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Revisiting Razorfen Kraul

L to R: (Yet another) vanity pet, Lathere (Warlock) and Cassandri (Mage)

We're not dual boxing. And we have different staffs.

Razorfen Kraul (RFK) is another one of those instances that I’ve hardly ever run while leveling up previous characters.

It’s located in the south-west corner of the Barrens in Horde territory. As an Alliance player you usually don’t come close to the Barrens until you head to Theramore sometime after level 30 to begin questing in Duskwallow Marsh. The road to the Barrens leads out from the west side of Duskwallow. RFK is almost too low an instance for earning experience by the time you reach it as Alliance.

I think of it as a Horde instance – to match the Alliance’s Stormwind Stockades perhaps – and it’s for level 25-30 characters. So it was quite a thrill to be teleported directly to the dungeon using the Dungeon Finder tool yesterday.

Unfortunately both Lathere and I had forgotten our way around the instance. And nobody else seemed to remember the way either. So I was careful to record our path and map it out here for you. And me. May I never get lost in RFK again.

The Map

Razorfen Kraul map with bosses and paths marked. Click to enlarge.

Razorfen Kraul map with bosses and paths marked. Click to enlarge.

The bosses are:

  1. Roogug. This boss is completely optional (we skipped him) but if you want to kill him, do it first. He drops an item for a Warrior-only quest (Alliance) (Horde).
  2. Aggem Thorncurse
  3. Death Speaker Jargba
  4. Overlord Ramtusk
  5. Agathelos the Raging Be sure to kill all the mobs, even the passive wolves, standing infront of the purple barrier to reach Agathelos
  6. Charlga Razorflank This guy is the last boss. Grats!
  7. Willix the Importer Not a boss. Willix is a friend quest giver that offers an escort quest. If it’s your first time in RKF, or it is for several party members, you might want to jump down after killing Charlga and complete this quest. The escort is quite long – path marked in faded pink.

The Run

The only problem with this particular run was that it was going… too well. Our party DPS seemed to be very high. Our tank was confident and swiftly pulling one cluster at a time. Our healer seemed very capable. I remember saying to Lathere over Vent about 10 minutes in “this party is like, really good“.

Unfortunately really good things don’t seem to last.

One of the most dangerous things that I’ve noticed when running these low level dungeons is the number of enemy mobs that freak out when they’re at low health and run away. And they don’t conveniently run towards the group, they tend to turn around and run further into the instance to grab their buddies. This was definitely the case in Razorfen Kraul where the majority of enemies are Gnolls (humanoids).

I find that this is particularly a problem when you’re following the AOE-it-all mindset. If you evenly reduce the health bars on 5 mobs at a time they’ll all reach 10% health around the same time and scatter in every direction possible. It’s nearly impossible to pick them off before they get their friends. I’m making an effort to only AOE a group (if we have that many targets that it’s definitely worthwhile) only down to about 30-40% health then switching to single-target mode, picking off each target by assisting the tank. Alternatively, a Rogue’s stun or some speedy melee DPS would be really quick at picking off low-health mobs.

Our group DPS was mostly caster based, and about half way through the run a stray mob got out of range and pulled a patrol and some casters. We wiped, slowly but surely. In party chat the tank was telling our Night Elf Druid healer to Shadowmeld (presumably to escape combat, let the mobs reset, and then resurrect). It didn’t work. The tank didn’t believe the Druid understood how Shadowmeld worked, and was convinced that he hadn’t really used it properly. I think there was also some questions raised about whether or not Lathere had thought to Soulstone the healer as she was playing a Warlock.

The tank got a bit insistent that Shadowmeld could have saved the day. The healer got angry because the tank had pulled when they were drinking/out of range. The tank quit.

Hey, at least Lathere discovered that she did indeed have Soulstone available to her!

We waited a while for a replacement tank and ended up inviting a mate on his new Death Knight (level 63 isn’t really ideal for Razorfen Kraul experience gains by the way) just to finish things off before people had to leave.

If you choose to skip the optional first boss (which we did, by mistake) and don’t do the escort at the end of the instance, Razorfen Kraul is a pretty quick instance. It also looks a heck of a lot more complicated to navigate than it actually is. It’s all fairly flat, but the winding branches obscure the path when you look at the mini map.

5 Responses to “Revisiting Razorfen Kraul”

  1. PsynisterNo Gravatar says

    RFK is pretty fun. I really enjoyed running it on my Horde server and it kind of sucked that all three of the Barrens instances were such an annoyance to get to for my Alliance toons. LFD fixed all of that of course and now I’m able to have fun over there again.

    One other note about the optional boss there is that a rare spawn can pop up there as well who drops one of the best leather helms for a caster along with a few other useful items.

    I’ve been taking my Warlock through there here lately and when the group refuses to do that boss I just go back once we’re done and solo it instead. My 29 Demonlock can handle it solo and I’m sure a 30 Prot Paladin could. Other classes I’m not sure about, but those two could do it solo for sure.
    .-= Psynister’s last blog … Mage Leveling Part III: 40-58 =-.

  2. VidyalaNo Gravatar says

    I’m sorry your group fell apart mid-way like that. At least you were able to finish, one way or another! Now I wonder if that tank will ever think to check that his healer is in range the next time he’s pulling?

    Are you both warlocks or are you playing a mage there? Paladins at this level also have a stun in the form of Hammer of Justice, if you’ve ever got one in your lowbie group (any spec). I tend to watch for those runners and run up and smack them with it, or alternately stun any mob in a pack that thinks I look more interesting than the tank.
    .-= Vidyala’s last blog … I “Need” to sell it on the AH, if you disagree you’re just being greedy. =-.

  3. MichaelNo Gravatar says

    A comment about Shadowmeld…the tank is recalling how it *used* to work prior to one of the early wrath or late BC patches. Now it only takes the night elf out of combat for the duration of the ability, stops generating threat, and restores all threat previously held once the spell ends.

    Think of it as a temporary suppression of threat rather than any sort of aggro dump. Should you shadowmeld to avoid a mob which you’ve acquired top threat upon it will move the person next in line. If they do nothing to generate additional threat then once you come out of shadowmeld you will pop to the top of the threat table again and the mob will come right for you.

    While it works on bosses when others players are alive, if you are the only one left standing the boss will home in on your despite being stealthed. Many a healer has bemoaned this change when they thought they were clear only to have Patchwerk stomp towards them.

  4. ChastityNo Gravatar says

    Yay RFK. I really like the Razorfen instances because they are full of *zombie piggies*. Seriously, how can you not love *zombie piggies* (they’re quillboars rather than gnolls, but it strikes me that you never actually encounter Quillboars alliance side so you might not have met them before).

    It’s really interesting the way the low level dungesons are designed, it seems very different to the philosophy behind higher level dungeons. So for example a lot of the living mobs flee back into the dungeon because, well, that’s what you’d do isn’t it.

    It’s why I love Shadowfang Keep. It actually feels like a keep with a mad mage in it.
    .-= Chastity’s last blog … looking for gevlon =-.

  5. CynwiseNo Gravatar says

    I’m sorry, but the two of you are completely adorable in that picture.
    .-= Cynwise’s last blog … Wednesday Reading =-.

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