird luck. I guess I’ll keep trying.

  2. VogieNo Gravatar says

    I farmed Strat for about a month and a half last year ’cause I got tired of dailies on my main, a Warlock. I did the undead side quick ’cause it was just a mount run, but I also wanted the Trinket & offhand from the scarlet side (Cannon = pirate fantasticness, Book of the Dead = Warlock sauce)

    I loved just farming it solo, because the pure amount of crap I got out of it was fantastic. My Lock is a Enchanter, which helped a whole lot on the bag space, but between the blues, cloth, essence of undeath, righteous orbs, and sheer grey vendor gold. it was a great way to spend an arbitrary amount of time. It also made farming mats for the crusader enchant (for heirlooms) super, super easy. Tailoring/FA is necessary if you’re vendoring the cloth, because it saves on space and raises the vendor price, ’cause bolt and bandages are higher sellers than raw cloth to vendors.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Yes, bag space is something of a problem – my Rogue isn’t an Enchanter or Tailor so any Bind on Pickup Blues worth less than 3 gold get dropped – they just take up too much room. I’m considering working for the Argent Tournament rewards so that I can send a squire off to put stuff in the mail. At least, I hope that’s how it works?

  3. AneaNo Gravatar says

    I don’t have any advice or hints to give (sorry!) but I found this article and your approach to the problem very interesting! :>
    .-= Anea’s last blog … WTB Cross-Server Friends List =-.

  4. NatarumahNo Gravatar says

    Yes, the squire can access your bank and mailbox once you buy the pony.

    Best farming profession ever is engineer though. (Combined with the squire) you can have 2 mailboxes to mail stuff through and Jeeves buys your junk items because he likes your bags just as clean as you do.

    I am guessing an enchanter/engineer would have a field day soloing dungeons.
    .-= Natarumah’s last blog … Natarumah as a raid boss =-.

  5. MelvylNo Gravatar says

    I tried farming the Crusader recipe several times on my DK. It was pretty simple to get there since she all she had to do was travel from Ebon Hold. The first three visits I didn’t see a single one drop. On the third, I got three of them in around 20 minutes. One for went to my lvl35 mage – the other two to guildies who had enchanting but not that enchant. I haven’t tried farming the orbs yet but I think I will give it a shot after I finish up with the current holiday.

  6. BriNo Gravatar says

    Here’s a tip: Group with an enchanter when you do your run. They don’t even have to be nearby, they could be in Dalaran or anywhere else. But you will get the Disenchant option when you loot.

  7. I think you saw him newly spawning in reaction to a kill, similar to the ones which spawn when you kill the end of a hallways. This comment is probably far too late to be remotely useful, or even seen, but I just found your blog and found this post interesting.

    My own farming method was to just grab as much as I could with my prot paladin. Then I discovered that orbs vary from -30g-50g+ on my server, so it’s far more time-effective to buy them when they’re cheap.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      To be honest I’ve given up trying to figure out exactly what needs to be done to get an orb off Archivist. Righteous Orbs are between 50-100g on my server (and only listed occasionally) so I’d still need to farm them to keep up with the demand for Crusader enchants.

      I’ve just found it’s easier to do a full clear of the corridors and hope for an extra 1 Orb or two.


  1. Ravenholdt says

    [...] for Heavy Junkboxes. Fortunately for me, Chriara has been living in the Eastern Plaguelands for most of this year. I rode down to Tyr’s Hand and spent the better part of an hour stealthed. [...]

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