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Tanks: How to Make Your Random Healer Love You

Unfortunately this is totally fake. Click to read what actually happened.

Unfortunately this is totally fake. Click to see what actually happened.

You use the Dungeon Finder and are dropped into a random group. After you say “hello” in party chat, type this sentence word for word:

“Let me know when you’re ready, *insert character name*, and I’ll start pulling.”

That’s it. I don’t care if you can’t hold agro. I don’t care if you do the bosses in some weird order that means we double back three times. I don’t care if you let a mob beat on your back or gnaw at your ankles. I don’t care if you don’t interrupt Shadow Blast or even if you let me get Shadow Blast-ed because you have zero threat on the Spellflinger anyway.

I will stay, I will stick it out because now I want to heal you. If you acknowledge that I’m a real person, with a real name and an equally essential part of this trinity and call me by name (Cassandri, not “healer”) I will do everything in my power to keep you alive.

Even if it takes 1 or 2 hours and you’ve never been to Oculus before. I’m serious, I have your back.

How to make me, your healer, hate you:

  • If you call me “healer” or “Priest” instead of using my character name
  • If you pull (or even better, charge) when I am drinking or 50 yards back because I’m trying to loot some bodies from the last pull
  • If you pull when I say “wait” or “mana”

Signs that your Discipline healer may not be ready:

  1. One of the party members, or all of the party members are not between 80-100% health
  2. They have not cast Power Word: Shield on you
  3. They have less than 20% mana
  4. They are drinking
  5. They have not yet buffed – not even Fortitude
  6. They said “wait”, “hold up”, “2 ticks” etc

If you don’t care about me, why should I care about you?

So many tanks complain about DPS running in and pulling mobs for them. You’re not ready to tank and it throws off your whole rotation/plan, right?

How is it any different when you, as the tank, run in and start a fight when your healer has next to no resources (mana)? Not only do we need to change our own “rotation”/plan to something incredibily mana efficient, or blow an in-combat, mana-regen cooldown (that most of us like to keep for actual in combat oom situations) but chances are if you didn’t wait for us to drink at the start, you’re not going to wait for us to drink for the next 20 minutes either.

Give me a fresh tank who respects their healer over a geared one who doesn’t any day.

Cassandri prays for respect and a change in Dungeon Finder etiquette

35 Responses to “Tanks: How to Make Your Random Healer Love You”

  1. LeraliNo Gravatar says

    Yes! This!
    .-= Lerali’s last blog … PUG Tales ala 3.3 =-.

  2. As a well-geared lowbie tank, I love this post. Yes, yes, yes.
    .-= Cynwise of Stormwind’s last blog … The Battleground Finder =-.

  3. I have seen this happen so many times when I am on my healing toons. This bugs the crap out of me. When I am on my main/tank I always make sure the healer is ready and full or almost full of mana when i get ready to pull. People need to see this more!

  4. WrathyNo Gravatar says

    Thats why you get a geared prot pally, instead of these silly warriors, druids, and dks. We need mana too. I find that I have to stop and drink no matter how much of the instance i pull. Now while i went from healer to tank and watch mana bars constantly (also a result of being a raid leader), If a healer does not have full mana but is not sitting down, I will assume they are ready and not diligent enough to top off (as i did every single time as a healer).
    .-= Wrathy’s last blog … The hidden value of expertise =-.

  5. KeevaNo Gravatar says

    I can’t stand it when people call me “healer”, “heals” or “druid”.

    Druid, rez me
    Heals, stand over here

    .-= Keeva’s last blog … Dual specs + LFD + Need = drama? =-.

  6. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Wrathy Even Prot Paladins won’t wait for me to change specs and drink back up to full mana at the start of the run. I guess because they start out at full mana they assume I do too.

    It’s true that I’ll take the opportunity to stop and top off my mana when a Prot Paladin does. But as long as I have full mana before the very first pull chances are high that I won’t need to stop and drink for the rest of the run (assuming that I don’t have to mass resurrect all the DPS or something and rebuff).

    If I don’t get my mana at the start then, yes, I’ll be constantly stopping to drink in between pulls to try and regain it.

  7. ChaousNo Gravatar says

    As a new disc priest, this is awsome!
    .-= Chaous’s last blog … A Lack of Dedication =-.

  8. AneaNo Gravatar says

    I absolutely loved this post. And even though it’s essentially what goes through my mind, I have never strung the words “If you don’t care about me, why should I care about you?” together and said them in /party to an inconsiderate tank.

    Even though if the tank is already inconsiderate, it will do nothing but breed drama and chaos, but it’s the principle of the thing!
    .-= Anea’s last blog … Ponderings =-.

  9. ChanniiNo Gravatar says

    I have tanked as a bear and am learning how to tank as a DK now. As a bear, I had my wife running with me as a shaman healer all the time and we learned really well how to work together. I also have a resto druid that I raid with on another server, so I am painfully aware of what it may take to be ready before the tank should start pulling. As a result, I try to be as courteous as I can be to every healer I end up with. Every time I set foot in an instance as the tank, the first thing I say is “Welcome!” followed by either something witty or just a plain “Let me know when you are all ready.” (Depends on my mood at the time). I may not specifically name the healer, but sometimes I don’t know off hand who is healing when I get there. (I Blame my UI >.> )

    But in any case, I find it helps ease the tension and can create a lot of new friends. It’s surprising how many healers add me and whisper asking if I want to run something! It’s a wonderful thing seeing how by just being polite and friendly and understanding if something goes wrong, how much nicer the group experience can be.

    Now if only I could get rid of the fury warriors…. >.>


  10. nadirNo Gravatar says

    If I may generalize a bit the main point of the post, as both a healer and a tank (druids ftw), what I like in a random tank is awareness and efficiency. I don’t care if I’m lagging behind and the tank pulls, as long as they have good judgement and are aware enough to notice that they’re on their own for a bit. If it speeds up the run, that’s great. Tanks that don’t know the instance or their own limits are most annoying.

    Many tanks now out-gear heroics by 3+ tiers, making most pulls fairly easy to solo. Personally, I like to zerg when tanking, but only after I get some minimal sense of trust going w/ the heals.

  11. KepolasNo Gravatar says

    Great post. I agree with most of what you say. But I have to mention that I believe crazy tanks made me good healer. Back in TBC I was running heroics with guildie. He was crazy ass pally tank, that just rushed and pulled a lot. I was constantly on watch managing my mana and tried to drink as often and much as I could. He was kind enough to wait for me when I was really low (below 20% mana..lets say), but usually he would just chain pull. He was one of the best pally tanks I’ve ever had a chance to play with, and he knew how far he can push me. At first I thought he was just stupid noob guy that don’t watch his healer but I was wrong. He never went to los, I never had any healig aggro mob on me. Only thing he did was pushing my mana management to its limits. With him I learned great deal how to heal, what spell to use, and how to be as efficient as possible.
    I must quote poster from above, I totally agree with you. “what I like in a random tank is awareness and efficiency. I don’t care if I’m lagging behind and the tank pulls, as long as they have good judgement and are aware enough to notice that they’re on their own for a bit. If it speeds up the run, that’s great. Tanks that don’t know the instance or their own limits are most annoying.Many tanks now out-gear heroics by 3+ tiers, making most pulls fairly easy to solo. Personally, I like to zerg when tanking, but only after I get some minimal sense of trust going w/ the heals.”
    .-= Kepolas’s last blog … Armory Update =-.

  12. LenNo Gravatar says

    Ugh I hate it when I get called ‘healer’ or ‘priest’, really hate it. I mean come on, do you have no social skills whatsoever? I call them out on it every single time and generally get a sheepish response back ;) If not I ignore any request made using my class name rather than my actual name.

  13. NanukiNo Gravatar says

    True stuff!
    That happens to me all the time and my bf always claims “let that stupid guy die!” but I cannot :( I am a healer, I want to be good and so I’m total stressed out if the tank keeps rushing and I don’t even find the time to loot…

    I hope a couple of tanks read what you wrote!

  14. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Nadir and Kepolas I agree that an aware tank can set a sharp pace. I like that. But what they’re forgetting is that just because they can survive a pull without healing doesn’t mean they should. I don’t like seeing health bars go down. I don’t like trying to play catchup.

    I do enjoy trying to complete a run without drinking. I do enjoy completing runs without using x spell (just for a challenge).

    Pulling and suriving just because you can while your healer is sitting there wringing their hands will not make them happy. Eventually you have to be healed anyway. When was the last time you saw a tank pull a group and survive without heals *who then sat down and ate*? NEVER I’ll bet.

  15. CalrisianNo Gravatar says

    You call me healer or priest.. my response is OK meattart whatever you want my healing services are eternally at your service … then you make him sweat and think your a crap healer on the first pull .. and then apologize to your meattart friend again referencing him as meattart and say you are ready to start the instance..

    @Kepolas – Yes .. well said crappy tanks make healers who want to be better get better..

    As a tank (lowbie that I am) .. if you are standing for any length of time after a pull is done, I don’t care if you are at <10%, if you don't sit and drink or TELL me you need me to wait .. I am going to assume you have an enervate, or shadow fiend, or never ending mana potion or something, and proceed with pulling.. And if you're dps and the next pull isn't a boss .. I don't care if you are drinking .. I am still pulling, shouldn't be running out of mana on trash damn it .. :-)
    .-= Calrisian's last blog … Undergeared Tank in UP??? –pssshh whatever =-.

  16. Hi,

    I role 5 chars atm in Wotlk:ICC. Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, Prot Paladin, Afflic/Demo Warlock and just because i could, another two Resto Druids.

    At the beginning of the instance I basically spam a message to the entire group how i would like it to be regarding pulls. Also i inspect the healer for healing experience, do not look at gear score but i basically ask him to let me know when he thinks i am doing too much for him when it comes to heroics.

    Now since all my “main” characters are TotC25+ geared my prot paladin runs around in +/-70% pure avoidance with the use of dodge/parry trinkets etc. I run with Seal of Command / Vindication spec on my char (Angeloffury Nagrand EU) for heroics / icc trash but i must say, if the healer has any experience and the group doesnt consist of total noobs doing less dps then i do (read i do 4/5k dps on large trash packs in heroics) then you should be allright. I ussually end up telling off the healer to heal me until i drop to 25% so we can pull as much trash as possible without anyone getting aggro, i then walk out of LOS so all mobs come and tickle me, and the AOE party can start doing their thing. Telling your healer what you expect and what you are aiming for helps a lot.

    I do treat my healers badly when it comes to LOS pulls, however since i roll a healer myself actually 5 healers in total ;) and the prot paladin is just an alt: i know what each class can do to get the target savely up. However most heroics, last less then 10 minutes. I personally love Nexus/AN/AK/Gundrak especially gundrak since with skipping Eck, you can run it in under 5 minutes. an easy 2 frost emblems + 4 triumph badges if dps is high enough. But!! with all players, treat them as players and call them by their name. But i do also admit just stating stuff like MD PLX during pulls or missed trash objects instead of typing out the entire name because i missed something.

    In general: Healers/Tanks are friends… its the DPS that fucks up ;)

  17. As a lowbie priest on my alt I applaud this post and hope that the asshat tank I got in SM last weekend reads it. Thank you for writing exactly what I was thinking.
    .-= Demeternoth’s last blog … Unholy PvE DPS Since Patch 3.3 =-.

  18. TamNo Gravatar says

    I can’t believe someone ignored you for that!


    I had a tank actually talk me the other day – I wanted to go down on him out of sheer love right there in UK. He said to me *sobs* “Is it okay with you if I pull the whole room?”

    Wherever you are random LFG tank … I love you SO MUCH!
    .-= Tam’s last blog … rant inc =-.

  19. JasylaNo Gravatar says

    Totally agree about being called “druid” or “healer”. Ugh.

    In general though, I think just more awareness on the part of the tank is needed. Take 3 seconds to glance at your healer’s gear or their mana bar. If they are undergeared, they are going to need mana, and will appreciate a chance to drink and top everyone up before the next pull. However, a healer that’s overgeared will likely want to go fast, at least I do. Go ahead and pull the whole room if it will get me out of this heroic faster.
    .-= Jasyla’s last blog … Roll vs. Role =-.

  20. Dyre42No Gravatar says

    I don’t tank randoms but I do occasionally pug a healer for guild runs. Usual greeting goes something like this:

    “Hey there (healers name). How are you today?
    (healer responds)
    “Glad to hear it”. or “Good thanks.” followed by “Welcome aboard.”

    I always say,”Ready?” before the first pull and wait for the healer to respond. I call for mana breaks during the run. When its over I always say,”Good job keeping everyone (or me) alive. Thanks for coming.”

    I’ve never had a healer that I’ve had to pug drop group to date.

  21. NasiNo Gravatar says

    I play and tank with a paladin (level 80) dk (level 80) and Druid (now level 72), and can say I have been almost guilty of this, but only on the Druid. I find it difficult to hold aoe aggro as a Druid tank if I don’t go into a fight with a good pool of rage (so that I can maul/swipe spam), especially vs mages/dks. So, whilst I don’t pull or run out when my healer isn’t ready, I do get grumpy when my rage hits 0. On the pally I do tend to go for some of those “I’ll solo it” pulls, but I don’t really see it as a big problem because I have plenty of ways of keeping alive, I don’t like seeing divine plea fall off either. I guess I’ll reassess this however :-)
    .-= Nasi’s last blog … Protection Warrior Beginnners Guide, Part Two: The Pull and the Fight. =-.

  22. PapaNastyNo Gravatar says

    hehe maybe it’s a good idea if you don’t heal instances I’m tanking Cass

    Although in saying that, when I pull because people aren’t ready, it’s because I know I can survive without heals for long enough for them to get ready, or if cooldowns are up, maybe even do the entire pull without heals.

    Also I usually just call randoms by their class i.e. mr priest (and yes I always assume unless told otherwise, that ppl are Mr not Ms or Mrs lol).

    How I like to keep the entire group happy though, is to give them a quick (10-15min max) run regardless of what gear or ability level they are at.

  23. OhmoNo Gravatar says

    As i play a paladin leveling through the LFG system i have found myself as both tank and healer. I have played both tank and healer through end game content and it is common sense to do and behave as you state. I instantly drop group if a tank runs off when im healing and i always make sure that my healer has 75% and is ready to go.

    Thanks for making sure that poeple out there know how the game should be played…

  24. MarlerNo Gravatar says

    Hey there, funny article and it all makes sense. =) I’m one of those tanks that rush a bit through the easy heroics though. I take breaks when the healer needs his mana, but if I see a group of which I’m sure I’m the only one who will receive damage, I just use cooldowns, start fighting and let the healer get his mana in peace. Offcourse I will say stuff like that in advance, so that they won’t worry, but it’s still a bit rushing. :)

    I can be social and talk during most runs, but if I’m a bit busy and not social, I just do a /readycheck in the beginning to see if everybody AND the healer is ready to go. :)

  25. BattlewalrusNo Gravatar says

    Amen to that sister. Keep preaching for all healers everywhere. I love it when tanks die, and they complain because they didn’t get any heals. I’m like, i asked for a second to mana up, and you didn’t give it to me. So you sir meat shield, are dead. How do you like me now.

    The Walrus Of Drenden

  26. DariaNo Gravatar says

    Love this post! This situation with tanks is getting far worse it seems. I’ve had several occasions now that tanks have run off and pulled while I’m rezzing someone!! Not only does that take 10 secs, but then I have to rebuff them, heal them, and drink. When I complain about it they say I need to keep up.

  27. I think I bumped into one of your readers last night in a random. I was playing Gnomeaggedon, but the tank stopped.. stopped us all and said 2 words…

    “Healer Mana”

    The healer (my mate) said, nps go for it.

    I nearly died next fight telling the tank how much I loved “him/her”

    WTB tank that cares….
    .-= Gnomeaggedon’s last blog … It’s the Tank’s Fault! =-.

  28. RhiiNo Gravatar says

    When I get those tanks who don’t allow me mana breaks, I have a new procedure I follow. I take a mana break anyway. And I don’t get up until my mana bar is full… my main has 27k mana, so sometimes it takes a little while to hit 100%. If the tank runs into trouble in the meantime, due to his rushing, he usually yells, “healer, wtf?!!!!1″ Then I get to say, “I’m sorry, but you pulled while I was drinking.” That usually gets their attention.

    Tanks that don’t reply to a wipe/death with “healer, wtf” are normally marked A+ in my book, no matter how bad their tanking is otherwise.
    .-= Rhii’s last blog … We’re Not Exploiting, We’re Just Advancing from the Rear! =-.

  29. OrdiNo Gravatar says

    If you wanna be polite, but don’t want to spend 30 seconds (minutes) trying to type up the name of the player you are reffering to .. try this: 1. Target the player 2. Type the message to the player, but instead of their name – put %T in place of the name, so it looks like this: “%T, can you rez me please?”, “%T, waiting on your mana”, etc .. Careful not to untarget the person you talking to, it will come up as ” can you rez me”, which is embarrasing a little >.<

  30. JaysonNo Gravatar says

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    that, this is fantastic blog. A fantastic read. I’ll definitely be back.

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