HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

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It’s Epic on the Inside

Pixii is the proud owner and wearer of Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator. This has to be the craziest looking head piece in the game. It makes the Druid Tier 10 briarthorn headpiece look boring in comparison. The Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator not only looks cool, it also shoots lightning out of it every 30 minutes!

Revisiting Razorfen Kraul

If you choose to skip the optional first boss (which we did, by mistake) and don’t do the escort at the end of the instance, Razorfen Kraul is a pretty quick instance. It also looks a heck of a lot more complicated to navigate than it actually is. It’s all fairly flat, but the winding branches obscure the path when you look at the mini map.

Patch 3.3 Resto Druid Gear Guide
For the 25 Man Raider

This gear guide is a follow up from my Patch 3.3 Gear Guide for the Casual/10 Man Raider. The guide is focused on raiders who have access to 25 man content through their guild. I’ve included 5-6 options for each slot to ensure that there is both heroic and non heroic items available for those raiders who don’t progress through 25 man heroic content.

It’s a Train Wreck and I Can’t Look Away!

I’ve never done a blogroll spotlight before but this one had me so intrigued I felt it deserved a post of its own.  Now for some twisted reason I very much enjoy reading other peoples experiences (especially when it goes oh so bad) in dungeons and raids and I have a feeling that quite a [...]

Revisting Blackfathom Deeps

I’ve queued the Random Classic Dungeon for my little baby Mage (currently level 25) a few times over the last couple of days. I’ve been sent to Stockades the most frequently, and these runs are usually quite successful. But when I was dropped into Blackfathom Deeps it was… an experience.

Inscription and Demand

Those reasons remain true and valid (except for that last one now that the shoulder enhancements are Bind to Account). But now that I can make a whole bunch of glyphs, Darkmoon cards, vellum and junk a part of my brain still can’t quite adjust to this profession. And it’s the part of my brain that wonders how it’s possible to make gold out of the profession.