HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

How to Spell Noob

X – A – T – A

6 days of healing with Rank 1 Earth Shield and Riptide...

6 days of healing with Rank 1 Earth Shield and Riptide...

I hope you’re laughing. Cause I sure wasn’t.

Thank you Lionel from Old Kingdom and thank you for installing the Rank Watch add on.

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  1. /facepalm was made for moments like this.
    .-= Cynwise of Stormwind’s last blog … The Battleground Finder =-.

  2. I did not know there was a shaman trainer in Stormwind.
    .-= The Renaissance Man’s last blog … Terrible New Everyone! =-.

  3. NanukiNo Gravatar says

    Haha, don’t be sad :D That happened to me either, as a discipline healer for life I had to specc holy for some raids and discovered MONTHS later that I healed with Rank 1 CoH… oh great ^^
    .-= Nanuki’s last blog … Player names.. =-.

  4. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Nanuki Thank god I’m not the only one! I must have always visited the trainer as Elemental…
    .-= Cassandri’s last blog … How to Spell Noob =-.

  5. ChaousNo Gravatar says

    oh no! I did similar in that I always ding’d as shadow, but played as disc in instances, when I hit 80 and got into heroics met up with this druid, bam, pretty much all of my heals were from like level 70 or so.

    needless to say my spellbook was open with my franticly trying to get all the max ranks out on my bars ^.^”
    .-= Chaous’s last blog … Meet Annadelia! =-.

  6. DeandreNo Gravatar says

    I wonder if I’m one of the rare few that even respecced at 80 specifically to learn ALL the ranks from every spell I could spec into. Sure, it make level 80 even more expensive, but it made sure if I ever go Boomkin I don’t have an, “Oh snap! Rank 1 typhoon!” moment.

  7. lissannaNo Gravatar says

    when I first hit 80, I wasn’t sure why everyone thought wild growth was so wonderful. Then, I went to the trainer and learned all the other WG ranks one day… and realized why people liked it. :)
    .-= lissanna’s last blog … The bigger picture: Balance Druids are better than we used to be =-.

  8. PapaNastyNo Gravatar says

    I’d make fun of you, but karma would then probably bite me in the arse :-P

    Instead I’ll just zomg @ there being a shaman trainer in Stormwind :)

  9. RootNo Gravatar says

    Oh, so I use healbot on my resto druid. This is the only reason why my healing was not affected. For my other toons and specs I’ve also been using lower ranked spells. So has my wife on her boomkin… no wonder she could never match others’ dps.

    Then yesterday I get the messages again when I was playing my shadow priest… but I really thought I had fixed the problem. Turns out I had not.

  10. TeblaNo Gravatar says

    That’s ok. I was 80 (mage) and raiding for 8 months or so when I decided to get a frost second spec. I went merrily into WG and solo’ing for Loremaster, loving the spec, but not really liking the Ice Barrier. I eventually went to the trainer to see how much a re-spec would cost and found out that there were several ranks to this spell. Doh! And, this was at least a month later.

  11. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @All those people who didn’t know there was a Shaman Trainer in Stormwind:

    What did you expect us to do? Go to Exodar? As if!
    .-= Cassandri’s last blog … How to Spell Noob =-.

  12. UltraNo Gravatar says

    lol cass the first time i tanked heroics on my pally i had rank 1 prot abilities + forgot to use righteous fury – darkn and tinkkz made tanking so difficult that first run =[

  13. JasylaNo Gravatar says

    Don’t feel too bad. I have all my spells bound with Clique, and never updated my bindings after WotLK came out (didn’t know I had to!). I healed Naxx for two months using level 70 rank spells.
    .-= Jasyla’s last blog … How not to die =-.

  14. ClockworksNo Gravatar says

    I was in VOA the other day… and in big red letters


    Apparently there are 4 ranks…

    I never trained :/

    I was so glad that person had the addon! It was pretty funny lol

  15. RhidachNo Gravatar says

    Last week we ran this during a raid and I was petrified that somehow it was going to turn out I’ve been using Rank 1 Consecration the entire time. I’d probably die on the spot if that happened. Thankfully, I was clean.
    .-= Rhidach’s last blog … Tips for Festergut and Rotface =-.

  16. aveiceaeNo Gravatar says

    I was amused to discover (on my shadowpriest, so it’s not like I used these spells) that Heal is considered a downrank of Greater Heal… you learn something new every day!

  17. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Rhidach… That’s a great idea – run Rank Watch mid raid just to check everyone out. Did anyone else get a nasty surprise?

  18. CynwiseNo Gravatar says

    So… I was in Alterac Valley the other day, doing my thing. Out comes my Death Coil.

    Someone else’s RankWatch fired off. Apparently all this time I’d been using Rank 5 instead of Rank 6.

    Got any room in that corner of shame? /facepalm
    .-= Cynwise’s last blog … The Warlock Way =-.

  19. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    /pat Poor Cyn. Better that you know though right?

  20. ArgoNo Gravatar says

    What UI are you using?

    (BTW – I’ve done something similar on my tree so know your pain)

  21. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Argo There are really three UI Addons that you can see from that screencapture – Dominos (an action bar/spell bar replacement includes the Totems) is organised around the minimap styled by SexyMap. The Blue rectangle directly underneath the Shaman Trainer represents me in my Raid Frame replacement addon – VuhDo.

    If you click on the UI Category on the right hand side of the site there are articles where Lathere and I go through how we’ve set up/tried each of these Addons.

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